The Pekka Eric Auvinen Manifesto

This is what Finnish school shooter Pekka-Eric Auvinen (now deceased) left behind. *Note to readers: the Pekka Eric Auvinen manifesto is printed here for historical purposes. We feel that the document is newsworthy, and may offer some insight into the minds of killers, which hopefully will help to prevent such horrible events in the future. It should go without saying that we do not agree with anything in Auvinen’s manifesto. (More info on the shooting here)

Pekka-Eric Auvinen


Event: Jokela High School Massacre.
Targets: Jokelan Lukio (High School Of Jokela), students and faculty, society, humanity, human race.
Date: 11/7/2007.
Attack Type: Mass murder, political terrorism (altough I choosed the school as target, my motives for the attack are political and much much deeper and therefore I don’t want this to be called only as “school shooting”).
Location: Jokela, Tuusula, Finland.
Perpetrator’s name: Pekka-Eric Auvinen (aka NaturalSelector89, Natural Selector, Sturmgeist89 and Sturmgeist). I also use pseydonym Eric von Auffoin internationally.
Weapons: Semi-automatic .22 Sig Sauer Mosquito pistol.

Sig Sauer

What do I hate / What I don’t like?

Equality, tolerance, human rights, political correctness, hypocrisy, ignorance, enslaving religions and ideologies, antidepressants, TV soap operas & drama shows, rap -music, mass media, censorship, political populists, religious fanatics, moral majority, totalitarianism, consumerism, democracy, pacifism, state mafia, alcholohics, TV commercials, human race.

Pekka-Eric Auvinen

What do I love / what do I like?

Existentialism, self-awareness, freedom, justice, truth, moral & political philosophy, personal & social psychology, evolution science, political incorrectness, guns, shooting, BDSM, computers, internet, aggressive electronic and industrial rock & metal music, violent movies, , FPS –computer games, sarcasm, irony, black humour, macabre artm mass & serial killer cases, natural disasters, eugenics

Natural Selector’s Manifesto

How Did Natural Selection Turn Into Idiocratic Selection?

Today the process of natural selection is totally misguided. It has reversed. Human race has been devolving very long time for now. Retarded and stupid , weak-minded people are reproducing more and faster than the intelligent, strong-minded people. Laws protect the retarded majority which selects the leaders of society. Modern human race has not only betrayed its ancestors, but the future generations too. Homo Sapiens, HAH! It is more like a Homo Idioticus to me! When I look at people I see every day in society, school and everywhere… I can’t say I belong to same race as the lousy, miserable, arrogant, selfish human race! No! I have evolved one step above!

Naturality has been discriminated through religions, ideologies, laws and other mass delusion systems. Individual, who is going through his/hers natural power process and trying to live naturally, but is being told that the way he acts or thinks is wrong and stupid, will usually have some reactions which might be considered as “psychological disorders” by the establishment. In reality they are just natural reactions to the disruption of natural power process. They will have some of the following (depending on individual’s personality): feelings of inferiority / superiority, hostility, aggression, frustration, depression, self-hatred / hatred towards other people, suicidal / homicidal thought etc… and it is completely normal.

Humans are just a species among other animals and world does not exist only for humans. Death and killing is not a tragedy, it happens in nature all the time between all species. Not all human lives are important or worth saving. Only superior (intelligent, self-aware, strong-minded) individuals should survive while inferior (stupid, retarded, weak-minded masses) should perish.

There is also another solution to the problem: stupid people as slaves and intelligent people as free. What I mean is that they who have free minds, are capable of intelligent existential and philosophical thinking and know what justice is, should be free and rulers… and the robotic masses, they can be slaves since they do not mind it now either and because their minds are on so retarded level. The gangsters that now rule societies, would of course get what they deserve.

Of course there is a final solution too: death of entire human race. It would solve every problem of humanity. The faster human race is wiped out from this planet, the better… no one should be left alive. I have no mercy for the scum of earth, the pathetic human race.


Collective Deindividualization: Totalitarianism & Delusions Of Democracy

Collective deindividualization is a phenomenon where individual will be trained as part of the mindless herd controlled by state, corporation, church or some other organization, group, ideology, religion or mass delusion system and adopt it’s rules, morality and codes of conduct. This phenomenon has been familiar in all despotic, authoritarian, totalitarian, monarchist, communist, socialist, nazi, fascist and religious societies troughout history. Also, the modern western democratic republics have the same phenomenon. It is just done so that people will think they are free and don’t realize they are being enslaved. Majority of people in society are weak-minded and ignorant retards, masses that act like programmed robots and accept voluntarily slavery. But not me! I am self-aware and realize what is going on in society! I have a free mind! And I choose to be free rather than live like a robot or slave. You can say I have a “god complex”, sure… then you have a “group complex”! Compared to you retarded masses, I am actually godlike.

Totalitarian governments rule people through education system, consumerism, mass media, monopoly on the legitimate use of physical force (police, military) and laws discriminating people who think differently than the majority. Democracy… you think democracy means freedom and justice? You are wrong. Democracy is a dictatorship of the moral majority… and the majority is manipulated and ruled by the state mafia. Modern western democracy has nothing to do with freedom or justice; it is totalitarian and corrupted system. Laws are made over the heads of the people and people are being brainwashed to support the system and connected to the institutional structures immediately after their birth. Societies are being ruled by manipulative and charismatic politicians who only care about the interests of majority, and who do not base their decisions on reason but emotions and feelings of the masses. These masses let the authorities of state to make all the important decisions for them. The masses will get an education, they study, get a job, go to work and vote in elections. They think they are free and don’t criticise or question the system. They have become robots. It is like a constructed mechanism in mind, that leaves little choice for an individual to think, talk and act independently.

Pekka-Eric Auvinen

Three Kinds Of Humans

There are three kinds of human personality types in this world:

1)individualistic human (3% of the world population)
2)manipulative human (3% of the world population)
3)mass human (94% of the world population)

#1 & #2 type of personalities are intelligent, creative and self-aware. They have chosen bit different paths paths. #3 type of personalities are less intelligent and less creative, weak-minded people controlled by #2 type of personalities. The percentages are only estimations though but are based on Gaussian distribution and history of human race and how humans have organized into societies. And this is the way it has always been ever since humans started to organize into communities.

Another way how to divide people is bit different but is based on the same facts, human nature and history. The division is based on the level of intelligence and quality of mentality:

1)intelligent (3% of the world population)
2)slightly retarded, so called “normal people” or “robots” (94% of the world population)
3)highly retarded, “vegetables” (3% of the world population)

Total War Against Humanity

Hate, Im so full of it and I love it. That is one thing I really love. Some time ago, I used to believe in humanity and I wanted to live a long and happy life… but then I woke up. I started to think deeper and realized things. But it was not easy to become existential… knowing as much as I know has made me unhappy, frustrated and angry. I just can’t be happy in the society or the reality I live. Due to long process of existential thinking, observing the society I live and some other things happened in my life… I have come to the point where I feel nothing but hate against humanity and human race.

Life is just a meaningless coincidence… result of long process of evolution and many several factors, causes and effects. However, life is also something that an individual wants and determines it to be. And I’m the dictator and god of my own life. And me, I have chosen my way. I am prepared to fight and die for my cause. I, as a natural selector, will eliminate all who I see unfit, disgraces of human race and failures of natural selection.

You might ask yourselves, why did I do this and what do I want. Well, most of you are too arrogant and closed-minded to understand… You will proprably say me that I am “insane”, “crazy”, “psychopath”, “criminal” or crap like that. No, the truth is that I am just an animl, a human, an individual, a dissident.

I have had enough. I don’t want to be part of this f*cked up society. Like some other wise people have said in the past, human race is not worth fighting for or saving… only worth killing. But… When my enemies will run and hide in fear when mentioning my name… When the gangsters of the corrupted governments have been shot in the streets… When the rule of idioracy and the democratic system has been replaced with justice… When intelligent people are finally free and rule the society instead of the idiocratic rule of majority… In that great day of deliverance, you will know what I want.

Long live the revolution… revolution against the system, which enslaves not only the majority of weak-minded masses but also the small minority of strong-minded and intelligent individuals! If we want to live in a different world, we must act. We must rise against the enslaving, corrupted and totalitarian regimes and overthrow the tyrants, gangsters and the rule of idiocracy. I can’t alone change much but hopefully my actions will inspire all the intelligent people of the world and start some sort of revolution against the current systems. The system discriminating naturality and justice, is my enemy. The people living in the world of delusion and supporting this system are my enemies.

I am ready to die for a cause I know is right, just and true… even if I would lose or the battle would be only remembered as evil… I will rather fight and die than live a long and unhappy life.

And remember that this is my war, my ideas and my plans. Don’t blame anyone else for my actions than myself. Don’t blame my parents or my friends. I told nobody about my plans and I always kept them inside my mind only. Don’t blame the movies I see, the music I hear, the games I play or the books I read. No, they had nothing to do with this. This is my war: one man war against humanity, governments and weak-minded masses of the world! No mercy for the scum of the earth! HUMANITY IS OVERRATED! It’s time to put NATURAL SELECTION & SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST back on tracks!

Humanity is Overrated
Justice renders to everyone his due.

– Pekka-Eric Auvinen (aka NaturalSelector89, Natural Selector, Sturmgeist89 and Sturmgeist).
I also use pseydonym Eric von Auffoin internationally.

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247 Comments on The Pekka Eric Auvinen Manifesto

  1. Yeah, um someone played the Natural Selection mod a few too many times. You would hope that someone would notice ‘huh, I think our son/coworker/friend is a little crazy.’

    He specifies the problems he has, but no solutions.

  2. This manifesto = virgin babble.

  3. Yeah, um someone played the Natural Selection mod a few too many times.You would hope that someone would notice ‘huh, I think ourson/coworker/friend is a little crazy.’He specifies the problems he has, but no solutions.

  4. These ideas are about freedom and controlling your own destiny – ‘notbeing a robot’ yet he shows concern for how he’ll be remembered and usesthe columbine guy’s as babble indeed.

  5. whoa! that’s a real weirdo. Hope that he survives, so that he can seewhat he has done, the little freak; and then take the punishment. Hopehe rots in jail, criminal scum…

  6. What a shame one noticed his warning to the public about whathe was going to do…sick f**k.

  7. why is there easy access to guns for irrational people like him

  8. Glossolalia Black // November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am //

    I love how he’s all Natural Selection and Survival of the Fittest, andhe survives a self-inflicted headshot. If he’s able to communicate atall or lives through this, it’d be interesting to see whether or not hethinks he’s part of his described elite or not.

  9. What’s the name of the song that was on his website?

  10. Indeed he only mentions problems, no solution, and i dont see his point,what will what he did change? He speaks highly of justice, but whatjustice is there in killing innocents?

  11. He thinks he knows better because of some deep thinking… What anarrogant little brat to think he is the only one who knows the”reality”, that there are no gods etc…I read that he had plenty of Nazi propaganda in his youtube page. Atypical nazi, they’re usually the same: they think they know better andtherefore are allowed to be vieolent to the “lesser” people.Well, this just show that society can’t really do anything if someone isthat fucked up.

  12. American Indian // November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am //

    The only way Natural Selectors Manifesto could be given to the people,was to follow the teachings and to fullfill the mission. Some deadpeople do not matter for the big picture. We have already entered theage of slavery through entertainment, medication, drugs, TV & sportsand refused to open our eyes for the reality around us. A good eyeopener is the film Zeitgeist, which you can see for free on the net <>. Pekka-Eric’spunishment was a logical result of a depressed genius in the finnishschool system.

  13. Pekka-Eric Auvinen has been announced dead 10.14 pm at local Finnishtime. This was first of its kind in Finland… and I hope it will bealso the last one.

  14. Glossolalia Black // November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am //

    I guess he didn’t make it into his own club, then.”The world lost a moron!” – Bill Hicks

  15. Unfortunately I can’t be bothered to read all of his babble. Which Iguess is a shame, because I believe he’d need the attention, and someoneto show him perspective.. At 18, I imagine he hasn’t seen much of the world.I recognise some of his ideas from my late teen depression, but blamingor others for your destiny, is just sad. If he would have even been halfthe master he thought he was he’d take charge of his own life, insteadof blaming others.

  16. Cool!!! I love school shooters!!! We need more!!!

  17. John…. grow up u sad fuck

  18. I really think this whole piece of immature rubbish should been takenoff the net. Even though ppl need and want explanations, this f*kfacegot his ideas from somebody else. I dont care to see this kinda”justice” happening ever again.My thoughts with those suffering in great loss.

  19. you can say anything here. won’t bring back any of them. just look watyou can do to recognize these people in the future. to take some signalsseriously and not let go. there are more kids like these, who aresearching for something. take them in the circle and don’t exclude themfrom you.

  20. Kasper (Denmark) // November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am //

    What a sick fuck.I really feel sorry for the parents, sisters and brothers, schoolmatesand all other relatives.

  21. kangaroo (Oz) // November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am //

    Attention seeker alert!!! The Internet is not to blame but it sure doeshelp encourage sick puppies like this one and spread his stupid violentideas to other sick people on the edge.Why mad & depressed guys like this always have to go and hurt otherinnocents when acting out their little fantasies I don’t know. Forgethim, pay more attention to the victims instead and theseattention-seekers will dry up and quietly get admitted into the localinstitutions they belong in.

