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10 Internet Memes You May Have Forgotten

posted by Chris Valentine

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5. Group X

Do you remember Group X? They put out these hilarious songs/videos featuring a lead with a funny “Arab” accent. Take the Nintendo one, where he makes fun of his friend for not having a Nintendo and then proceeds to play the Mario Brothers theme entirely using his mouth (and some drums). Keith McKnight did his own flash video to the song which is quite funny.

Don’t forget Schfifty Five, a song about the number 55, or whatever. Poopty peupty pants-ss!!

4. Icy Hot Stuntaz

Icy Hot Stuntaz

Three lovable loser/wannabe gangsta types from Toccoa, Georgia, calling themselves Icy Hot Stuntaz, show off their “skills.” It’s difficult to tell whether they are serious or joking. It could go either way. In any case, what’s 100% certain is that they lived in the suburbs.

The group formed in 2001 and created a site on GeoCities (remember GeoCities?). “Blade”, “Da Flame”, and “Freeze” supposedly created 6 songs, but they ended up on Fark and created something bigger – an internet fad.

Icy Hot Stuntaz - 2

Straight Outta Toccoa

Believe it or not, one of the guys from Icy Hot Stuntaz still raps – but it’s Christian rap. He calls himself B-Shoc. You know, a lot of people think that you can’t have fun praising God. B-Shoc is here to change all that!

3. Hampster Dance

Hampster Dance

One of the most annoying internet memes in history, the Hampster Dance is infamous for its effect on soccer moms and older, overweight secretaries with kittens on their desk who just had to send the link to all 500 people on their contact list. Created in 1998 by Deidre LaCarte, an art student, the original site was on a Geocities page (where else?) and featured rows of animated hamsters and other rodents (animated GIFs) dancing to a sample from the song “Whistle Stop” by Roger Miller. The good old days of a hundred animated GIF images crashing our browser…….

2. Turkish Man Kiss You (Mahir)

Turkish Man

One of the first “memes” in our memory, this personal website by Turkish guy Mahir is hilarious for its creepiness (“Who is want to come TURKEY I can invitate ….. She can stay my home” / “I like sex”) and his lack of a grasp of proper English. Mahir’s site, hosted on XOOM at the time, made him famous. This was around 1999. He bears a resemblance to Sacha Baron Cohen’s Borat character. Recent interviews with Mahir revealed that he was going to NYC to get a lawyer so he can sue Cohen for stealing his schtick. We believe that this is an mirror of the site in its original form.

1. All Your Base Are Belong To Us

all your base

This meme from 2000-2002 has origins in the Japanese video game Zero Wing, a 1991 European version (for Sega Genesis/Mega Drive) where the English translation leaves much to be desired. Something Awful helped make it popular, along with a video done by Laziest Men on Mars (Invasion of the Gabber Robots). Here’s the goofy translation:

In A.D. 2101, War was Beginning.
Captain: What happen?
Mechanic: Somebody set up us the bomb.
Operator: We get signal.
Captain: What!
Operator: Main screen turn on.
Captain: It’s you!!
CATS: How are you gentlemen! All your base are belong to us. You are on the way to destruction
Captain: What you say!
CATS: You have no chance to survive make your time. Ha ha ha ha
Operator: Captain !!
Captain: Take off every ‘ZIG’! You know what you doing. Move ‘ZIG’. For great justice.

Even today, you still might come across “All Your Base Are Belong To Us” scrawled on a wall somewhere. We saw it in New Orleans once.

Here’s an awesome parody of All Your Base.., The Smurfs, and the game show $25,000 Pyramid, courtesy of Albino Black Sheep.

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