15 Reasons to Start a Career as a Medical Coding and Billing Specialist

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3 out of 4 patients in America are confused about their medical bills. If more people can sign up for a medical coder career, this problem can be prevented. Medical coders are the link between the service provided, and the bill payable by the patient.

As crucial members of the medical team, people in the medical coder career require diverse skills and knowledge. They also must be proficient in medical billing and coding software. The position is tasking and sometimes overwhelming, but here are the top ten reasons why to start the career.

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1. The Medical Industry is Rewarding

Not many people can say that their careers contribute directly to saving lives every day. With the healthcare industry, though, things are different. Dealing with patients and seeing their lives improve creates a sense of satisfaction in the professionals.

A medical coder career serves to keep costs down while reducing mistakes that can arise in billing. The professional ensures there’s the free flow of information between the health care providers and the patients. Without saying much, this is a career that keeps healthcare facilities running to save lives.

2. You Can Skip Going to Medical School

One of the hurdles that prevent people from starting a medical career is the cost of training involved. The cost of a four-year degree program, residency, and specialized training scare them off.

Fortunately, with a medical coder career, you don’t need a medical degree. Training will typically take less than a year of training, which is sufficient to get you started.

3. The Career Path is Independent

A medical coder career requires minimum supervision. It allows you to work independently, giving you the flexibility of choosing freelance options. As a freelancer, you can cut down on work and get to spend time away, since you decide when to work.

Medical coders and billers work with electronic databases all day long to access bills and insurance claims. Technology has led to the development of apps the can use for coding. This means they have all the tools they need to process claims on their own.

The coders also never have to interact one on one with patients. If you’re looking for a career with independence trait, this is it for you.

4. A Crucial Role in the Medical Industry

Medical coders are the link between healthcare providers and patients. Their role is to ensure service providers are compensated for the work they do. It’s their responsibility to ensure health claims are coded and billed correctly.

They forward the claims to the patient or health insurance firm, claiming reimbursement for the services. Medical coders also ensure patients aren’t overcharged for services. Most coders gain a sense of pride knowing that they’re helping in keeping the system running.

5. Plenty of Employment Options

One thing that people fear when changing careers is if they’ll find an employer. In most times, people have to relocate to find job opportunities for new careers. The case is different with a medical coder career.

The opportunities for employment are limitless. You can work in clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, medical laboratories, and administrative support centers. There is such a wide variety of institutions that need medical coders.

Earning your certification opens even more opportunities for you, and here is how to get started.

6. Work From Home

Many healthcare providers are opting to outsource their medical coding tasks. As a fully trained medical coder, you have a thriving opportunity to work from home. All you’ll need is a computer, high-speed internet, telephone, and a coding manual.

As long as you stay productive and deliver what’s expected of you, you’re good to go.

7. Work with Great People

It may not be obvious, but the health industry is packed with many great individuals. Most healthcare workers can be fun to work with. A quick look through the top Instagram accounts of medical professionals will prove this to you.

The medical field is a very serious business, but it doesn’t have to be the same every day. There’ll be lots of light moments in the course of your work.

8. Shift Flexibility

Do you feel more productive in the night hours, or are you a morning person? Or do you like working on spontaneity? Then a medical coder career is for you.

Most medical institutions operate around the clock, with all kinds of working shifts. If you’re not a morning person, you can work a night shift. Flexibility is highly upheld in this field.

9. The Dress Code at Work Is Flexible

If you’re not the kind of person who enjoys wearing suits, ties, and heels to work, being a medical coder can be right for you. These clothes can be quite uncomfortable, especially when the weather is extreme. They’re also expensive to acquire.

In the medical billing and coding industry, you wear scrubs to the office daily. These are designed for comfort, and they can also be stylish. You have nothing to worry about.

10. Start Your Own Business

Once you’re through with training for a medical coder career, you don’t need to look for employment. You can set up your own business on low overheads. For a successful business in medical billing, it’s advisable to access your personality first.

Do you have the discipline, a can-do attitude, and the focus necessary? You should be able to tune out household distractions to give the business the attention it deserves.

Medical Coder Career – Take Away

If you’ve been deliberating on pursuing a medical coder career, the time is now. You probably haven’t been convinced why you should, but there are enough reasons. Apart from the lucrative working opportunities, benefits are in plenty.

A career in medical coding allows you to start your own business and work from home. With proper training, you’ll soon have healthcare providers outsourcing their medical billing to you. The role the medical coder plays is very crucial since they help bridge the gap between patients and service providers.

Most importantly, you’ll get a sense of satisfaction working in the medical field. You help clients understand their correct medical bills, ensuring they remain satisfied with all claims. If you work the right way, the career can be quite rewarding.

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