  22. Some people are disenfranchised b modern society, many of these end upcommitting suicide, others, such as in this case, choose to strike backat the society they feel has harmed them. I don’t think you can call hima Nazi, its not strictly correct, plus Eugenics has been long supportedin scandanavia, there was enforced steralisation of certain minoritiesin sweden up until the 1970s for instance.It’s very sad that peope have died, but i think it is just the price wepay for having society the way it is. It creates a certain amount ofdissidents/terrorists an extremists. Soctiety is a spectrum of humanity.Oh and the person who said all of his ideas had been said before, besensible, all possible combinationsof philophy have pretty much beenspouted by somebody over the centuries.

  23. Of course all you people cry and whine. It’s exactly like he said, themindless sheep will bawl about the lost members of their flock. Hispoint is obvious, for instance if you go on the internet you will noticethat most people who act nice and friendly are retarded, they cannotcomprehend the simplest of ideas. Their English is always butchered.They are all around retards.If you see the people who are assholes, going around and trollingpeople, hacking their sites and accounts and spamming them pornographyand viruses, these people are usually intelligent, despite the fact thatsociety deems them as sick or perverse. In fact common speech proves meand our Finnish friend here right, that it is all just an issue ofcontrol and that moral and ethical values are meaningless in the bigpicture. They call it “anti-social”. That is a bullshit term. What isanti social here will be normal somewhere else, for instance murderinggirls who have been raped because it is “their fault” is common in SaudiArabia and other parts of the middle east.Just like this guy says, Social, cultural and religious values are allbullshit, designed to brainwash the masses into thinking a certain waythat falls in line with the views of those in power, and then using thatto control them. If we were actually given freedom and allowed to thinkand make our own decisions then it would be impossible to control us.Social structure is bullshit, and the way most people think is bullshit.All this pop culture bullshit, the shitty music and shitty hollywood,everyone obsessed with celebrities (people who are given millions to doalmost nothing, because the masses entertainment) and into the next bigfad or label or scene. It’s all bullshit, and Pekka-Eric is right, moreintelligent people need to start their own revolutions.In response to luci school shooters aren’t usually noticed because theyseem normal, or just weird. There are plenty of weird or quiet people,are you going to call the police every time someone acts in a way youthink is strange?In response to goninzo, he has a clear solution: destroy those who arecausing humanity’s degradation.

  24. If Fight Club and Starship Troopers had a baby…….

  25. Mitchell Henderson // November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am //

    If he was so intelligent, why did he only manage to kill a patheticnumber of people and almost fail to become An Hero? Future manifestos onthe direction of humanity can only be taken seriously if the authormanages to beat the Virginia Tech high score.

  26. depressed in usa // November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am //

    it seems the madness of western culture has hit the shores of Suomi.this was a very disturbed young man and sadly drew his inspiration froma equally deranged individual here in the states.U.S. exports all sorts of electronic media around the globe and nowinspires madmenvery sad

  27. the reactions to this piece of writing are quite predictable. societyhas conditioned people to lash out against those who dare to questionit. it reminds me of the same exact response to a controversialcelebrity figure, such as paris hilton. most people don’t even know whythey feel a certain way other than it’s the way society tells them to feel.i’m not condoning his actions. his death and action, accomplishes verylittle, other than getting the word out. looking past the shootings, itis quite true that a high percentage of people amount to nothing morethan robots. they buy what the advertisements tell them to, they trustthe media to deliver honest and objective news, they work endless jobsjust to pay the bills even though they dislike every moment of it. theydonate to charity and act like it is because they want to help others,when in reality they only did it to make themselves feel better. they’rejust too afraid to say what may be considered politically incorrect.we’re far too close minded in today’s society. a big news item was abouta bill getting passed that made it illegal to discriminate against gaypeople. it’s 2007, and we’re still preoccupied by who people feelattracted to. i’m not gay myself, but i cannot condone someone elsemaking the decision whom i have the right to be with. we might as wellarrange marriages, with the religious direction this country is headedin, we’re going to be moving further towards that closing, i don’t support the actions of pekka-eric, but i do feelthat intelligent open minded individuals need to take a stand againstsociety’s norms, and conformity. i can’t respect anyone who works forsomeone else. the only people i respect are artists whom’s a fascist idea to impose your ideologies on others, and i have noreservations about being one. at least i can admit what i am, unlikeothers who only play a role to please society.violence is never the answer, but staying silent, refusing to questioneverything, is also not an answer.not that i expect anyone to read this message, i know most people’sattention span can’t handle reading more than a couple paragraphs,without needing images or a diagram.before being criticized for not including capital letters, or theexcessive use of commas. i’d like to state, that for the record, lowercase letters are more aesthetically pleasing. if you have an issue withthat, you can take it up with e e you can go back to the news telling you how important government isand how you will need to submit to cavity searches so the terroristswon’t get you.

  28. thank you, fred. i think we react too quickly to these events. i thinkwe should understand these manifestos. here were were thinking it wasmusic and video games, and lo and behold, they actually seem to have abit of intelligence underneath all that hate.killing people probably isn’t the best solution, but maybe we shouldunderstand that it’s society as a whole that’s pushing these kids to actso desperately.we point fingers at manson to avoid pointing it at ourselves. these kidsare NOT stupid. they are not idiots, and they should not be ignored. hepekka didn’t kill anyone because his girlfriend broke up with him (or atleast i don’t think so), he just arrived at a conclusion based on whatsociety had given him.i don’t have a conclusion, but i do hope this helps spur some moreworthwhile dialogue, other than simply “what an idiot, let’s disregardthis.”*i love writing in no caps as well.

  29. His concept of natural selection clearly proves that HE is theillegitimate retard. Natural selection is a process which has occurredover hundreds of millions of years, wiping out species (as a whole, notindividual persons) who weren’t able to adapt to their surroundings.His method of killing several innocent people just shows that he wasn’table to adapt himself – leaving him to be the only possible degenerate,low-breed in this situation.You cannot say that my opinion on this issue is “easy” or “scared” or”pathetic”, because the violent lashing out of some disturbed”existentialist” doesn’t shock or surprise me. This guy talked abouthow he came to love hate and how the concept of hate consumed him – thattakes every ounce of weight his “quest” would have ever had. How cansomeone, looking to carry out a “greater plan”, act solely out of hateand loathing and not provide ANY actual reasoning as to what exactly itis that makes him so angry.People like this say that they want to kick back against “the system”like it’s some evil culture, but I believe that thought process initself has become an even larger culture of itself due directly toadverse social behaviour and a complete disinterest in taking any oflife’s difficulties in their stride.

  30. Oh dear, someone I didn’t know died.. That happens all the time allaround the world. Still not crying….Feel sorry for this little boy who just wanted to be noticed. Too bad noone will remember this next month.. or sooner if something happens in BBhouse and the papers start to write about that instead.He should have thought about that Myyrmanni guy.. Nobody’s talking abouthim anymore so why would we be interested in this sick little schoolshooter?

  31. all he has done is cause more chaos in an already overly chaotic world.these fucking copycats, self-ish shit heads.

  32. I wish someone had seen his videos and his ‘manifestos’ and threatsearlier. YouTube should keep closer tabs on their website so thatwanna-be criminals can be foiled and/or their elaborate plans nipped inthe bud. I feel so sorry for those poor children who died today and forthe parents who lost their offspring today.

  33. he is not radical enough. were he more clever or consequent then hewould understand that there is really nothing. humanity is overrated.that is actually quite complicated stuff. why would he even bother tosay this? i say it is clearly him who overrates humanity.i guess many people have thoughts like him i did too when i ha about hisage. i wasn t going to kill anyone but the thought that the stupidity ofa majority of language speaking animals was absolutely unbearable. butwhen you get older you just learn that you really do not need to give afuck. i have to give a piece of advice to everyone who is thinking aboutimitating him in any way:please do not forget that this young man did kill himself in the end.that is not what i call strength but a clear waste of opportunity. whatit shows on the other hand is that he is by no means a psychopath butthat he actually feels ashamed for what he did.there are much more creative ways to act when you really do not need togive a fuck. but why become angry in the first place, dont let anybodyfrustrate you. start to act about it fucking now!

  34. Judge Dredd // November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am //

    @matt:”His concept of natural selection clearly proves that HE is theillegitimate retard. Natural selection is a process which has occurredover hundreds of millions of years, wiping out species (as a whole, notindividual persons) who weren’t able to adapt to their surroundings. Hismethod of killing several innocent people just shows that he wasn’t ableto adapt himself – leaving him to be the only possible degenerate,low-breed in this situation.”Yes. This exactly is the fallacy in his logic. How come, I he is thestrongest, the most powerful, he died? Oh, and don’t say that it’sbecause he shot himself — he would have been either shot by the policeor at least put away by the society. How does that demonstrate naturalselection acting in his favor?It doesn’t.However, to Pekka-Eric’s points about majority of people being mindlessdrones, I have to agree. But drawing the concept of natural selectioninto that makes no sense what so ever. Yes, people accept beingcontrolled. They accept it because that way more people can survive –that’s what natural selection is all about: survival.Natural selection has, however, nothing to do with _how_ one survives:if an individual manages to stay alive and breed, the said individualhas survived. You can’t survive “better” or “worse” than someone other.You either do, or you don’t — and die as, ironically, Pekka-Eric. Thisguy seems to hate the thought that someone — the tyrants and gangsters– have accomplished a better standard of living. That they’re survivingsomehow “better” than others, while the truth is that common people seemto be able to live and breed in the same way as those in power.Society is _the_ mechanism of natural selection. It has formed as aresult of natural selection: the people can’t survive on their own. Sohow come this guy attacks the ultimate form of survival: society? Iwould understand his actions ifa) the society would somehow pose a threat to his own survival, andb) he would have attacked the formal constructions of society:government or the police.Attacking innocent people who — no matter how weak — are being able tosurvive. He says that weak people should not be allowed to survive, buthe doesn’t say exactly why. Survival of the weak does not threat thesurvival of the “strong”. Surely, if it did, then the weak wouldn’t beallowed to survive.I, myself, live in Finland and due to EU directives of wild lifepreservation, there are too many wolves here. So many that they havebeen reported to attack pets and farm animals on several occasions. Dueto EU we can’t go about killing them, as it’s illegal. However somerural people have told me that the best way to deal with a wolf is toshoot it in the stomach with a small caliber gun so that it’s own packkills and then consumes the wounded animal (no evidence left). So thewolves kill and eat now “weak” member of the pack to get food. However,with us humans, the weak, sick, the “wounded” are no use to us as food,nor are they consuming our resources to the point where the “strong”members of the society would be in risk of dying of starvation. Surely,if that happened, the weak would probably be left to die. This happensin Africa, for example, all the time.So the point is: the guy went about killing some people with a hope thatothers start following his example and start offing the “weak”, whilethere were no need for that, and thus due to natural selection, thesociety deemed him as a harm to the survival of it’s members prepared totake him out. Back to wolves: they don’t attack each other without areason — killing a weak member for food, then the supply is low, forexample. They don’t do that because they _know_ that acting as a pack itthe best way to survive. Attacking pack’s members would be considered athreat to the survival of the individuals in the pack, and wouldn’t betolerated.Also, to anyone who considers following Pekka-Eric’s example I wouldthrow a question: Would you, yourself, meekly accept being killed if Icame to you with a bigger gun — say, with an Abrams tank for example?Wouldn’t that just be natural selection in action: me, being strongerwith a way bigger gun, offing you, a weaker one? How about if I broughta dozen of my friends with me? Think about that.

  35. Reading this makes me feel that he had too hight expectations abouthimself, at first, that hes so much better smarter etc than the rest,first of peopole tell us that he was above avarage in grades, but notanything about those he killed, im quite sure he didnt think about theiq of those he killed, he just saw everyone as a “retard” as he calls94% of the humanity.In the end what will he hope to acomplish? I just get the feeling thisis all an exuse to get extra attention to his already planed suicide.And i find it rather ironic that he talks about his “Justice” but neverspecifies it, does that mean that his justice doesnt cover his own acts?because even if todays society isnt perfect, and yes everyone will wantto remake it after their ideals, but would any society ever say its”justice” and right to kill innocent peopole? To get heard to “start arevolution” i dont know all his reasons but i do understand that itdoesnt seem quite as thoght through at you might think at a first glance.

  36. Unfortunately this will never stop now. Some kid somewhere who don’t fitin or who’s bullied will decide one day that he wants revenge it’s sadbut that’s the way it is. Blame society, the music, the movie and thevideo game industries that tells are kids that violence is ok. Today’steenagers have no respect for life or authorities. My prayers goes tothe families of the victims and also the family of the gunman may theLord give you the strength to overcome this tragedy.

  37. He said he is a social darwinist and an atheist, so let’s believe, whathe said. Hitler and Dawkins were his idols.

  38. It’s kinda funny how the fact that the guy killed himself just displaysdarwinism — though self inflicted — in action.Is he trying to say that anyone who feels that hes a weak, uselessmember of society should kill himself in the name of natural selection?Wow. I don’t think that even Mr. Darwin thought of that.

  39. The guy was just a pathetic loser. He had been bullied in school, andnow wanted to demonstrate that he wasn’t that weak.Just like Hitler, who wasn’t accepted to an art school, went on akilling spree. We just have to deal with the fact that there will alwaysbe these miserable failures who can’t accept the fact that they’re weak,and then go about trying to act strong, like it would make any difference.The guy was bullied. If he was strong, he wouldn’t have been and wouldbe alive today.

