5 Tips To Give Your Young Child the Best Start In Life

posted by Chris Valentine

As a parent, you naturally want to give your young child the very best start in life. This can encompass many things, from good nutrition, self-development and education. This article will be highlighting a few tips to start your child off on the right foot, setting them up for a more positive life ahead.

#1 – Teach Them Independence Early

One attribute that’s important for young children to learn very early on is that of independence. The more independent a child becomes, the more their self-confidence grows and the better equipped they become to step out and handle things later in life. Independence also reduces the likelihood of separation anxiety when it’s time for a child to go to school.

One way children can learn independence is to allow them to make some of their own choices. As a young child, these will only be small, unimportant decisions, but it sets them on the path to decision making and independence. Also, encourage your child to do things for themselves rather than someone always doing it for them.

Independence leads to autonomy and that leads to being more independent.

#2 – Teach Them To Read

Learning to read is always a goal, but the earlier a child learns, the better start they will have in life. It’s a skill that will serve your child well for their entire lives and if they start very early, they’ll get a head start on their education.

Reading opens up a whole new world of knowledge, even at a young age, and it’s a skill that also aids with spelling and comprehension.

Successful people read a lot, so if kids start very early, it’s a massive step for their life journey.

#3 – Encourage Young Children To Pursue Their Interests and Talents

All kids, no matter how old, will have certain activities they are interested in or exhibit a talent for something. Encouraging kids to pursue those interests and talents is an excellent way for them to develop their minds and build self-confidence. The more things a child tries their hand at, the better idea the child and the parents will have of what that child is good at.

Not only do kids need to pursue their interests, parents also need to be supportive of their pursuits, and even help them accomplish things and improve. Having parental support goes a long way towards building self-esteem and getting better at anything the child is trying to achieve.

#4 – Enrol Your Child In An Early Learning Centre

When it comes to giving children a positive start in life, enrolling your child in an early learning centre will likely be one of the best decisions you could ever make. Early learning centres are far more than just daycare. While providing a safe and secure environment for kids from toddler age up to 5, these centres focus on education, nutrition, personal development and becoming school-ready.

Early learning centres are firmly focused on encouraging children to learn vital social skills, interact in fun, yet educational activities, physical fitness and positive brain development.

Most major metropolitan areas of Australia have early learning centres. The best way to find one near you is to do an online search. For example, if you’re in Dural in NSW, search for terms like:

Start your child off right by enrolling them in a quality early learning centre. Be sure to have a chat with the centre and check their curriculum to see what they offer.

#5 – Arrange Group Activities for Young Kids

Group activities could include things like play dates with other children, or even joining a sporting team for juniors. These activities teach things like teamwork, build social skills and communication skills and also help to develop that all-important independence that was spoken about earlier in the article.

Group activities are one of the fastest ways for young kids to develop on a number of key levels, so look for ways to get your child involved in group situations.

In Conclusion

Focusing on positive activities that develop a young child’s mind and body in a good way will give them a great start in life and instil self-confidence and self-belief. Early learning centres are an excellent choice for positive childhood development.

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