Behind the Firewall: Navigating the Online Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice

posted by Chris Valentine

Getting Started

A degree in criminal justice provides opportunities in law enforcement, forensic science, and security. With its interdisciplinary approach to crime and the legal system, this field is ideal for students interested in public safety and preserving civil liberties.

The extensive course work in the Southeastern Oklahoma State University Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice program teaches students about law enforcement’s organization, management, and background. With a strong focus on promoting justice and maintaining public safety, this program is designed to equip students with all the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in a career in the criminal justice field. It is achieved by combining rigorous academic coursework with practical professional experience and the latest crime and justice research, theory, and methodology.

Getting an online bachelors in criminal justice degree can prepare you for various careers in fields like policing, intelligence analysis, and security. To start, complete a short application form on the online admissions page. After submission, your dedicated Enrollment Advisor can provide more detailed information about your application process and eligibility for financial aid.


The academics are dedicated to ensuring students have access to an excellent education. They provide online students with a flexible program that fits their busy lives.

The online Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice provides a flexible option for working professionals. The curriculum also provides a convenient schedule that allows students to complete courses in just seven-week sessions.

Pupils will gain a thorough understanding of the social implications of this field. They will learn about crime’s legal, social, and psychological causes. The bachelor’s in criminal justice is available as a degree-completion program, meaning it can be completed using college credits you’ve already earned.

 Graduates will acquire critical thinking skills to impact the world. It is also designed to prepare graduate students for law school or other post-graduate studies in criminology, criminal justice, and related fields.

Extracurricular Activities

The online bachelor’s in criminal justice includes courses ranging from introductory concepts of law enforcement and justice systems to more in-depth studies on crime and society, criminology theories, and victimology. Taking advantage of the opportunity to explore these different subjects can give you a more well-rounded understanding of the field and make for a more diverse job application.


Graduates with the right criminal justice degree can find exciting careers in law enforcement, corrections, court administration, and crime analysis. These positions may be in private or public agencies. Other criminal justice grads pursue post-bachelor degrees in social work, law, or forensic science. The online criminal justice program offers a unique way to study criminology and related fields. The program features a cohort model that allows students to take courses with the same group of peers. It provides a sense of community that helps learners succeed and graduate with a solid network to start their careers.

The best online bachelor’s in criminal justice programs offer flexible course options that fit into busy schedules and lifestyles. A professional association such as the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences or an organization recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) should be the first place prospective students should look for accredited programs. It ensures that the program meets high standards for quality.

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