  40. This is pretty sad, I think what happens with these kids is that theylive inside their own heads and build themselves up into gods. They maypick one thing like FSP games that they are actually good at. And theyfeed off this skill to elevate themselves even further up, in their ownopinion.The outside world of course does not give them the respect they thinkthey deserve.In this particular case the student seems to have read Nitsche or somederivative. Someone should have given his some Hesse to read as well.Existentialist ideas are profound, but they are dangerous in thenon-nuanced mind of a teenager.I don’t know how this can be avoided in the future. But somehow ifsociety can reach out to teenagers and welcome them into the fold ofadulthood in a more graceful way. I myself had to work at restaurantsand retail outlets when I was a teenager. It was good because it kept myfeet on the ground.Sure I got fired once or twice and I read a lot and felt superior. But Ialso felt like I was on my way toward something…One last point about the victims and their families. Most of us can’timaging how you feel at this point. Many others will not even try tothink about it. They would rather think about the mind of this killer.What takes real courage is to try to exercise empathy and really putyourself in the shoes of the victims and their loved ones. And when wedo this we can only begin to sense your loss.

  41. Innocent people were killed? Well, tell me, who´s innocent? I think noone is. Welcome to radical Millennium. My sincere apologies for thevictim´s families but this is it how it works today. Life is just notMarkets and growing numbers. If humanity is forgotten, then there willbe no humanity. Live with it. O, yea, I don´t have a gun (said also KurtCobain…)!

  42. “If humanity is forgotten”Yes. That’s _exactly_ what the guy did. Discarded humanism.

  43. Well its another case of another person going crazy at the world.Unfortunatley there is something wrong in society that makes people thatmad/crazy/upset/sad/confused etc., but why does this happen so much?Especially in modern times! When I hear about these cases I cant helpbut use the analogy of war. Its always innocent lives that are lost forsome greed/hate/power and even though this is horrific and frighteninglysad, its going to happen again and again and again and eventually wecant just blame it on a “crazy person”, we have to look at why there aremore crazy people going to more violent lengths?Sending my best wishes and good thoughts to the families who lost thereloved ones. Not just in Finland!

  44. Typically two types of responses… 1. People that honestly believethere is such a thing as an evil person… religious people. 2. Peoplethat take a step back and scratch there heads and think about how andwhy someone can get to this point. I hope that the world gets to thepoint where there are more 2’s than 1’s otherwise we’ll never move forward.

  45. kind of reminds me of CHO SEUNG HUI the virginia tech massacre. If i mayask, why is it that when such an occurance happens(school shootings) thefocus is on the perpetrator rather than the victims. It tends to”immortolize” the perpetrator and encourage others to do the same.ithink society should take most of the blame for neglecting people likeeric,cho seung hui and many others. Sad though but these shootings willkeep on happening again and again and again.

  46. son of a bitch // November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am //

    he is a son of a bitch!!!!killing innocent people.He has no heart that motherfucker.i hope he goes in hell.!!!!

  47. Hey Son Of A Bitch, in that case all leaders that have gone to war arein the same bracket!! Killing innocent lives???? Solutions are betterthan name calling! in fact name calling brings on this sort of behaviour!

  48. John, if you get your wish I hope it’s at your or your kids school.

  49. @Graham: So you’re saying that the guy was right? That the mankinddoesn’t deserve to exist? Is that what you’re saying? Are you sayingthat what he saw when he looked at the society was a truthful image ofthe reality? Are you saying that he had a valid point?I hope you don’t own a gun, you sick fuck.

  50. John-shooter // November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am //

    “Cool!!! I love school shooters!!! We need more!!!”Yes, John, and we need YOU as the sole target.

  51. I kinda understand him, but it’s still sick what he did. He’s dead nowso shut the fuck up! (sorry for my bad english)

  52. Sonja (Finland) // November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am //

    I just don’t understand Pekkas motive for all this. Yeah something aboutnatural selection and being against the mass…But why kill people fromyour school? And then why didn’t he talk about it before and try to gethis ideas out in some other way? I mean he decided to go and killstraight away all by himself without anybody telling him so…It’s a bitweird. He wasen’t bullied, and nobody told him to go and kill ( i meanlike a group of crazy ppl with his beliefs)…That’s why I find all ofthis a bit weird.

  53. we are all equal.I think we should forgive, care for people we have access to and bethere for them. there has allways been people who loose sight of the bigpicture, usually these people feel like they do not belong, they do nothave a friend (a physical one) to talk to. Todays society easilyisolates individuals. Lets make time for our friends and family.I do aggree that many people follow blindly the media and the norms ofsociety. I think some of this is neccessery, but I also think everyoneof us should stop (every now and then) and think what we are doing withour time and why.hate is no the answer… to anything

  54. we can all see he had problems. someone said earlier that we shouldinclude these people in to society but i’m not all that sure that it issocieties fault as i have known many people who i have tried to helpunderstand the things of life and who have not listened or tried tounderstand. it is a two way thing, they must want to listen and learnand live. todays world isn’t perfect, it never has been, i don’t knowwhere people get the idea that there was ever a perfect world whereeveryone thought for themselves. our own special human trait is theability to work with others… we are animals though and it should notbe forgotton that we are all at the mercy of nature, i just dont feelthat the way for this boy to sort out his feelings was to kill people bethey innocent or not in peoples respective ideals. i feel very sorry forall involved but it takes an ounce of understanding and a bit of giveand take to be able to ‘survive’ in this world. i dream of a day whenthere is no fighting or suffering but until that day there is no way iam going to add to it! i’m going to do my bit to help, and you have toremember there are always people out there who will listen, BUT you haveto TALK to them!

  55. Asgina ageli // November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am //

    Why die and not tell the story himself? Why kill people that don´t nowhy the shooter is killing???Why leave us whit questions he can´t answer???Is in´t it better to stay and stand for what you belive???In all this the killer is the weak one, and in shame takes his own life…Nobody will remember this when the next story comes..They will only remember does who died.

  56. Really getting sick of humanity why do so many people end up doing suchstupid shit without realising their full potential this fool kills thesepeople and makes a short term shock to the world…. pointless. Gettingso sick of this shit. So many possibilities and this kid disregards allthat could be used to create a lasting impression and hopefully gotowards creating a better more “evolved” society.

  57. What it comes down to is this kid was really f__ked up, plain andsimple. All those reasons he listed was just an excuse to do what hedid and then try to justify it with deep sounding bullshit. Just apathetic c_nt and I hope he rots in hell.



  60. Am i the only one who noticed this kid extracted and copied word forword ALOT of Eric Harris’s journal??? I mean if your going to hate theworld and want to destory it…at least be original about it and notcopy a fellow school shooter. This kid was just a copycat!!! lame andnot even original.

  61. indeed a potentially smart man …

  62. he was a psycho he killed 9 ppl!!! omfg he crazy!

  63. he was not smart… so dont cheer to his grave… he shooted itself…thats was good but when you are smart you need to be like a “normal”human.there are more smart than stupid ppl stupid ppl try to kill ppllike he do and get a war.

  64. He was just stupid. There is no meaning in his manifesto. Even he hadthings he liked, as a “robot” in his terms. Basically all of us justwant to live and enjoy. To be able to enjoy, we need to like something…I have no manifesto, go enjoy your lives, but do it with respect toothers doing the same while doing it – forget this – it’s not worth it!Streght to those that were hurt by his actions.

  65. Sick motherfucker!

  66. sick unclefucker!

  67. @fred riahi. that said it all

  68. all i have to say is the level of arrogance and ignorance prevailent inthe replies on this topic are truly repugnant, and for the most part youought to be truly ashamed .. particularly the person who wrote that theyhave no respect for people who work for other people only people who arartists and create.. that statement alone singles you ought as one ofthe most pretentious, arrogant, childish naive people to ever offer anopinion on a topic .. i will not even bother to go into the reasons whyit is such utter nonsense


  70. He’s my new hero.Heil Pekka-Eric Auvinen

  71. You can see the word “why” all over the papers in Finland. That’s whatthe common people are also asking. My advice to you is, read thismanifesto. You probably won’t agree with it, but if you turn off yourprimitive reactions (which we have seen here too) and read it as plaintext, it will answer your question.What we have here is an intelligent, frustrated, bitter and lonelyperson full of hate. He hated the world around him enough so that he sawno joy in it for himself, and it went so far he was ready to kill peopleat random and then himself. There, now you have your answer. It’sprobably not the answer you would want to hear. You want to hear that hewas in every way a no-good person and that everything Finnish societyloathes was put together in him. You already think Pekka-Eric Auvinenwas Pure Evil. You just want some expert to confirm that and make it ananswer for your question.In other words, you are just the brainless mass he says you are. Youbelieve what you would prefer to be true, not what lies crystal clear infront of your eyes. Majority of people are completely incapable ofintellectual integrity. It’s no wonder some intelligent people snap.The days when intelligent, independent women were locked in mental carefacilities for being “hysterical” is not far behind. Their realdiagnosis was standing against the norms of the society. Now, when equalrights of both sexes have become the norm, we look at these women asheroes. Will there be a society one day, where Pekka-Eric Auvinen willbe a hero? I hope not, but it’s possible.

  72. I think that what he is saying might be true but who really knows, I canalso think of some crazy fucked up shit about humans and how we allfucked up, but what does that really prove? I mean come on people tryingto analyse what this guy is saying are just stupid, there is no rightand wrong in anything that people may say or their ideas since none ofus are god. However our experiences through out life influence andcreate these ideas. It is obivious that this kid didnt have a good lifethat he probably had no friends got bullied and god knows what else.Therefore he formed ideas in his head which may be what he trulybelieves (although allot of it seems contradictory) or just things hesaid to lash out at society at the way he was treated. what ever hisbeliefs they are merely a drop in an ocean of beliefs that no one reallycares about whether they are true or not. Sure they will be those whoagree with him but actions speak louder than words, and his actions wereweak and short sighted, if he really believed that he was a better, orsuperior human why kill himself? What does that change?

  73. Richard Crainium // November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am //

    Wow he hates rap…what a shock. Guess he heard that “Crack Dat SouljaBoy” song once too many times.

  74. “I love BDSM” – hah! If this guy would have ever even get laid, he wouldhave lived for another orgasm and bought some nice BDSM equipmentinstead of a gun.Fucking pathetic virgin babble!Some nice guy or a girl could have blown your brain – better than you did.

  75. He Wasadouche // November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am //

    Hope people shit on his grave each year, just like GG Allin’s.Pekka-Eric Auvinen: “What’s that burning in my anus for all eternity?!”Satan: “Suprise, buttsecks!”

  76. A typical case of psychotic depression. Pekka created all this reason,explanation and killings to make his mind accept to commit suicide. Ifeel sorry for the victims, students, teachers , and especially for thefamily of Pekka who has live with the stigma.

  77. AmericanGuy // November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am //

    Obviously this guy was in a lot of pain. A lot of the school shootersin America were also bullied heavily. I was bullied badly when I was 12and 14 and I know how bad it hurts and all the anger you feel inside.Not only are there bullies but the other people who don’t come to yourhelp. You’re left hating everyone. As a world, we all must learn to bekind or there will continue to be violence like this. I’m lucky I madeit through my own dark period. I’m successful and happy today, but Iconsider it to be a mircle. If I was just a little bit weaker, if Ididn’t have any friends, if I didn’t have a mom or dad… I think even Icould have snapped. Please pass on the message: treat others like youwant to be treated.

  78. Finnish Socrates // November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am //

    If only the intelligent are worthy to survive why not start wiping downthe animals? I mean like, as he said, humans are nothing more than justanimals, so why does he target on humans? This guy had no real logic inhis deeds and the only reason he wrote this manifesto is to prove hisown points wrong.Natural selection my ass, this guy is no better than a merefundamentalist. Every idealism is wrong when it’s taken to the limit.Pekka-Eric was a victim to his arrogance, immaturity and pure stupidity.Only the one who knows that knows nothing, is wise.My thoughts are with families of Pekka-Eric and the victims.

  79. Had no mature his head, has no politics, he didn’t want nothing exceptfame, he was only a totalitarian (what he hated)… hope that this willget lost deep in the net.If I was as brave as he thought probably the right way was to killhimself “only”! not a poor children who was more clever than this insane.A weak defeated and defective guy, he is overrated now! so fester now inyour deserved tomb dude!!!

  80. im sorry but this is not the work or action of a person who is as someseem to think “highly intellingent” it really is not . his ideals andrhetoric is that of a person that has obviously read a little bit ofthis and a pinch of that but knows no more information on his subjectsthan that contained in a wikipedia page on the mentioned subjects.enough basically to support his own beliefs a phenomena known as”correberation theory” while ignoring anything that conflicts with hisideals a simple example being that evolution does no in any way requirea species to make a concious decision to act as a natural selector it isperfectly capable of that itself but anyway. Also for a so called freethinking individual his entire manifesto and its outcome are little morethan obvious copy cat ideas, anybody familiar with the columbine killerseric and dylan would be able to spot direct influence to the point ofexact copying even down to his choice of t-shirt the slogan “humanity isoverated” eric wore a t-shirt with “natural selection” and dylan”rage”his mention to being “god like” and “a kick up the evolutionarychain” “more evolved” are all phrases used by eric in his journal andweb site that can be viewed on the net . plus many many moresimilarities. it is also imprtant to note that bullying and schoolhirearchy are really not the issues at hand. rather a depressed andimbalanced mind spurred on by corroborative rhetoric and a templatefigure in the columbine killings looking for a way to justify hisexistance and to search for a solution to his narcisissum by comitting atried and tested act that has been seen to deliver a guranteed level offame as is evident by the coverage it will obviously create, society didnot create this person ..nothing even nearly as exotic or grand, merelya chemical imbalance causing depression and narcisissum and an access toinformantion and ideas to corroberate it .. also access to fire arms….it is sad for all involved ..

