7 Secret Tricks to Making Your Car Detailing Easier

posted by Chris Valentine

If you have put all your hard-earned cash into buying your dream car – you don’t trust just anyone with the detailing! Cleaning it to a professional polish and shine might not be in everyone’s skill set but some of us simply don’t want anyone else to put their paws on our babies… Sound about right?

If you fall into the “Don’t touch my car” group, then this one is for you. Here are the top tricks for getting a perfect car detail, for those times when we experts here at simply won’t do.

Alternatively; call us. We do a brilliant job.

The Top Secrets Car Detailers Don’t Want You to Know

1 – Clean the Bits you Don’t See

Clean underneath the doors, around the wheels, under the engine carriage… and do it before you do the rest. Then change your water and start again. Why? Grease is one of the hardest things in the world to get off and those areas are where you find the most of it. Cleaning it first means you are effectively rinsing it when you clean the rest of the car.

2 – Seats Come Out

Sick of doing the acrobatic shimmy to get into a position where you can clean under the seat? Just take them outi… Of course, if you have a million-dollar sports car you can probably afford to just buy a smaller nozzle for your vacuum…

3 – Clean Those Lights

Cleaning the inside and the outside of your headlight casing makes you see so much better at night. Keep yourself (and your expensive car) safe when driving in the dark and detail clean those lights.

4 –Dry the Glass Properly

There is a correct way, and an incorrect way, to dry cleaned glass windows. We bet you didn’t know that! When drying the inside wipe clean in one direction, when drying outside make sure you go in the opposite direction. Why? If you miss a spot it will be swept in one direction, and that will save you confusion, scrubbing, and effort.

5 – And do those Windows Last

It should go without saying… but you need to clean the windows last. After the gloss or wax, after the final buff. That’s when the best time to finish a window it. Other products get on there and you could find yourself repeating a window clean if you do them too early.

6 – While Remembering to Roll Them Down

Everyone misses the top inch of their windows. Then you sit in your nice clean car, set off for a drive, roll down the window and remember you’re an idiot. Don’t do it.

7 – Microfiber all the Way

Sponges are no longer top-notch material. They are made of plastic, clog up the oceans, and might be harsh enough to scratch. Soft, gentle, sumptuous microfiber cloths are all the rage in detailers right now. If it’s soft enough to rub against your own skin, then it is soft enough for your car… and microfiber feels so good!

So there you have it. Follow our top 7 tricks of the car detailing trade for best results. If not, then just get in touch. We can perform a deep clean on your car exemplary enough to match your vehicle and there won’t be a sponge in sight.

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