Fun Outdoor Games You Can Play Anywhere

posted by Chris Valentine

As we reach the tail end of summer and hints of autumn make themselves known, many of us are looking for ways to spend as much time as possible outside. Breathing in the fresh air and spending time with those we care about is a spectacular use of this season. With a little thought put into some outdoor games, it can also be incredibly fun.


There’s a reason this game is considered a classic. The manhunt is crazy fun for kids and adults alike and is one of the few outdoor games that does not give people of one age advantage over people of another age. At its core, this game is hide and seek mixed with tag. One person is chosen to be “it,” and everyone else goes and hides. It is important to note that people are not required to stay in their hiding places. They can choose to switch things up at any time.

The person who is “it” will begin looking for people, but it’s not enough to lay eyes on them. The found person must be tagged. Once they are tagged, they are also “it” and work with the person who tagged them to find and tag everyone else—the last person to be tagged wins.

Lawn Games

If manhunt seems a little too intense or aggressive for you, countless enjoyable lawn games can be played with a beer in hand. Things like bocce ball, horseshoe tossing, cornhole tossing (sometimes called bean bag tossing), spike ball, and lawn bowling all offer players a relaxed environment while giving them something fun to do with their hands.

In particular, lawn games make an excellent addition to any themed party as they can be altered to suit the event. There are cornhole boards for all occasions, including weddings, national holidays, and sporting events. These games are fun for all and require minimal preparation to enjoy.

Capture The Flag

Capture the flag is a great choice if you have a fair few people wanting to play a game and is the most strategic of the games discussed. It works by dividing the players up into two teams. You will also need two “flags.” These don’t have to be flags per se; they can be bandanas, socks, balls… whatever you want as long as the item is something that any player can lift.

Divide the territory you’re using in half so that each team has an area. Each team then hides its “flag” in its territory. The goal is to cross into the other team’s territory, steal their flag, and bring it back to your land. If you are tagged across enemy lines, you must go back to your territory. Some versions involve you having to do a task first or go to “jail” where you wait for someone of your team to free you by tagging you.

With the above games in mind, you’re well on your way to enjoying your outdoor time with friends and family. As with any games involving running, always be sure to remove tripping hazards before you begin to play. After you do that, the only thing remaining is to have fun.

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