  81. Okay – all this is well and good for him – but, why did he have to killothersto prove his points..that’s where he becomes the monster he rails against.

  82. Gone Postal // November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am //

    To all those who curse him and hope he (and even his family – come on)goes to hell: calm down and think about it a bit. He was obviously avery troubled person in need of help. Seeing the world in black andwhite isn’t very helpful; the world rarely is like that.Bullying is awful and can totally destroy a person’s life or scar themmentally.

  83. Another teenager who thinks he knows more about the world than everyoneelse. There are so many of them out there that you could see he fitsright in the masses he oh so hates. Of course, most of those guys don’tend up in shooting sprees but this particular kid is not right betweenthe ears.So what if the world sucks? I’m a fan of Thomas Hobbes, so obviously Ihave no faith in humanity. That doesn’t mean I want to go out and killpeople. If I think people are bad, then I want to find ways to protectmyself against people. What better way than society and laws? The stateexists to protect the weak people, to balance out their power againstthose who are more powerful than they are. If I walk out in the open anda cannibal kills me for food, he gets arrested and is sent to spent thenext few decades in prison. If someone is killing me in public, no onewill help me because people are afraid. But knowing that it is illegaland that he may be sent to prison, the killer hesistates and decides toattack clandestinely when its dark so that he can get away with it.Society gives me a protection against humanity. Human nature is not aproblem, it is a problematic fact. The difference is that a problem canbe solved, a problematic fact can’t. There is no use trying to “solve”humanity. People simply want to live their lives the best way they can.Why kill innocents like that? What happiness did that truly bring him?It only brought death upon himself. As desperate as he was, depressionis treatable. I’m convinced that kid could have been made to findhappiness had someone truly tried helping him.Life isn’t supposed to be all dark. Sometimes we’re happy, sometimeswe’re sad, sometimes we feel like hell, sometimes we don’t want to wakeup in the morning, sometimes we feel like eating something really fat…whatever. We live on a day to day basis under a society that protects usfrom anarchy. How is that bad? It is life. It can be a beautiful thingif you give it a chance.

  84. Gone Postal // November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am //

    Some here claim he wasn’t bullied. That’s not true. To quote the BBC:Det Haapala described the young man as a “lonely rider” who had beenbullied by other students at the secondary school, which has 400 pupilsbetween 12 and 18.Source:<>


  86. A lot of people get bullied, but that’s no reason to act like this.I was sexually abused by BOTH my parents from my birth and well into myteenage years. At school everyone made fun of me and beat me up everyday. I had no brothers or sisters, no aunts or uncles. I had nobody. Ibecame depressed, I had suicidal thoughts, and I have a lifelong fear ofsex and anything sexual. If anyone should have had a reason to shoot upschools, it was me. But I’m still alive, and I am a happy person.There is always a way out of these things. Killing people isn’t asolution. What the guy did was much worse than anything that was done tohim by other people. Others are guilty of bullying him and living insociety. But he is guilty of murder. There really is no excuse.

  87. What is funny about this incident and how it has been reported in mediahas to do with the fact that this guy declares himself a terrorist. Hehad a radical agenda he published, and he wanted to promote it bykilling people at random and causing as much fear and terror aspossible. Isn’t that what you could find in a dictionary under “terrorist”?Do we see him being called a terrorist then? No, we don’t. Did we seethe T-word being mentioned numerous times when finnish muslims formed apolitical party in a process completely in line with Finnishconstitution and laws? Yes, we did. Now, explain this to me while you atthe same time prove people are not idiots, and I promise I’ll believe you.Just to point out that I do not idolize this murderer, to me he seems tohave been a sad kid with a god complex that was a result of bad selfesteem. What made him snap, I have no idea of. He was intelligent andgot some things right, but there’s no way in hell he was theindividualist he says he was. If he was, then why the hell was he unableto come up with an original way to pose with his gun? Why did he have torip that off from the Virginia Tech shooter? And to continue on theissue of rip offs, many of his thoughts and the way he put them out isin line with the Columbine shooters and the Virginia Tech shooter. Hispolitical views changed radically over time from far left to far right.I don’t say I know anything, but it seems clear he was just looking forsomething to believe in, something that would justify his hate.Unfortunately, he eventually found it in school shooters.

  88. Im sure thet there are many people who are not satisfied with thisworld, but others may just like it as it is, so why not let em enjoylife? If you dont like it, kill yourself, but this life is all we got,and no one has the right to take it from anyone even if this someone isa “second level human ” or “godlike” like Eric thought he was.

  89. Well, he did the right thing by ascerting himself on others! he talksabout society pressing down on individuals until they are nothing BUTsociety and here he comes, brandishing a gun, killing and forcing hisown polemic and others–isn’t that what he was about? these ideas arehalf-developed and maybe if he’d lived longer and read more (to those ofyou who are into this shit: pyrrhonism). He hates society? well whattaught him to say words? what shaped his very thoughts to use thosewords? what are then the ideas in his head? please, don’t kill people ifyou hate the world. just kill yourself. why? there is no answer. justkill yourself already!

  90. Crazy man. If he hated so much our society why he had to kill all thoseothers?!? He thinks he is kinda god who selects who lives and whodies.Hope you’ll burn in hell.

  91. Don’t judge him! He was just a kid! If you had lead the life that he had-and had had the same experiences- YOU WOULD’VE DONE THE SAME THINGS! Atleast he did something when he saw injustice. What have you ever done?What have I ever done?! He had guts. He stayed true to himself till theend. The world is different to each of us. In his own mind he did nocrime and that was the truth to him, the reality. He was not crazy.Crazy is just the majoritys opinion. We are all sane, all crazy, allpart of the mass, all outsiders, all murderers, all saints. He justdidn’t know it.


  93. As the mother of two children, I can only feel great sorrow for theparents of the innocent victims and deep concern for the parents of theperpetrator of this senseless attack. What kind of atmosphere did thisboy live in to bring him to the point of this act? Who do we blame? Theteachers who stood by while the boy was being relentlessly picked on? Dowe blame the students who taunted him? Or should we point a finger athis family – what was his home environment? I think everyone who touchedhis life played a part in this tragedy. This is a terrible world inwhich we live and we can only hope the future generations can put an endto this violence. It does not appear that the current generation issolving this frightening epidemic — children with guns? How did we letthis happen?

  94. He mentioned lots of soltions, i will say a few, get rid of the entirehuman race, get rid of the monarchies and governments

  95. hes correct, i also have good ideas of hopefully making the world abetter place, no wonder this world is so overcrowded, we keep savingpeople whos lives would be pointless anyway, if 200,000 people aroundthe globe got randomly picked and exterminated the world would be abetter place

  96. “if 200,000 people around the globe got randomly picked and exterminatedthe world would be a better place”Better place for who? Certainly not for the 200,000 or their families.Reasoning like this is exactly why Thomas Hobbes so vehemently opposedanarchy. A state is the only way innocents can be protected againstothers, although governments are unfortunately sometimes themselvesguilty of genocide and massacres. Yet it’s better to live under Stalinthan live in anarchy.

  97. everybody here who is focused in fascination on to this sorry patheticsick guy and not talking about the pain and desperation of the victimswhilst dying and their loved ones in their grief is allready on theirbest way to be human machines wthot pity, full of thurst for sensationas this bored youth…

  98. Someone dropped by // November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am //

    He made it because the all human race is so pathetic, that’s all…

  99. Court Jester // November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am //

    This guy was a joke! He doesnt even make any sense. As much as hehates equality and tolerance he hates ignorance… which doesnt make anysense, by the way, he also hates hypocrisy. So really, he is theignorant, unintelligent fuck. He can’t even be original with his ideas,any moron can copy the manifesto of someone else, it doesnt make themintelligent what so ever.

  100. poor loser….kill a geek!!

  101. “Better place for who? Certainly not for the 200,000 or their families.”The 200,000 would be dead, they wouldn’t have realised a thing and fortheir families, its a way of life, If thats not right right solution,Then halfing all hospitals on the earth would

  102. hey people, we all are so nice and full of moral :) we all who live indemocracys are kill and torture hundreds of thousends of innocent peopleworldwide, outside our countries = iraq, afganistan … we all are sameMURDERS as Pekka-Eric !!! Where is the problem? The killing is commingback to us, in our homes, schools? = this is only the beginning !!! :)Good night and have nice dreams :) !!!Live your lives, vote for your politicians, support the governments ofthe wester democracys = USA, European union that send troops to middleeast … and we all will swim in our own blood !!! …

  103. I think it is important that his manistesto be kept online because itshows the flaws of his actions and thoughts. If you want to make adifference in this world, you have to live and lead. Not die and kill.There is no glory in killing, and what Auvinen did will only lead to theopposite of his own warped dreams. Speaking of survival and the strong,it would be harder and braver to live on, to kill oneself in such amindstate as Auvinens, in any situation, is the weakminded and feebleapproach. The ultimate ESCAPISM, the most POWERLESS choice. And yet, Ihave compassion for all parties in this tradegy, even Pekka-EricAuvinen. What he did was wrong, but I cannot help but feel sorry for thepain, sorrow, and hate that must have been eating him alive while helived. As a society we must take care of the youth, and do all we can toprevent the state of mind that leads to these school shootings. BlamingAuvinen, calling him crazy, hating him, does not solve anything. If wehate, then his mindstate has won us over. We must understand andprevent, understand and seek to love those and change those who mightpossibly become the next Auvinen BEFORE they take innocent lives anddisgrace themselves and their families in suicide. If this tradegy makesyou upset as it should, then do something PROACTIVE such as a random actof kindness. Is there someone who is made fun of at your school orworkplace? Why not be nice to them? It is easy to sit here and blame,but to take POSITIVE action to improve ourselves and our world, that isa real struggle!True power comes from self control and inner peace, and revolution muststart within oneself.Know Thyself,Archetype

  104. Someone dropped by // November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am //

    Amen, Archetype. I just can’t say it any better. You’ve got the idea, beblessed…

  105. “The 200,000 would be dead, they wouldn’t have realised a thing and fortheir families, its a way of life, If thats not right right solution,Then halfing all hospitals on the earth would”John you don’t get what I meant. The point is, people want to defendthemselves. You talk about ‘way of life’ and ‘improving the world.’ Butthe world is made up of relationships of power. People don’t want to bekilled or have a family member killed. This fear of evil happening to ushas created civil society. The US government is not going to wake upsome day and say “we’re going to kill 200,000 random americans toimprove the world” because we live in a nation of laws that stems fromthe will of people to defend themselves.Saying something like, who cares who gets killed life goes on, is justthe point of view of someone who hasn’t been affected by the randomkilling. But society exists exactly because of that. Because people joinup to defend themselves against this. Sure the government is notperfect, but nothing is. If you are against the government, you are alsoagainst the weak people who need the government to protect them. Butwithin a nation of laws, the weak people are no longer as weak as theyare in nature so you can’t kill them as they please just to fit youridea of what is a “better world.” In our society, you kill someone andif you are caught you go to prison.

  106. Obviously this guy has lost complete faith in humanity. I lose faith inhumanity sometimes. And it’s hard to deal with. There’s a lot of naivetyand nombrilism in his ‘manifesto’. He seems like he had just found outthat humanity is not perfect…hello? We have a past who testifieshumanity is far from being perfect. And so? This is the way life is andlife is difficult, living in a societey is difficult. Paying a littlebit more attention to people, to your family, to your friends, listeningto them, staying open, paying attention when people are on the edge, canmake a difference. You may save a few in the lot from resorting totragic outcomes either the ones who would turn the violence against themor who would turn the violence against others.

  107. Archetype, you said it even better than me

  108. Must say that very sad story.Must hope that it isn’t repeatwith Finland or with other countries.

  109. REdBull and voDKa // November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am //

    I totally understand Pekka-Eric and his manifesto. I felt the same waywhen I was in high school, to me scool was a concentration camp,government a racist dictatorship and humanity a faceless mass ofbrainwashed robots of limited intelligence, manipulated by the globalracist and Jewish (yeah right!) conspiracy to be good consumers andsalary slaves. And I grew up in a society culturally and structurallysimilar to Finland. I remember calling myself an “anarcho-nazi” at thattime, and launching into rants against the Dictatorship, socialism,racism and the Jewish conspiracy before stunned teachers. My ideal wasan elitist, aristocratic society where the only people with democraticrights would be those of the intellectual elite, who in the currentsociety were being held down by the conformist ideals (expressed throughbullying and social marginalization) and a manipulative, skewed schoolsystem (well, I have an IQ score in top 3% of Mensa, and below averagehigh school grades). Did I go to school one day shooting people up? Ididn´t. But I might well have. And there are many others out there likePekka-Eric, Dylan and me. We are the product of society. I still believethat I am objectively superior to the average human in most aspects.Society is made for the average human and feels like a concentrationcamp for someone who objectively is intellectually, physically andideologically superior but is being kicked down every time he/ she triesto be himself. Sometimes the only way to get respect for who you are isto walk into school in a black leather coat and holding a machine gun…and we all want to get respect for who we are, right? Fight the system.Fight oppression. The Individual uber alles. Ayn Rand is God ;-P

  110. Constantine // November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am //

    Whoever appeals to the law against his fellow man is either a fool or acoward.Whoever cannot take care of themselves without that law is both.For a wounded man shall say to his assailant,’If I live, I will kill you. If I die, You are forgiven.’Such is the rule of honour.

