What don’t you know about Digital Signage?

posted by Chris Valentine

We live in the 21st century where almost everything is digitally viewed, processed or programmed. In fact, one could also call this era, the digital era which provides with vast and vivid varieties of digital technologies coming into play. Think if these technological wonders were not there. Signs and images have helped us learn a lot without much description needed.  Moreover, without digital signage, which is most of the signs and pictures we see today, it would have been a havoc in understanding or following something. In this article, I am going to talk about digital signage and how essential it is in multiple scenarios.

Signage – helps in spreading and sharing information

Signage is signed collectively. Digital signage is any text, image, sign, graphical image or video that is displayed on an LCD, LED, electronic message boards or any digital screen. It plays a very vital role in spreading and sharing information. The use of digital signage has increased over the years and has helped people through controversial situations. Digital signage is highly used in the corporate society where it is beneficial to both workers and customers.  It is recommended in most offices and stores, and it is effortless to control having appropriate software.

Setup location of digital signage

Digital signage can be set up at any location with just a screen and a computer to control multiple screens. These screens can be monitored by within the hardware or by installing software meant for this. A controller can assign which screen needs to display what content at which part of the building or area of the corporate. Thus, handling process is incredibly easy. The software helps you design content for the signage, provides loop and timing settings for each digital image and helps with the presentation.

Uses of corporate signage

Corporate digital signage helps in many ways. In the case of an emergency situation, digital signage allows for natural awareness and alertness to both customers and officials in the corporate. Not just information related to work can be displayed, but general information, health, safety, and current affairs can be displayed which is very informative, corporate term-wise. Messages relating to work help employees work efficiently and with enthusiasm. Showing company targets, highlights, and solutions also help staff analyze their work rate and proficiency. It helps visitors and customers find their way around the corporate building. Digital signage can also be used for displaying timetables, goals, important events, functions, etc. Corporate businesses need effective communication among workers, clients and visitors for quality information sharing and understanding and digital signage allow for this. Internal communication helps employees learn new changes in the market, or within the corporate system. Corporate digital signage is almost mandatory in most organizations as internal communication is the key component in the efficient running.

Few advantages of Digital signage are:

  1. A large variety of models or templates is available which makes them extremely flexible and customizable. These templates come with inbuilt features which can add digital images of all sorts.
  2. Screens can be managed by timing every message or information. Loops can be set for important messages, and hourly or periodic loops can be set to the entire bunch of messages. Screens can also be switched on or off with these timing settings.
  3. Setup for digital signage is quite simple as a computer with the required software, and a digital screen would do the work.
  4. Messages and screens can be linked to LIVE information or news which helps corporate businesses work on real-time. For example, stock brokers and stock markets use digital signage to realize the drop or gain at market prices.

Where can you setup corporate signage?

Corporate digital signage can be set in almost any place like building entrances, hallways, cafeterias, dining facilities and halls, office break rooms, lobbies, reception areas and waiting rooms, shipping and receiving departments, vending machine zones, high traffic locations, etc. Digital signage in real life can be seen not just in corporates but in all airports, bus stands, theatres and halls, fast food ventures, colleges, and universities, in highways and causeways for directions and speed caution, and in most restaurants, hotels, public halls, corporates, and organizations. It is a very much applicable scheme for marketing solutions. Commercials and advertisements of the company can be displayed which catches more audience. Since it can be easily setup anywhere, it adds benefit for the marketing department.

No disadvantages of digital signage?

China is recorded as the country with the most digital signage displays. Well, that is not surprising as the cost of goods and labor is very cheap comparing to the rest of the world. However, it does state the fact that digital signage has been a booming success all around the world as it helps maintain internal communication and has excellent marketing solutions relating to it. Talking about disadvantages, there is hardly any, the cause of the sublime, rich information it shares with a large crowd. Setup prizes are cheap compared to hiring salesmen to do the task. Some of the benefits include the quick spread of information; large screens provide space for more details, an efficient display which adds more color to the night and less man labor for installation or operation. Anyone with basic mobile or computer operating skills can generate templates or designs for the digital signage. Digital signage aims to display JPEG images and MPEG4 videos which are a standard in the digital signage industry.

New technology improves digital signage?

New technologies are being discovered to improve digital signage’s performance and audience. Water proof screens, fog screens, 3D screens and holographic screens are being used in some locations to improve marketing and gaining access to different people. Millions are being spent worldwide to setup digital signage displays, and billions are made from advertisements, and marketing solutions run on these displays. This states the importance of digital signage, not just in a business point of view, but also in having proper interrelationships with clients and customers. So, don’t be surprised if your rivals started using digital signage technology for their benefit, they just hit next-level!

Author Bio: Dealing with technologies and learning marketing strategies adopted by leading organizations through technology, Calvin Cross has researched in depth of Digital signage being a positive turnaround move adopted by various agencies. He has also mentioned about electronic message boards in this article.

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