How to Get an Easy Divorce Online

posted by Chris Valentine

So, it’s come to this? Don’t feel shame or anything else other than relief. Some partners are not meant to be together, and that’s okay.

A little over half of all marriages result in divorce. Amicably separating from a partner can be a life-changing event for the better. Being in a loveless, emprisoning relationship is virulent for both of you.

Fortunately, there’s a simple solution: an easy divorce online. It can be done in your jammies, and with the whole pandemic, it’s your best bet. Move on to the article if you and your partner have decided to move on.

Check If an Online Divorce Is Possible

Marriage and divorce are a bureaucratic web. There’s a lot of red-tape and documents and terrible lines to wait in. However, some states allow for the easiest option of an online separation.

But, because marriage is so engrained in state law, there are a few discrepancies on whether you can or cannot file in your state. It’s so granular that it might even be by the county’s discretion depending on where you live.

Before you proceed, please check with your state’s laws and regulations on online divorce. This information can be found under your state’s (or county’s) .gov website regarding marriage.

No Contest? 

Perhaps your marriage is a messy one. If so, it’s advisable to get a divorce attorney for yourself. Many divorces end in trials when items are unable to be divided.

Although, if your marriage is ending in an amicable fashion, then you may have settled things with your significant other without the need of a lawyer. The estate, custody of any dependents, and spousal payments need to be determined by the couple to be considered an uncontested divorce.

These are the easiest to deal with. They don’t require lawyers, and they don’t require face-to-face trials or other legal loops.

The paperwork, however, is insurmountable. You can hire online firms to help you out with the paperwork – it’s a much cheaper alternative to having to hire lawyers. If you’re also thinking of changing your last name after the divorce, it’s in your best interest to do your research beforehand so you know what steps you need to take. The process can vary from state to state, so if you live in California, for example, legally changing your name entails filling out and filing the Name Change Petition form, advertising the particulars of your name change in a qualified newspaper, getting the Certified Copy of your court order, and changing your ID and records. To make things easier, you can hire full-service name-change specialists to handle all the arrangements for you.

How to Get an Easy Divorce Online

A preliminary to this: you should truly decide if your marriage is over. Divorce costs money, and it can also be heartbreaking. Talk it over one last time with your partner.

  1. Get your affairs in order. An online divorce needs to be uncontested.
  2. Decide on if you’re going to do it yourself or through an online service.
  3. If you’re doing it yourself, fill out all required forms — don’t miss a single one, it can cause a lot of halts.
  4. Serve your ex-partner the divorce papers.

That’s really it. A marriage separation really is that easy with the help of the internet.

I Do(n’t)!

Your marriage has finally come to an end. But don’t feel bad; if it wasn’t meant to be, then it wasn’t meant to be.

Check if your state allows for an easy divorce online. If they do, settle your affairs and divide up your estate to reach an uncontested state. Then fill out the forms yourself or have a service do it for you (it can be costly, so try to do it yourself).

Maybe your marriage isn’t working out as it should. There is plenty of other fish in the sea; check out our other articles for some more love advice.


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