  111. Psst.. He calls people inferior. They only reason he survives till nowis because MAMA raised his little dumbass. A “God” LMAO.. He’s just adumbass virgin babbler.

  112. I totally disagree that this would be his idea, as he claimed in hismanifesto. There were clear references to nazism and Stalins ideas. Alsoto many other edge movements. As some teachers of his have said, Auvinenwas very interested in history and fascinated by edge Right and edgeleft..also he was a genius even though he was only 18. We talked aboutthis in school today and during the conversation, I realize thatactually that young aged killer reminds me of Adolf Hitler..althoughHitler wasn´t that genius, but both of these persons had a strict ideaof what is the perfect society, how it should work, what is theacceptable race in their perfect society and the mainthing, that theyare part of it themselves and also that they have all the features ofthat what they wanted others to be. A controller person…which issimilar to “Führer” for example.I also think the same way as some others here too and which is logical,that there must be something in the backround of his life, that makeshim to do such a horrible things that he has done! Some people justreact into a different things in different ways, some more aggressiveway than the others..I´m sure the violence orientated games and moviesdidn´t make this situation at any way better, even though they weren´tthe mainreasons.Auvinen has got a bad mental problems, which he didn´t show outside andin that state of mind it might be even impossible. Obviously he wasdisposed for any kind of ideas and took easily example from strong andpowerfull persons not necessarily recognizing that himself.I didn´t and I won´t at any circumstances gonna accept what he did, it´swrong, no claiming about that. But I also wonder, what made him so fullof anger, that it entitle to kill innocent people..being adead doesn´t really change the things in desired way, there´s only a onemoment when you get your idea to peoples awareness, but still it won´tnecessarily change their minds. This caused so much sorrow and lost ofyoung lives just because some ‘madman’ decided to show his way ofthinking by shooting and by using violence..this is sad and unfortunate.And as a Finn I really hope this will stay as a first and a last one ofit kinds.

  113. anoymoose,Two great individuals, Lenin & Hitler, Both wanted to rule theworld, both by violence, but in different ways, even though Hitler usedextreme violence for power, he was always suported and loved by his”weak” majority of people because they did not like what was happeningto their country, but now, first jews, then turkish.Lenin wanted just to have an equality around the globe until theamericans put their nose in it like they always do. But for equality,lenin had to rule ALL the way, so it was not bolshevism/communism but anautocracy, the “weak” were so desperate for a humans needs they wereready for eanything aslong as food was on they’re table/floor. This iswhat is now, we dont realise it but we are actually an autocracy

  114. anoymoose,Two great individuals, Lenin & Hitler, Both wanted to rule theworld, both by violence, but in different ways, even though Hitler usedextreme violence for power, he was always suported and loved by his”weak” majority of people because they did not like what was happeningto their country, but now, first jews, then turkish.Lenin wanted just to have an equality around the globe until theamericans put their nose in it like they always do. But for equality,lenin had to rule ALL the way, so it was not bolshevism/communism but anautocraacy the “weak” were so desperate for a humans needs they wereready for eanything aslong as food was on they’re table/floor. This iswhat is now, we dont realise it but we are actually in an autocracybecause it is the countries leader which rules, i am against thegovernment, but not the monarchy of britain, they have pride and a goal.To say that the majority of countries is democracy is wrong, totally,because both democracy & autcracy are the same, both get led and the”week” majority strung along

  115. Have you lost your mind, you saying this is the most authull thing inthe world and its not, think of the vikings, romans, the british (YES :Dcome on England and Wales!) and countless before and after all killedmillions of people and NO ONE GAVE A TOSS!, Millions apon millions diedin WW1 & WW2, and no one thinks about them anymore, And then ontelly you find the news on about iraq war and its “One more alliedsolder has been killed” and we all go awww, but its only 170 odd fromthe start (british army) and in WW1&WW2 we didnt get newsflashessaying “one more soldier has been killed”, if anything its the americanswho prevoke this activit of violence with they violent film and games, iknow 28 days/weeks later is british but that is old. Its always americansoldiers too stupid to destringush between allied & enemy the stupidbastards, nowonder they’re all bankruptloooool

  116. A person does not need to be bullied to feel like an outsider. However,it takes strength to admit that there is just something about yourpersonality, appearance etc., that makes it impossible for you to beaccepted by/belong to the herd. It seems to me that one of the reasonshe loathed the society so much, was that he so badly wanted to be a partof it. Be it in a leading, governing role, but still a part ofSOMETHING. This killer showed his own weakness, when he wasn’t able tocope with loneliness and being different.It’s natural to start looking for comfort from art, when you feel alonewith your thoughts. Sadly, he thought he had gained all the wisdom inthe world after reading a few books with big ideas. It is such adangerous thing when a human believes he has all the required knowledge,especially of something so incomprehensibly huge and complex as theentire universe. It takes real patience and humility to admit yourignorance, but once you do it, it is so much easier to take control ofyour life in a healthy way. After that, read, talk with people, learn,try to comprehend, and do not let the bitterness get a hold of you, evenif the world seems doomed. Knowledge normally seems to increase pain andanxiety, but the more you grow in knowledge, the easier it becomes toaccept the inevitability of pain. Do what is required to gain piece ofmind. If it means ultimately taking your own life, it is your choice,but don’t try to include others in your faith. It will not increase yourpiece of mind to take down more souls, or the piece of mind of yourvictims, for everyone has the right to build their own path, just likeyou did. But, really, you should try to live your life to learn itslessons, might be worth it.I’m so sorry for everyone who has lost a loved one, not only in thistragedy. To quote one of the most beautiful lines ever: “the streets ofheaven are too crowded with angels tonight.” Let’s hope they stayemptier for a long while after this.For Anotherguy, really inspiring to sense your joy of life after allyour hardships. Stay happy.

  117. u stupid thick bastard. U havn’t prooved anything, u havn’t won anywar,. All this shows is that YOU are the WEEK minded fool, SO week u hadto kill urself. Well dont drag innocent ppl down with u!

  118. He was insane.Only sane people will understand that.

  119. You will not be forgotten by your kind; the 3% ( or however much wemight actually be, I believe less) will remember your deeds for ourgreat cause.Hail Aristocracy!

  120. A HUGE misconception about school shooters is that they are all bulliedbeyond redemption. I know for a fact Eric and Dylan were hardly bullied.Dylan Klebold himself was infact a bully who picked on many kids duringhis time at Columbine High…he even notes in his journals about pickingon kids. If you have read their journals you would understand this. Howcan people be so ignorant and say “ohhh he was bullied on picked on somuch he was bound to snap”. Cho didn’t kill because he was bullied,neither did Jeff Weise and neither did Kimveer Gill. I think feelingEXLUDED and DIFFERENT to people or the popular crowd plays a much largerpart in school massacres then being picked on.

  121. OK first of all lets look at this from this guys perspective. The guyhad been bullied, teased and perhaps played pranks upon. People thoughtof him as an outsider and seems like from what the school kids aresaying, he had been classified as someone not allowed to be a part ofsociety. Thats what society does, it pushes away all those that aredifferent from what is by society considered correct. This man waspushed aside and what caused his anger and hollowness is most likely thefact that he knew that he possessed something which is something veryvaluabe…what might that be??….intelligence. I can see how someonevery intelligent can get mad at the fact that society doesn’t accept itas a true value or that person him/herself…i mean thats his pointabout evolution…the more intelligent should succeed in nature. Besideshis anger and most likely extreme frustration the man seems to havemissed some essential emotional support. It seems that he was notunderstood or supported by his parents….not saying the parents shouldbe held responsible…but the fact is every kid is a product of his/herparents…whether it’s genetics or ways of raising the kid. For someoneto be able to do such a horrible act, it requires emptiness, very strongbelief in something and/or rage and perhaps its the first two of thethree in this case. A person can only lose his/her ability to feel ifhe/she sees humanity as worthless. To support this thought is all warsthat show how human lives are worth nothing. This person consideredhumanity worthless and possessed strong radical beliefs.Ultimately what most likely made the major decision in his head was theradical thoughts expressed by others. He seemed to have read somewhat onpolitical views and i think those really led him to believe thathumanity is going in the wrong direction. Powerful texts can causepeople to believe in their ideas especially if it connects with thatperson. This is an example of an 18 y old struggling to find the reasonwhy and how, can he be considered inferior when truly in nature he issuperior. The texts told him he is superior and led him to believe inthem and perhaps suggested what he should do to change this. As we cansee from what happened, the man used violence to get attention and starta message to everyone. Why did he shoot innocent people? Well it seemshe was on a mission (as many radicals are) to change humanity’s courseand most likely, through recent similar happenings he saw how much mediaattention a shooting such as this gives which led him to believe thatthe more bloodshed, the more attention and thus the more his story wouldgo out. His manifesto was written to explain his thoughts and hissuffering, which he knew would be published.You may start to think i am supporting this mans actions…no way…imtrying to lay it out to others so that they understand that only a manalready emotionally killed inside can do something like this. Shootinghimself in the head was probably the easiest part in the plan. Yet thelarger point in this reply is to allow people to start changing theirthoughts and values and even more importantly the parents need to begiven basic education on what are true values. Parents are what make thechild to who he/she is. Even the simple love from one parent or supportfrom some relative/friend could have changed this, however as i saidbefore the man was held beneath the water where all he could think ofwas a tidal wave that would come and wipe away the dirt off the beach.It seems that people with cases like these aren’t that rare which if youthink about is really scary. First big shootings in the US and now inFinland, this is becoming almost common, which is definitely theultimate nightmare for society. Seriously whats to stop this fromhappening again…a jihad invasion…i dont think so. To stop this fromhappening again we must raise awareness and teach kids, and yes someadults, true human values…even less intelligent ones will understandif you tell them many times enough. Basic values such as respect eachother and understand others beliefs and views (anyone’s beliefs andviews are correct as long as they are justified and make sense). Thisdoesn’t mean everyone has to like each other, yet everyone accepts eachother, which eliminates the arrogence/ignorence from people. It almostseems as if those two are the current values of society. These days someparents don’t even have true values, meaning how will they teach them totheir kids when they’re the worst examples themselves. If its too lateto change this generation, save the next by teaching values at schoolsor something. Here’s four values everyone should keep in mind 1)BeHonest 2) Be Respectful 3) Be Responsible 4) Be Safe.We can either not accept what happened and hate this guy forever andthink he’s crazy, make up excuses like “thats not the way to bring outyour thoughts….u need to live and lead and not kill and die” or someother ignorant stupid excuses , or we can accept this tragedy and facethe fact that there are problems in this society, in reality, andbelieve that they can be fixed. Anyone who says at this point that weshouldn’t do anything is retarded. Lets not apply some old methods orquotes that sound nice to this situation, yet lets deal with it!!Society should remove its germs itself and no one man stand can do this.Someone pointed out earlier in his comment that “no society is perfectand problems exist” which i support, however the point where problemsrise to this level and shootings start happening is a point no longertolerable and completely shatters the definition of society. I believethis incident is depressing, wrong in terms of humanity, sorrowful andmost of all a desperate cry for help society back on its track…andperhaps the killers final call for the tidal wave.My thoughts go out to all those related to the victims. It is shockingand a true call for society to rethink the grounds on which it stands….Those of you who post simple and stupid messages, think for a while in abroader perspective and remove the retarded arrogance/ignorance yourparents gave you.

  122. I’m wondering why freaks who cannot fathom a way to improve human lifecan consider themselves geniuses. Identifying a problem does not makeyou a genius, solving the problem does. If you have a problem with theorder of things, give us a solution. Eliminating the human race is not asolution, you might as well kill every ill person without searching forcures.

  123. GoNINzo,”He specifies the problems he has, but no solutions.”He specifies problems and has a solution… Clearly the solution iskilling people.

  124. almost forgot:i congratulate everyone on this marvelous occasion:today is 90 years since the Great October Socialist Revolution happenedlet us all whip out our blood-red flags with golden pentagrams, hammersof thor and sickles of SATurN and welcome the is that for a conspiracy theory?may be we should blame commies now, not nazis? (or rather jewsagain–read more history of soviet revolution to know what o’m talkingabout)nobody thought about that, you intellectual fucking mass.revolution. THINK.

