Jewell Offers a Multitude of Biological Programs For All Interested Students

posted by Chris Valentine

The scientific field, precisely biology, could not be any less exciting and fun with the vast array of programs available for studying. These include, but are not limited to, zoology, microbiology, botany, genetics, ecology, molecular biology, biochemistry, biophysics, and, unbelievably, sports and exercise science! Bachelor of Science in biology is one Jewell Biology Program specializing in equipping the learner with a wholesome and practical set of skills in biology. These skills will aid in solving actual global issues and fulfill the requirements of life. After all, biology is life! 

Start learning Biological sciences 

This incredible journey kicks off with identifying a specific program you wish to pursue from an institution that offers these programs. At Jewell, you will learn the following 


  • Ecology


The love for nature and the environment undoubtedly cuts across every personality and institution are trying to make you comprehend this! Organisms found in the ecosystem bring the spark and blossom to life. Yes, this is what ecology is all about! The interaction between organisms like animals, human beings, and plants with the environment around them is the framework within which this program revolves. 

Ecology studies provide a view of the relationship between living and nonliving things. Furthermore, it brings out the essence of life in the most intriguing of ways as you learn in various stages.


  • Zoology


How many animal species can you name at any given time? Even if you could name all the identified animal species, studies predict that there are loads of unidentified species! Jewell wants you to pioneer the identification of new species!  Zoology focuses on studying how animals behave, how they are classified, and how they are distributed. 

Since this field deals with animals, which form a monumental kingdom filled with a wide variety of species hence studies aren’t localized! It is divided into different fields that deal with a categorized group of animals. For instance, cytology is the study of dolphins and whales. Herpetology deals with reptiles and amphibians, entomology studies insects, ichthyology revolves around fish, and mammalogy, which studies mammals, to mention a few.

You will only learn each of the following at a respectable institute. That is why most students confess that Jewell is the epitome of knowledge


  • Botany


Even plants need their unique program dedicated to studying them, and Jewell takes care of that. Contrary to popular belief that plants only entail trees and flowers, Botany studies everything in Kingdom Plantae, including small microscopic organisms. 

A few of the less common organisms that are categorized under plants include; algae, ferns, conifers, lichens, fungi, and mosses. Botanists try to understand how plants grow and develop, metabolize, reproduce, and how they are structured. You, too, need the right knowledge to follow your predecessors! 

Plants essentially support life by processing food, providing oxygen, maintaining the climate, and even containing medicine! It will be better if young stars join Jewell to continue uncovering nature’s pharmacy and how it can help people.  


  • Microbiology


Do you want to study “invisible” organisms? As a rule of life, people tend to be more concerned about what they cannot see than what they can. But you can’t comprehend what you can’t see unless you study at a reputable institute! That is why a group of microbiologists from Jewell are shedding some light on this microscopic world! 

The adventure in studying this program is that you get to deal with and even see organisms that not everyone can boast to have seen in their life! 


  • Genetics


Do you want to know what makes “you” you? Genetics is a program of biology that deals with studying genes and how they vary.

On average, a person has about thirty thousand genes in every cell in the body! And a genetic student gets to study these genes and analyze them!

Inheritance of genes from parents is categorized into dominance, segregation, and independent principles. Basically, this program tries to equip the learner with the knowledge of the relationship between inherited genes and the individual’s behavior. This beneficial to society, especially when trying to isolate deviant characters! 


  • Molecular biology


Molecular biology studies molecules with respect to an organism. You get the chance to study the structures and components of life-giving cells in long things!

The most basic macromolecules in biology are carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, and nucleic acids. How do these macromolecules interact with cells? What is the composition and structure of these macromolecules? You will answer these questions when you complete your studies at Jewell!  


  • Biochemistry


Can two branches of science be combined into one exciting program? Yes! In fact, it has already been done. Biochemistry is a combination of two branches of science, that is, biology and chemistry. And studying them allows you to dine on the vast knowledge of different scientific fields 

This program studies chemical activities and how these are related to living organisms. An example is metabolic processes.  


  • Biophysics


How in the world can mathematical principles flow in humans’ veins? Only biophysicists can explain that!. The biophysics program is born when the theories and models of physics are used to understand how biological processes occur.

What are the dynamics of the flow of blood? What are the radiations for treatment? These, among others, are the types of questions this branch of biology answers. Like many others, this program is categorized into bioacoustics, bioelectricity, bioenergetics, bio-optics, medical physics, and biomechanics, which you will learn at Jewell.

If you have a special taste in engineering and biology, this program suits you. Biophysicists develop medical equipment like pacemakers, defibrillators, and kidney dialysis machines! It will be a triumphant moment when you, too, invent the machine that will save lives! It is possible when you study at a renowned institution like Jewell. 


  • Sports and exercise science


Currently, general wellbeing is centered on exercise and diet.  Thanks to students’ immense effort studying sports and exercise sciences put into their education, they keep developing simple life-saving exercises for the elderly and young ones. 

One cannot fully exhaust the vast and intriguing world of biology. But Jewell Biology Program is known to spike the fading interests of students to pursue these life-saving courses. You, too, can be part of this community if you commit your time to your studies! 

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