3 Reasons Law Firms Should Start Using Encrypted Smartphones

posted by Chris Valentine

Success in the legal profession relies on many things, but above all it relies on reputation: clients want to know that they can trust their attorney to provide them with a good outcome, and the best law firms go out of their way to build that trust.

Unfortunately, one of the easiest ways to lose that hard-won trust is through a data breach that leaks sensitive client information to the public. Law firms need to be on their guard against cyber attacks, and here are three reasons why encrypted smartphones are one of the best tools for doing so.

1. Confidentiality is Non-Negotiable in the Legal Profession

It is essential for lawyers to be able to inspire confidence in their clients, and attorney-client privilege is an essential aspect of this. If clients cannot be sure that the information they share with their lawyer in confidence will stay private, the entire relationship is undermined. This means that lawyers need to take great care to ensure confidentiality by protecting every aspect of their communications using smartphones with state-of-the-art encryption software.

But before you can fully understand why encryption is the only way to guarantee secure end-to-end communications, you need to get more info about encryption technology and how it offers better protection than email or SMS.

2. Hacking Into Email is Easier Than You Might Think

Most lawyers use email and text messages every day, for the simple reason that this is how just about everyone communicates in the twenty-first century. But while we rely on email and text for most of our communication needs when we aren’t in the room with a person, it is notoriously easy for criminals to hack into emails and mine sensitive information.

In fact, in many cases, hackers don’t even need to do this manually: sophisticated malware and spyware attacks make it easy for third parties to access everything from carelessly sent passwords to private information shared in confidence.

Protecting yourself from these kinds of attacks means adopting secure, encrypted smartphones for all internal communications. With encrypted smartphones from companies like ChatMail Secure, you can get the strongest encryption protection on the market while still being able to use convenient tools like chat, voice and image messaging.

3. Small Businesses have Become Targets for Cyber Crime

Most law firms operate as small businesses, and like any other small business, their size makes them vulnerable. Where larger firms can often come back from data breaches or hacking scandals, sixty percent of small businesses that are victims of cyber attacks close their doors within six months of an attack.

For this reason, law firms should work hard to ensure they are protected against all forms of cyber attack, including cyber attacks that are specifically designed to target communications networks. Encrypted smartphones provide a cost-effective approach to security that is designed to be user-friendly, and because encryption providers are constantly working to make their products better, they make sure your encryption is always up-to-date.

If you care about protecting your clients’ information, you’ll want to make sure that there is zero chance your private communications will be compromised by malicious third parties. Encrypted smartphones are the only way to ensure that the messages you send are as secure as possible, so look into options for finding an encrypted smartphone provider today.

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