  125. REdBull and voDKa // November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am //

    I totally understand Pekka-Eric and his manifesto. I felt the same waywhen I was in high school, to me scool was a concentration camp,government a racist dictatorship and humanity a faceless mass ofbrainwashed robots of limited intelligence, manipulated by the globalracist and Jewish (yeah right!) conspiracy to be good consumers andsalary slaves. And I grew up in a society culturally and structurallysimilar to Finland. I remember calling myself an “anarcho-nazi” at thattime, and launching into rants against the Dictatorship, socialism,racism and the Jewish conspiracy before stunned teachers. My ideal wasan elitist, aristocratic society where the only people with democraticrights would be those of the intellectual elite, who in the currentsociety were being held down by the conformist ideals (expressed throughbullying and social marginalization) and a manipulative, skewed schoolsystem (well, I have an IQ score in top 3% of Mensa, and below averagehigh school grades). Did I go to school one day shooting people up? Ididn´t. But I might well have. And there are many others out there likePekka-Eric, Dylan and me. We are the product of society. I still believethat I am objectively superior to the average human in most aspects.Society is made for the average human and feels like a concentrationcamp for someone who objectively is intellectually, physically andideologically superior but is being kicked down every time he/ she triesto be himself. Sometimes the only way to get respect for who you are isto walk into school in a black leather coat and holding a machine gun…and we all want to get respect for who we are, right? Fight the system.Fight oppression. The Individual uber alles. Ayn Rand is God ;-P

  126. I’ve studied some of Nietzsche’s works. He detested Christianity becausehe believed it was a life-denying religion concoted by slaves rebellingagainst their masters. Nietzsche argued for a life-affirming moralitythat would overcome the herd mentality not only of Christianity, butalso its secular off-shoot (socialism, liberalism, etc…). In fact, healso believed that German Nationalism was a kind of herd mentality. Ifanything , I think Nietzsche was a radical individualist who believed incelebrating and affirming life, not destroying it. I don’t know what hisposition on suicide was, but he might have not been against it (maybesomeone could enlighten us). However, I dont think that a mass murderwould have been his Zarathustra. In fact, in one of his videos, Auvinenexpresses his hatred for himself and the world. I think Nietzschewould’ve considered him a life-hating weakling.

  127. Welcome to the exclusive an hero club :)

  128. As a teenager, you tend to perceive any humiliating/embarrasingexperience as a grave injustice. His social darwinistic views are areflection of his own weakness….his inability to deal with feelings ofhelplessness. He probably felt that society and the authorities didntgive a shit about his suffering. In his mind, blowing people away is hisway of correcting that injustice. Schools should be on the look out forkids who display feelings of rage, hatred, cynicism, pessimism, etc…Won’t always stop this kind of thing from happening, but its a start.

  129. He sounds like That Eric Harris kid from Columbine.

  130. he should have just shot himself instead of bringing other people downwith him, the copycat cunt.

  131. Dr. Levi Stienberg // November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am //

    As a Dr. of Psych. I’m estimating his IQ to be about 175.

  132. He was a sad fuck, and I hope he gets raped in hell. My honest opinion.

  133. This is why there should be limits to freedom of speech, tragedies likethis are caused by right wing views from neo nazis groups all these nutjobs who shoot up schools are somehow connected to these racist faction.I have no doubt this kid had was connected or admired these groups andnut jobs like hitler. These fucken neo nazi scum should be all roundedup and put in prison, they are a drain on sosciety and scum of the earthconsumed with jealousy’s. Unfortunatley europe hasnt woken up to thereality of these people, they all deserve to burn in hell.

  134. This young guy was totally controlled by Satan and killed innocent kids.his death is not over. he will face God last judgement and be thrown inthe Hell forever

  135. Finnish High school Gunman Pekka-Eric Auvinen had such a lost soul whichlet him being controlled by Satan totally. He killed 8 innocent people(7 kids) whom were treated by him as “weak-minded masses’. His deaththis life did not pay off his cruelty to those victims . He will faceGod’s last judgment someday and be thrown into eternal fire –Hell as hisdue punishment. God is Love and Just

  136. nick the razor // November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am //


  137. He realized something about darwinism: killing is natural. Human is ananimal and there is no humanity in the reference frame of darwinism.There isn’t right or wrong neither. Everything is okay. If you killsomeone, it may not be fun in the perspective of the relatives of thekilled but so what? This is where fundamentalistic atheism lead. And Isee no other rational ways to inteprete atheism. In the context ofatheism anything can be done coz you will never be judged – at least soatheists think. I know many atheists who are “good people” but theydon’t have necessity to be good and some people are irrational when theypersist atheism and think that killing is wrong at the same time. Butit’s good that they are irrational. I’m just scared that this happeningand the manifesto of Auvinen will make them think rationally and it willcause more murders. Atheism is a very dangerous religion, coz it’s areligion which doesn’t constrain to obey any rules coz there are norules or laws in atheism.

  138. Don Quijote // November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am //

    Kewl. Guys, let’s all get a haircut like his!School shooters rule!

  139. to redbull and vodka // November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am //

    you are just typical. to think that you are superior of others. have younever heard that knowledge is in understanding how much you don’t the more you know the more humble you should become.i think you really aren’t as intellectual as you write, for if you were,what reason would there be to repeat it over and over. i advice you tothink again. and then maybe you’ll grow to really be as intellectual andsuperior as you acclaim yourself to be

  140. This was more of a hate-suicide than a murder. Nietzsche claims yet morevictims. If this intelligent young Finn had turned to Christ rather thanto a Satanist for the answers to his lonely, perceptive confusion, hemight have learned that Intelligence does not imply Goodness ; indeed,it can make you vulnerable to forget the simple truths that a childunderstands better than a philosophy professor.May the Lord comfort the distressed in their grief at this time.

  141. “we are just animals and only the stronger enough will survive…”So, by offing himself he declared himself as one of the “weaks”. Go figure.”Atheism is the absence of belief in deities(god)”Which is itself based on a belief: the belief that there doesn’t existsdeities. Remember: it cannot be proven either way.

  142. Intelligence without wisdom is pointless. The wisest of all men arethose who know how stupid they, them selves are. Then, and only then,intelligence becomes to be of use.

  143. Questions:1.) who has the right to end the life of others? No matter how lordlyyou think you are, how much better or how much you hate the world, youhave no right to end life. Life is precious, to be enjoyed notsquandered or forcably ended.2.) to those people who agree with the actions of the shooter: aren’tyou guys being sheep yourselves? Discover your own philosophies and stopquoting those of someone who keeps quoting from ‘natural born killers’!’Natural selection’? Darwinian selection if you ask me! Where is thecompassion?On Atheistm:<>

  144. I can’t see this boy isolate from all the global contest. See…thepeople it’s getting sick worldwide. It’s a very social problem theattacks to schools made by students, that is happening everywhereincreasing drastically day by day…It’s hard to explain and understandthis boy but i think that when you write a manifesto you have somethingreal serious to say and that manifesto shows many problems of humansocieties. I’m not agree with what this student done, ever with muchpart of his thoughts, but….the terroristic attack was seriouslymotivaded by a ideal and so – it’s not a illness of one mind, but, aconsequence of many things.(sorry for my poor english)..

  145. He talks about justice, but he acted and thought as an egocentric thatbelieves that justice is him. Also, It was so egocentric that havespoken all his nicks and names. Not to talk the movie references…Natural selection, he talked…then he must die first for beingdangerous for the survival of our species, isn’t it?Just another f***ing mass murderer

  146. would you..? // November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am //

    Мусяwould you go to stop a man who carries a gun with..? i don´t think so,you are as much animal as escapen people. if people are in shock whatthey do? escape from the situation offcorse..think..and then shut up.

  147. T Trebilcock // November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am //

    In my country we have 13 year olds killing people and burning the corpseand yes filiming it for fun…we have teenagers tortureing and killing a5 year old….crime is out of control as is greed and self interest iswhat we ‘live’ for and it is this that is degradeing life andpeople…I support this man for what he did this is how much he feltand this is what he did.

  148. alternative // November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am //

    Its a shame to see someone intelligent do something stupid. OK it istrue that mass violence receives so much attention and its pretty muchthe only strategy to get heard these days. This man used this strategyto get his message across, it is very similar to suicide bombers thatkill themselves everyday in the middle east. They are empty and led tobelieve something good will come out of their actions and perhapssomeway they will be rewarded. These events really show the weakness ofthe human mind…even this mans mind. The human mind is so easilymanipulated. Its human nature to find answers to our questions and theones that fit us specifically or for stupid people the ones that areaccepted by majority are the ones that we follow.Intelligence and smartness are two very different things and analyzingthis text this man was intelligent however not smart. Smartness can bethought of as ones ability to use intelligence to his/her advantage insome way. This man simply copied what others did and with a ratherprimitive mindset believed the only solution was killing. Sorry to sayPekka but you should have thought about it a little more. There are lotsand lots of people who cant stand stupid or retarded people…thethought of them being there just disgusts us because they seem soinferior…however if u think about they are needed to act as the forcethat drives society and perhaps what make society interesting. Usuallythe stupid people are the ones that make me laugh the most. Anyone withsimilar intentions as Pekka had out there should really learn to usetheir mind to their advantage and learn that what they possess issomething valuable and just laugh at all those who might consider themas inferior or not part of society.

  149. Black American Girl // November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am //

    CRAZY BOY, i take pity on you and pray that God sees your true soul andnot your actions. God will be the only one that forgives you.

  150. Intempestivus // November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am //

    I cannot directly blame him for what he has done. His actions may havebeen an effect of a sequence of bad experiences.

  151. Let’s read between the lines:”Not all human lives are important or worth saving.””Life is just a meaningless coincidence… “”I just can’t be happy in the society or the reality I live.””I’m the dictator and god of my own life. “”I am ready to die.”His manifesto is just an extended suicide note, his actions an extendedsuicide. And yes, most of it true virgin babble.And what’s the fuzz about him being smart? Mostly his “logic” isirrational ape-like imitation of the ideas of people he thought weresmart über-minds. Or rather alfa-males.1) If he belonged to the “fittest” people, he should have occupiedhimself in reprodusing, not end up dead by own hand on the toilet floor.2) If he did not represent the masses, why are his actions just asimitated as his ideas: school shootings are just another phenomenonbrought to us from United states of America.3) If he was a free spirit, why couldn’t he free himself from small highschool world and rise to the next level, the real world beound high school.I wish I could tell all this to his face, to make him put things intoperspective. But I can’t, not any more. None of this reasoning is anygood to the the people left behind: his family, the families of thevictims. All this, these 9 dead pepole, just makes me want to cry myheart out.Let’s learn from this! If you know someone who has similar ideas, go,talk to them. Do not exclude them, it will only make them more bitter.Do not fear them, it makes them want to intimidate you by extreme means.Treat them as equals and maybe a tragedy is prevented.

  152. Муся // November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am //

    2 would you..?I didn*t say that Pekka was right… (i sad thet he was thehalf-educated person, who didnt see the difference betwen Revolution,Suicide and and Murder)…but…i am 23 years old and i can be aible to use weapon. i was learning touse weapon. And a view of teenage boy with a gun does not frighten for me…. it dosent metter!!!Once apon a time you have met a men who are in hysterics. The person ina hysterics needs to be calmed. right?He was not the terrorist who held someone in hostages. He rash about theschool 2,5 hours in a hysterics on school… And anybody has not stopedor helped him…It is better to be the wounded man or killed, than to turn away from theperson to whom, obviously, the help is necessary.I do not trust, that among 450 pupils it did not have friends…Simply… This such indifference… All was to spit on all except foritself…I hate еру Indifference… It is a pity that it has started to readNietzsche, instead of Достоевского……and sorry for my english…

  153. What a mess, he could kill himself, other stundents doens’t have “thefault” to be differents…asshole, but that is what society is creatingright now, it’s a shame.

  154. @elsebub”And what’s the fuzz about him being smart?”The difference between “smart” and “intelligent” has been explained by”alternative” above.1) What for, in a world where the better humans suffer from the rule ofthe lower ones?2) There are things like supra-individual mind sets, which influencepersonalities of this certain kind; so this is not imitation whatsoever.And america is simply the furthest “developed” towards décadence so thisis where it is the worst for the best people to live at and thereforethis is where it happened first.3) He did”Treat them as equals and maybe a tragedy is prevented.”This won’t change anything; we are not equals and we do not want to betreated as such. In fact talking to people makes us feel only less hopefor humanity as a whole, because we always realize how dumb the majorityof people actually are.!Aristocracy now!

  155. Let me put in this wayPekka had a mission but no one was ready for it, or, no one have heardor care what was so important for him.Finland is highly develloped in economic and technological terms, but ashit in psychological and human level (I think).This is a global problem.But who cares?So Pekka acted out in the only way he new he woul be himself with nomore rage or fear, with no future at all.

  156. Just a comment // November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am //

    This is some looser who probably went sick (=out of his mind) because ofmedication and isolation. It is a critical step when you see that you’regrown up “old” and you should take some responsibility, easier to throwcritical comments and then put “show on”, and not to takeresponsibility. This is a looser guy/gay, i am sorry, some “small kidwithout love” from darkest corner of mothers apartment, where motherreally did not recall where he left her baby. Take care! This is notreally that family is bad or something, it is not easy to find out whatchildren are thinking about. Anyway this is sick! If this so bravesolider would have gone to army, it could have shown some rightdirection where to put energy, or do something else intelligent(Ãœber-man yeah!!!, kills himself to TOILET? Right?!! Brave soldier??).Sad, really sad :-((( Not right, not right at all! I am so sorry.

  157. Although Auvinen´s points of view about humanity seem to be extremelynarrow I believe there´s some thruth to them too. After reading hismanifesto I immediately recognized myself as one of those retards or”robots” as he describes. But that´s just what makes this life soprecious and beautiful. We´re in this together – ready to help eachother when help is needed. I actually believe Auvinen had the potentialto become a charismatic political leader or otherwise very famous personunless his idealism hadn´t been so distorted and hadn´t led to thisdevastation. I´m also of the opinion that he should have let himselflive to stand as an idol to all those “creative people” who sympathizethis kind of horrible acts. By committing suicide he only shows that hereally doesn´t address what he tries so hard to make us convinced ofwith this manifesto of his. That is what renders his points of view sonarrow. Of course we “robots” curse his name and wish him to burn in theflames of hell! My feelings are with the relatives of the victims andthose who survived the massacre. May love and compassion someday win thebattle against intervention an extremism.

