Kitchen Appliances That are Worth Investing This 2020

posted by Chris Valentine

If your kitchen is in need of updating, you may be considering adding some new appliances into the mix. However, with so many updated versions of varying appliances coming out each month, it can be hard to determine where your money is going to be best invested. 

Here are some key kitchen appliances that will be sure to be a good investment for the coming year of 2020.

Air fryer

If you haven’t jumped on the air fryer train, you should consider doing so. This machine is essentially a miniature version of the convection oven that cooks your food by circulating hot air. Since air fryers come with a compacted space, they cook food faster than traditional ovens.

The food is loaded in a basket inside the fryer. This allows for air circulation to go the whole way around the food. This results in a deep-fried crispy taste without the nasty oily fat. With easy electronic controls, fast cooking times, and a healthier cooking method, the air fryer is making its way into homes across the nation as a go-to device for a tasty meal.

Rice cookers

Rice cookers are another popular appliance that people are starting to consistently rely on for their day to day meals. According to the experts at Appliance Reviewer, these devices are complete with a bowl, thermostat, and heating element that allow you to steam or boil your rice for a fresh meal. Many of these devices can be utilized as a multi-purpose cooker for other types of foods as well.

They’re super convenient as you simply add your ingredients and hit the start button. With more advanced models available in 2020, you can pre-program your rice cooker to start when you leave the office. This way, you can have freshly cooked rice by the time you walk through your front door.

Range cooker

If you’re still cooking on a stove from the early 90s, then it’s time to get yourself an updated appliance. Range cooker technology has developed tremendously in the last couple of decades. There are three main types of range cookers that are available for purchase. These include gas, electric, and a combination of both. In most cases, the type of range cooker that you choose to purchase will be dependent on what’s currently available for your home. For example, if you don’t already have a gas hookup, then you’ll likely opt for an electric range cooker as it’s more economically feasible.

When purchasing your range cooker, there will be various types of hobs available as well. These are the top section of the range/oven combo unit. The four main types of hobs include gas, ceramic, solid plate, and induction. The prices vary widely depending on the type of hob that you choose. Induction is going to be on the higher end while gas is going to be more on the lower end.

Warming drawers

The last must-have appliance for 2020 is the warming drawer. If you can fit multiple in your kitchen, then go for it. These are essentially an appliance that keeps your cooked food warm for hours without letting it dehydrate. The internal temperature of these drawers is aimed at not cooking the food but rather staying hot enough to kill harmful bacteria that would develop if you left the food on the counter after cooking.

These are perfect for families who don’t always get to sit down and eat at the same time. You can simply cook a meal and throw the rest of it in the warming drawer until your other family members get home. They’re also ideal for when cooking large meals with limited oven space. You can cook specific parts of your meal and put them in the warming drawer while you use the oven to finish cooking the other parts.

Upgrading your kitchen appliances can be fun and overwhelming all wrapped into one. If you’re like most people, you have a budget that you need to follow when purchasing your new appliances. This will lead you to the question of which appliances are going to be the best to purchase to have an upgraded kitchen that you’ll enjoy going into 2020.

The above are four of the main appliances that you should be investing your money in. They’ll ensure that your meals get cooked smoothly and your kitchen stays functional and manageable for all members of your family. With so many appliances out there, it can be hard to make the final decision. Just make sure that you include the four appliances above before buying other kitchen appliances.

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