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For Your Loved One’s Birthday, Get Him An Evil Clown

posted by Chris Valentine

Newslite featured this odd story about an “evil clown” service.

Evil Clown Service

Run by Dominic Deville, the service features a menacing-looking clown who will stalk his “victims” for a week, sending texts, making prank calls, generally lurking around. Eventually this all culminates in a pie-to-the-face (or a birthday-cake-to-the-face).

Deville set up the “Evil Clown” service in Lucerne. He says he was inspired by horror films like Stephen King’s It and the thriller The Game, with Michael Douglas. And the service is only 666 Swiss Francs. Bwahahaha.

The UK Metro originally reported that the Evil Clown was a birthday service for kids, but Deville recently said that the service is only for those 18 and up. So you can send in the clowns for your co-worker or older brother in college, but not junior. Which is too bad, really, because we get a kick out of seeing kids get scared senseless by clowns.

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