  158. @Rand alSmart, intelligent, wise, I don’t think he was any of those things.Admid it, his logic is poor and rethoric full of clishes.Besides him being a kid of 18 y, eats away your credibility (you beingthe 3%). Now it’s been seen as a sorry teen, victim to he’s hormones anddriven by social failure. If a person of age would have commited thesame crimes for the same reasons – I would have been devastated. Now Ifeel only pity and sadness.And you – live a little. And you cannot live over the internet, youactually have to go out there (unarmed).

  159. He should have just shot 6 mortors straight at the school, then alotmore ppl would have been killed, :D, you wknow what the problem is, toomany people with idiots saying you cant kill, its in human, well youstupid woman the whole point of humanity was to kill eachother and survive!

  160. Intelligent? Did he knew the right meaning of that word?

  161. Above Is an IDIOT // November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am //

    You really don’t understand anything. “Just a comment” commentator is asimpleton. Comes here and posts his anger with some retarded randomthoughts from his head with his English writing level at pretty much 0.You said “grown up “old” and you should take some responsibility”.Seriously WTF…this has nothing to do with responsibility, yet with hispersonal suffering which he took out along with his beliefs on others.Another stupid comment “If this so brave solider would have gone toarmy, it could have shown some right direction where to put energy, ordo something else intelligent”…do you know why the army exists inFinland?…Firstly it is for national protection but nowadays it is morea place where you are taught values which are essential in adulthood.Respect is taught in the military in the form that superiors are aboveyou and they should be respected. Your fellow soldiers are equal, theydress the same, no hair, no fancy crap that makes one think he is aboveothers, which means you accept each other and therefore respect eachother. Other values are also implemented there like honesty andtimeliness however, the main one is respect. Whats my point?? My pointis the army is essentially there today to teach true values to ignorantor arrogant brats out there, who either have been provided everything(meaning they act like they are something better), or have been raisedin a family whose parents didn’t know the first thing about values(examples are teens who go and get kids at age 18 or something), or theysimply were too stupid to understand their parents. You took the worstvalue/thought from the military “don’t think and just do”, which showsyou were only basic private, if anything else you got lucky. Also it isdemonstrated by your writing which only really represents emotion and noreason. The military wouldn’t have done anything to the killer guy, forhe was trying to rid society of what the military tries to do tospoiled, immature or stupid teens. Unfortunately the military has becomesuch an easy place where these values simply don’t sink into manypeople’s heads and after they’re out, they become the same people asthey were before.

  162. That was a load of crap that everyone’s heard too many times before…Any chance that democracy and the society we live in today might beproducts of evolution as well? Maybe they are the assets that havehelped the human race make it so far?He gives no justification as to why he would be “The Natural Selector”,a God of some sort. Why not let nature do its thing since he believes inevolution so religiously? Quite an ego he has to think that he knows better.I think he was just a lonely little boy who wanted some attention. Ithink that this was before anything a personal attack against peoplewho’ve dissappointed him in the past, rather than an act based on anideology.

  163. @elsebubAge means nothing; I know an 19 year old who is more intelligent thanmost adults I met in my life.”And you – live a little.” ?? What do you know about my life to makesuch a comment?@eve”Maybe they are the assets that have helped the human race make it so far?”Yes…right to the stars.!Aristocracy now!

  164. piu (Finland) // November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am //

    I can’t even begin to explain how sad I am that people have to hurt eachother this way. My sympathies go to everyone who have been touched bythis tragedy.On my mind there has been one question above all others: how can we helppeople who are sick?I don’t know if it is justified to argue like this but I don’t thinkthat it was in Pekka-Eric’s true nature to do something like this. Idon’t believe that he had always felt like this about other people andhimself. I believe that he must have felt love and cared about others atsome point in his life. I believe that he was sick and the sickness inhim made him evil.This is why I’m asking how can we help people who are sick. His sicknessdoes not make right any wrongs that he did, but could it help usunderstand how fragile the human mind is. And when tortured enough bybullies in school and your own insecurity, it makes you seek comfortwith desperate measures (like in violence) and feeling of belonging inothers who have sought relief with similar actions (referring to EricHarris, Dylan Klebolt, etc.).Do people with this severe mental illness understand the differencebetween right and wrong?(I hope that you take this the right way: I’m not saying that this isOK, I’m not saying that there is some justification or rationale behindthis, I’m just asking how we could prevent these kinds of horrors fromhappening again.)

  165. I’ve studied some of Nietzsche’s works. He detested Christianity becausehe believed it was a life-denying religion concoted by slaves rebellingagainst their masters. Nietzsche argued for a life-affirming moralitythat would overcome the herd mentality not only of Christianity, butalso its secular off-shoot (socialism, liberalism, etc…). In fact, healso believed that German Nationalism was a kind of herd mentality. Ifanything , I think Nietzsche was a radical individualist who believed incelebrating and affirming life, not destroying it. I don’t know what hisposition on suicide was, but he might have not been against it (maybesomeone could enlighten us). However, I dont think that a mass murderwould have been his Zarathustra. In fact, in one of his videos, Auvinenexpresses his hatred for himself and the world. I think Nietzschewould’ve considered him a life-hating weakling.

  166. this is strange, the other day he was posting shit on my pals page, viayoutubenow hes dead? and a killer?

  167. @mikeNietzsche’s thoughts on suicide are various; he often took a stance forit against the christian view on it and certainly had suicidal thoughtshimself often enough, which he later on dismissed as a part f hisnihilistic period.Oh, and on a side note: Fascism =/= german nationalismNietsche tried to give an outline for exactly this kind of individualsto survive the modern world; but already the first Nietzschean afterhis death: Otto Weininger commited suicide, and many after.Nietzsche himself was full of contradictions between his philosophy andlife: for instance the Richard Wagner case.However Nietzsche did not witness the 30s and their chances; which areover now. Who knows what he would have done today? or Beethoven? Mayberetreat to some cave? Or do the same as mister Auvinen?Conservative Revolution now!

  168. Yes, yes, yes, “talk” shit online until your fingers drop off. Butunderstand this, it will never end. The infrastructure of civilizationis crumbling and more and more, people will splinter off and take actionagainst a world dying like an aged rheumy eyed dog.Your children are not safe.Good day to you all.To the fellow that commented about Nietzsche,i agree that this boys self hatred is disgusting but no sensible manwith any presence of mind whatsoever could look out over this sea of mudand not hate the world, if simply for what it will not become.Egalitarianism has buried us and you non-chritians expressingJudeo-Christian ideals are the gravediggers.But onto my point,Nietzsche who saw suicide as a good way for the weak to weed themselvesout also wrote:”It is always consoling to think of suicide. In that way one getsthrough many a bad night.”Like all great men he contradicted himself at every turn.Nietzsche fucked his sister and ended up talking to his horse.

  169. Shut the fuck up mark, you have no valid reason to citic Nietzsche !

  170. I hoped that he would survive…He got out too easy by dying…Hes an asshole adn we dont need more of those usa copy cats in here…I will piss on his grave if i find it…

  171. This was really an extra lesson of psychology.If I had nobody to call…If I had nobody to talk…If my parents were only thin air to me…If I had not any friendly relatives around…I’d probably imagine. I’d probably read. Something not so happy in bothcases, because I dunno what’s to be happy. I am what they give to me, asa child. I copy my parents, I copy my environment. Then I may grow to bean ass. I may be great an actor, because of my imagination, because ofthe hours spend alone and thought things, thought me and the others,instead of living with friends. I might don’t even know what it is tohave a friend to care about you, not just me caring of my friend?So I’m a freak to everyone “normal”. And normals are a group. And freaksare one too. They both want some thoughts of their own to be exchangedwith someone.What if no one cares?Then you might think you are better.Then you might generalize ppl to some definition, retarded to you, foran example. And you are retarded to them. You can have your shield stillon (smile, decent outlook), inside you go… No older people around togive you some perspective of the world…Don’t know how to act withpeople anymore…Don’t like this “I love you stuff”, because no oneloved you…And so you think no one ever will…You realize you are smart enough to understand some concentrationrequired material because of your spare time – that isn’t “spoiled” withfriendships…Then you stuff yourself with some logics. No matter what. Some systemthat gives you even temporary good feeling goes. You notice you aren’tjust a rat, you understand! Then you may elevate yourself, if you liketo read material written by people called themselves as elites (peoplewho write material that isn’t on newspapers).Read read read…there’s not much nothing else to do…Maybe that takes the pain away…read long enough teh same book and youbecome the author at the time he wrote it….And as we know, every company isn’t good one.Even every book isn’t good one.And we tend to become tomorrow what we did yesterday – some Hitlermaterial and….rest is imaginable.—–Random thoughts about this horrifying incident and the making of it.I see many people are so much blaming the maker who is gone forever…Itry to rather understand, as I’ve felt and thought the system and it’sgatekeepers somewhat same way sometimes too. I still believe peacefulapproaches of friendlier world.Blessings, Jokela. Take care of yourself and the people next to you.May the good feeling now take the evil’s place.

  172. Pekka Erik is was an individual who had no contact whatsoever to hisfellow people. He was totally blind to the fact that we as human beingsare one, not just theoretically but really, one. An action of killingother people is the worst that one can do. He must have had totally losttouch with fellow beings, his parents, his classmates, everyone. Hisview was one of a sick person, one who doesn’t see that what he doeshurts not only himself but the whole of humanity. He seems to have hadthought that he’s above the basic moral laws of humanity. My view isthat if he thought he does a favour to humanity by killing other people,he coud’t be further from the truth. What he did is the worst crime ahuman can do, and if there’s hell or something like that, he will bethere. If there isn’t, this makes me think there ought to be. Whathappened in Jokela makes me and many others more conscious of our rightsand responsibility as human beings; our actions are not withourconsequence. Peace to the souls of people he killed and to his also. Ibelieve this is not the only life we live, and I hope he can make up tohis actions in his future excistances.Gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhi swaha.

  173. Don´t take this guy for a prophet. He was a very sick kid and he diedfor his cause, but there are many people AMONG YOU that will follow him.I repeat what I said in another blog, SATAN IS HERE, but he is not theantichrist. The one you are looking for is in our way of life, insideourselves. In the acts we do and the things we think. I think he has hisour personal hell, as we do.Bye

  174. Sorry, i mean ” he has his own personal hell”FYI

  175. this guy is/was just yet again another arse hole created by sub cultureone of the i need to be this to be noticed people which i am sorry tosay also includes goth’s, emo’s, punk’s,all those who cry from rooftop’s for having no friends or just leave me alone i just want to livemy life this is how i want to live it and the creame why do people stareat me ….. i fuckin wonder eh…could it be that evryone else blends ineven without problem and you look like you just came from a b ratedhorror movie they thirst the attention its a problem created by holywoodand music culture look around its a growing concern brushed under everycarpet in the developed world created by hollywood and music culture…..cradle of filth…. grind house planet terror its all bad peeps anwe are ignoring it

  176. Too bad this revolutionary who hated corruption so much went and shothis schoolmates instead of going to the parliament. What a dickhead.

  177. Let’s be honest about Nietzsche : this Sturmgeist was and is afountainhead of fascism with his calls for the systematic eradication ofthe weak, the elimination of democracy and the natural right of thestrong to commit crime without moral scruple. The German nationalism hedespised was the civilized variety which he himself experienced ; thesort of nationalism that he advocated was based on the “pure blood” of”Aryan humanity”, as opposed to “Christianity, growing from Jewishroots, and only understandable as a product of this soil”. He taughtthat “Wickedness is mankind’s best power”, and depicts as his hero a”blond beast” emerging from a bloody massacre with a clear conscience,knowing that he belonged to the Master Race. The first 2 lines ofPekka-Eric’s hate-list would coincide exactly with Nietzsche’s.I think it’s high time we started putting clearer labels on our poisonbottles.

  178. I would have kicked the fuck out of him, lulz

  179. People who idolize this kid need to be helped. Reading these commentsled me to realize how weak the human mind has become. I assume most ofus have witnessed the terrible actions others inflict upon outlyingentities, and since the beginning people have out casted those who aredifferent. Those who cannot cope with reality end up like these people.It’s absolutely logical to state “Identifying a problem does not makeyou a genius, solving the problem does. Eliminating the human race isnot a solution, you might as well kill every ill person withoutsearching for cures.”, and this in my opinion was the most reasonableset of text contained within this page. Changing the way he thoughtwould have changed his life. “Ignorance” is an overused word with toomany ideas built behind it; it’s not ignorance to disregard some thingsthat upset oneself, it’s maturity. If one can’t deal with something as achild then disregard it until your mind is strong enough to take on thetask (or forget about it if you can’t cope with it.) Nobody and no forcerequires you to have to know everything, and knowing everything willmake somebody crazy without sufficient wisdom as a backbone. People areattempting to grow up too fast these days and tackle subjects in theworld that require nothing more than pure experience. If I may refineone line of text stated previously [knowledge is in understanding howmuch you don’t know], -part- of knowledge is understanding that everysingle entity on earth has a varied point of view on a subject due to analignment of internal and external factors, but as far as I’m concernednobody’s opinion is superior. Those who think and un-rightfully assumethey have the perfect viewpoint have an inferior opinion if not anythingbecause it’s guaranteed to be more static than those who are unsure andalways dynamically changing the same way humanity and reality will. Nolife is worth taking; any of the children in the classroom could havechanged the world for the better, people grow at different rates. He mayhave seen his peers as inferior, but years later all of them will havebeen faced with the same external stimuli and during the long time linein which these people would have endured life, they’d all have reachedthe same intellectual climax. His figures of percentages are nonsense;not because he obviously manifested them from thin air, but becausehuman beings chose to and to not acknowledge some things, and becausethe mass is always changing (with children exponentially so). There areinfinite amounts of ways to group people into a mass, and you yourselfwill always be a part of a group, even if it is a group of outliers.I’ll finish my comment with a previous statement and a personalstatement… “Maybe our governments should start taking this seriouslyand start footing some bills for people to ‘target and search’ forindividuals who are promoting such behaviors online … so that they couldbe monitored or even treated?”. I’m currently not affiliated with anygovernment but I’ve made this a priority of mine.

