Boat Rental in Dubrovnik

posted by Chris Valentine

Dubrovnik is a breath taking Croatian city positioned at southern part of the country facing the Adriatic Sea. Its imposing splendor is complemented by the graceful sunbaths on the beaches offering a diversity of recreation activities for you to indulge in. Experience the outdoors like never before at Adriatic Kayak Tours which offers you; winter sea kayaking in the Bay of Kotor, Montenegro, white-water rafting in Montenegro’s Tara River Canyon and sea kayaking expedition to Elafiti and Lokrum islands. Deep sea diving is also available for those who seek a special thrill under water and is popular in clubs such as Copacabana beach and Hotel Dubrovnik Palace. South Dalmatia region is said to be spectacular on a yacht or a speedboat with clear waters to cruise on all day. Dubrovnik is definitely a destination like no other that will give you a fresh perspective to life. Rent a boat in Dubrovnik and make the most out of your stay with numerous areas to explore in the Croatian islands on the Adriatic coastline.

Rent a Boat in Dubrovnik

In areas situated on the seashores of the Croatian Dalmatian, boats are the prehistoric means of maneuvering around the sea to date. They are acknowledged to be the most lucrative ride for tourists and also as a means of keeping touch with the unique culture of the region. Speedboats are rented out for the entire day or half a day depending on your preference and are provided with a skipper at the back. Permits are also offered to anyone on your list with the suitable experience. There are canals and coves on the beaches with strong tides and currents; you have the discretion of taking part in the secret treasures challenge as referred to by the locals which is a game that is not only fun but educational.

After accruing yourself a boat you are free to explore regions like; Dubrovnik’s former quarantines, the islands of Supetar, Cavtat, and Mrkan, Lokrum or Bobara. To the west, you can try out the Elaphites or the Mljet Island National Park or rather go as far as Korcula.

Rental boats include:


This is a very popular speedboat that is affordable and very comfy. In the high season make an effort to book for it a few days in advance.

Quicksilver 555

This has a sleek design with ample space. An entire family can be accommodated comfortably by this model.

Quicksilver 600 Commander

It is very comfortable and spacious commonly used for daily routine expeditions to the surrounding islands in Dubrovnik. However, the boat is more suited for parties on water.

Complementary Services Offered

Free Pick-Up from your Accommodation

Free transportation from your place of accommodation is readily availed to you. When you feel like accessing your boat from your accommodation, free boat delivery is arranged promptly!

Money Back Guarantee

You can have a full refund incase the weather changes before you get to enjoy your boat.

First Time Boat Renting

There are instructors willing to give you a lesson or two in boat riding.

For a perfect and unforgettable vacation experience, Dubrovnik is the ultimate destination for and your family. The remarkable Croatian region offers a variety of super maintained rental boats for you to experience the region better.

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