Ideas To Style An Empty Corner

posted by Chris Valentine

Although they can be a nuisance, corners can improve your room’s visual appeal if you style them correctly. For instance, you could choose to grow an indoor plant or install a window. Here are some useful tips to help you make your empty corners more stylish.

Create a Cozy Window Seat

If your living room window is at the corner or close to it, consider building a window seat beneath it. A window seat creates a calming spirit, and because of its sheer size, it makes your corner more attractive.

Gallery Wall

A gallery wall with your favorite pieces of art can improve the visual appeal of your empty corner and make your living room appear spacious. Most homeowners like including pieces that match their room’s color palette and décor. If possible, you should incorporate bold prints and subtle artwork of different sizes to make your wall more attractive.

Add Greenery

Scientific studies show that plants improve air quality and mood while lowering your stress levels. Better yet, it is easy to grow plants to fill up your empty corner. Some of the species that require little maintenance include peace lily, kentia palm, and fiddle leaf fig.

Invest in a Console Table

Most people like placing their console tables on the house’s entryways. What many homeowners do not know is that they can also be used to style an empty corner. For instance, you can create a vignette that displays your decorative accessories that you change every season.

Install Layered Lighting

Layered lighting is among the most crucial aspects of interior design. It is about having different light fixtures at varying levels so that your light is spread. This allows you to vary the atmosphere depending on the occasion and your moods.

If you want to make your empty corner stylish, consider investing in layered floor lamps. Besides making the corner more aesthetic, these lights cast a glow on other items inside your room, making them more conspicuous. For instance, a floor lamp can put the furniture in your living room, such as sofas, under the spotlight.

Create a Workspace

Another way to use your empty corner is by converting it into a home office. The objective is giving the impression of a room inside another room. Besides improving your living room’s functionality, using your empty corner as a workspace makes your home feel bigger because each area has its specific purpose. Luckily, several office chairs do not take up a lot of space.

Use it For Storage

Some corners are not right-angled. If your empty corner has an open alcove, consider using it as a storage unit. You can install a small chest of drawers, a sideboard, or a bookcase to keep your accessories while improving your room’s visual appeal. If you have a bigger space, a decorative cabinet with cocktail glassware and fine spirits that serves as your bar area can be a great addition.

Make a Zen Area

A Zen area is a space for relaxing and meditating after a day’s long work. You can transform your empty corner into one by adding a cushioned lounge chair with some organic materials.


Doing a virtual home inspection can help you know if your corner needs redecoration or not. While the ideas mentioned above are an excellent starting point, you can always go all out with your imagination and create breathtaking corner spaces.

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