  180. for someone who spoke so much, he really didnt achive much of anything.

  181. kalamarsipaani // November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am //

    INSANE MAN! I’m sure that man experienced something really mentally shocking and went crazy. No one who is uninsane wont do like that!!!Horrible.

  182. If this person wanted to eliminate every one who didnt have the right tobe here anymore etc, so why in hell did he kill himself? He regardedhimself as a very intelligent individual. His suicide shows only howcowardly he was! In the end he didnt have the guts to stand behind hisown principles, no, he chose the way that was more easier for himself.In his texts he even admits how he hopes that this will inspire thosewho think alike. Shocking!Hopefully this will teach something not just to his defenders but alsoto the rest of us. I pray this will be the last attack.

  183. from finland // November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am //

    I actually kind of admire pekka. He was very smart if you think hisactions deeply. He was not crazy, he knew what he was doing.

  184. minä (Finland) // November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am //

    my cousin was in that school and i’m very happy that she was able to getout.

  185. this bullshit is not worth anlyzing! asshole Auvinen, BURNNNNNNNNNNN in hell!

  186. It is worth analyzing to determine mental diagnosis and what the underlying causes for it is. I would really like to understand the series of events that brings a person to this point. Is there any way of changing the course? I remember feeling pretty grandiose as a teenager but I would have never physically harmed anyone. I have more an more empathy for others as I age. I wonder if people like this stop growing mentally at some point and some kind of disease sets in. It seems like mass killers all have a god complex. I wonder if there are some triggers or very early warning signs people could be aware of and if an early intervention would have any affect on these kids.

  187. Evangelikum // November 12, 2007 at 9:51 pm //

    Rest in peace my brother.

  188. Maybe everything he said is abosolutely correct ! Maybe you should look within yourselves.

  189. McTojo /McAlpine, same person.

  190. Just a Thought // November 13, 2007 at 3:56 am //

    Its ironic that he viewed himself as the minority (one of the six percent) of the so called smart people in society. Then expressed his views on Natural Selection. In keep with his views, shouldn’t he of produced offspring in an attempt to further the six percent in society? This idiot didn’t even know what he believed in. The world is a better place.

  191. i guess this nutcase and hitler are of the same blood line. his manifesto is full of stupid crap that i guess he held true to his promise to kill stupid people..and what better way to start and end that by killing himself. he negates himself several times..says hates tolerance but loves can anyone be free without tolerance? it’s just sad that this person was not educated enough to even know the deeper meaning of his beliefs. i just wish this reckless ideologies of hatred, murder and such will once and for all end with this teenager begging for attention.

    i wonder if his parents somehow saw some tell tale signs of his retardation because if they had known, they could’ve seeked for medical help.

  192. i can agree with some of what he is saying most people do act like robots

  193. song was KMFDM – Stray Bullet

  194. honestly his ideas are great, but to make an impact on everyone and change people’s way of thinking like he wants too. if he thought it through a bit more he would have realized that a school shooting isn’t the best way to broadcast his self. all the media will say about it is that some weird kid shot up a school. no one would go deeper and find out why or his motives. then the media will blame it on some dumb ass thing like movies, video games and stuff like that. his action was dumb none the less, but his meaning was almost worth it

    to all of you who think that this is ” virgin babble” or that he is fucked up, you are the reason he did this. think about your life and your way of thinking. you people that think our kind are the fucked up ones because we think outside of the box can fuck yourself. there is no afterlife, no heaven, no hell. so stop trying so hard to get into heaven and staying away from hell. live your life to the fullest. forget regretting thing and don’t apologize to anyone.

  195. To Jose:

    What the fark are you talking about ? Freedom and Tolerance are not synonymous you ding bat !

  196. the HERD-THINK self-check test

    You are automatically part of the herd-think if any or a combination in the following list applies to you. lol

    [ ] Watch TV
    [ ] Like, follow and get emotional with institutionalized sports. (I don’t mean if you practice one)
    [ ] Like movies (To be a little bit more clear on this one. If you convince yourself that movies can have some sort of art and be an intellectual experience. BS!)
    [ ] Listen to radio
    [ ] Don’t eat organic food. Let’s also add if you drink sodas too.
    [ ] Buy flavored yogurt. (buy plain yogurt and use fresh fruit you retards)
    [ ] Enjoy to party
    [ ] Use on the computer Windoze O$ or Mac O$ X. To be more precise if you use a graphical user interface instead of command line. (If you don’t understand what I am saying here you automatically belong to the herd-think)
    [ ] Speak one language only. (LMAO, by they way if any of the god-complex fellas here speak only one language this doesn’t apply to you as you can easily learn another language, in case you didn’t know.)
    [ ] Criticize, berate, insult and dismiss Pekka-Eric Auvinen or say he is a weirdo.
    [ ] Your never visited another country.
    [ ] You don’t find nature moving.
    [ ] Think that you cannot live without money. (this is a hard one)

    Mmm… The list is actually longer but I offered the most broad factors that identify the herd-think for your easy understanding.

    Well I think is quite useless to engage in a conversation with a herd-think about the issues Pekka-Eric outlined. Since herd-think actually enjoy the filth around them with their surrendered minds and don’t/can’t realize about it. God-complex fellas here know what I am talking about. Oh well.

    I also went through an intense period like him, still am, however I never wished harm to anybody even though the herd-think irritates me beyond patience. You see, being depressed is a natural response against the weigh of the stupid majority. And as he mentions some people see beyond the superficial lives. For his age being possible to realize all the stuff he is saying and describe his ideas with such intensity is remarkable. Had he put up a little bit more and overcome that period he might’ve been a genius or sought comfort in something more useful.

    And let me point out at something else to the lifeless herd-think spewing their ignorance so blatantly in the comments here. Where is your manifesto assholes? Oh I forgot, yeah, MTV? Some retarded NBA player? A stupid politician? Britney Spears? You don’t have any manifesto because the herd-think is unable to grasp their plight and put it into words. Repeating what Pekka-Eric said you also lack creativity and imagination as well as original thoughts. Show what you have to offer and come back later.

    By the way realize how is Pekka-Eric Auvinen who’s being the center of the attention and none of the fateful victims. What are their names, what did they think about the world? What where their ideas? Ha ha ha herd-think PWND.

    Contrary what you herd-think robots misunderstand he DID NOT hate humanity and the retards. He was very sensible and CARED about hapless herd-think.

    ROFL, I am waiting for the predictable herd-think responses, “but, but, but… weeeerdo!”

    Am glad to have found out more ppl that have similar ideas here. Sometimes it does feel very lonely. To put it like Pekka-Eric is only 3% of ppl. But as a god-complex fella said here, amassing knowledge can relief this existence instead of killing ppl.

    One last thing, I wonder, is it possible this transition?

    herd-think -> god-complex

    Is it? What would it take? It would be really interesting to hear from someone who has transitioned from the ghastly state of ignorance to a state of self-awareness. Actually I don’t care much about the herd-think, still, here is a some advice. Do exactly the opposite of the list above, read plenty of books, ask yourself as many questions as possible and search for the answers. It’s important to learn another language. Constantly learn something new, be curious about the world. A good starting point is this book:

    SOPHIE’S WORLD by Jostein Gaardner (1991) ISBN 0-425-15225-1

    Although is somewhat Euro-Centric the idea is there. By the way I do not endorse it as an absolute reference. Perhaps asking around other god-complex fellas what they read could be of help too. Don’t know what else to say other that I’ve mostly given up in having sensible discussions with the herd-think retards.

    herd-think, herd-think, herd-think, cry me a river herd-think :'( bwaaah! herd-think puking words!! lol herd-think trying to figure out the world!! herd-think, herd-think fascism!! Ha ha ha herd-think pride!! ROFLMAO!!

    ok, I’ve wrote more than I really intended, I am out.


    My deepest condolences to the herd-think victims as well. Although you could’ve prevented your own deaths by being more tolerant and open minded.

  197. p.r.o.t.e.c.t.o.r. // November 14, 2007 at 5:40 pm //

    Well the truth is that Pekka (the shooter) was bullied in school and there is speculation that those who bullied him were probably sport guys. he killed mainly sport guys. when considering this while reading Pekka’s writing about “gangsters” and this:

    “When my enemies will run and hide in fear when mentioning my name…”

    then it all makes sense. His enemies were indeed running and hiding, finally the roles had changed.

  198. If, to fight for justice you have to annihilate the whole of humanity, it can only mean that there will never be any justice, therefore it is useless to fight and to die for it.

    Some of your ideas and some aspects of your revolt are good. They could have been employed in a constructive way. There are so many of them, you have no idea.

    Another wise soul once said that the pen is stronger than the sword… one good human’s mind is stronger and steadier than a collective construction like a government, that constantly corrupts itself but changes.

    It is most unfortunate that you didn’t notice those few humans who gave their lives in a very different way to defend the justice which is so is so dear to you.

    From where you are now, I hope that you see… humanity is not overrated, it is “under-stood”…

  199. The fact is he killed for a different reason to all the others, he used political motivation as an excuse not because he was bullied or because he was bored.

  200. In reply to Marie – the pen is mightier then the sword, but you must always keep a sword handy for when the pen fails.

  201. I think it’s a big shame that people who listen to metal/emo or other music genres are being involved with this psycho Fin. A ‘normal’ human will never kill some one because a band or computergame would motivate/inspire them. The primairy problem is that friends/parents/school are blind and ignore strange behaviour for to long. There are millions of people who listen/make metal/emo/punk and are friendlier and less violent then most of the other people( soccer holigans, moslim/religion extremist, , alcoholics, drug addicts,huge numbers of parents, politicians, etc.).
    The killer is in everyone!


  203. SICK OF EXCUSES // November 15, 2007 at 6:48 pm //

    I am sick of these kids using bullying or politics as a justification for murder.
    They are nothing more then killers.
    These websites on Myspace, Facebook, and Youtube have to be brought down.
    They are just sick little fuckers who need to be mowing the grass, cleaning out the garage or changing their own oil
    on their cars, instead they are sitting online creating hate groups!

  204. Showing my respect to everyone who went through this. I am Finnish myself and left Finland before the unfortunate incident. I’m not saying that what he did was right. -Definitely not. All I am trying to say is that he was a martyr and he died for what he believed in. He could have done it different though . Since If he hated humanity, he could have instead just try to make
    a difference in the humankind or find something positive about it and live with it. Rip everyone who were lost. Including him too.

    Peace and Amen

  205. The thing that made chills go up my spine was that the hospital where he was located is a 100 meters from where I live.
    The thing is, he believed that he fought for a higher cause, and he was clearly depressed. But would anything change by killing innocent schoolchildren!? how the fuck would that change anything. He read some books, figured he found “the truth”, but actually never understood anything of what he read. enough. What a ass. I feel sorry for him. That a person can be this misguided. He actually DID NOT get the bigger picture. Fucking douche.

  206. What a fag….this c*nt is just another copy cat columbine killer…
    i meen come on “Natural Selection” jesus christ atleast if u plan to kill people choose something more original.
    This guy was probli homosexual as well.
    This guy really didnt understand anything at all.
    Lets think like him for a second, hmm the cat has annoyed me and is retarded i know what i should do “Kill the entire cat race, complete genocide of the cat race”. Solution? More like the problem least he killed himself, he shouldv relli done that at the beginin; to think that rat used up our precious oxygen….His parents shouldv took him out back and shoot him like a pig.

  207. this thing makes perfect sense if u think of auvinen as a psychopath and not as a normal human being. one that looks like a human in appearance but one that sees the world differently inside his brain. as life for a psychopath is a food chain in which he himself must get to the top and every other human is there to serve him in that goal, and those that dont are unnecessary and should be eliminated.
    he wasnt a ‘damaged’ human being, he wasnt really human at all, he was a psychopath. and if u study and know the psychopaths logic, this whole thing makes perfect sense.

  208. Some facts, old and new ones // November 21, 2007 at 2:48 pm //

    Here some facts – seems like some of you forget these all the time:

    – Pekka-Eric Auvinen had very few real friends (if any) – this may have been his own choice, but nevertheless, he was an odd and isolated soul

    – Like it or not – PEA showed all the classic signs of a psychopath – He hide his real feelings and intentions so that not even his mother seems to have know anything what was going on – he had problems getting really deep friend with anyone (he did not trust anyone expect him self, exactly what psychopaths do), he believed he was better than other people (again, a classic psychopath feature), if he wanted, he could be funny and social (again…) et cetera. Endlessly, He was nothing but a psychopath.

    – PEA was educated on NOTHING – absolutely nothing. He talked about science and elite etc. But had no formal grades behind him. STILL, he thought he knew everything better than anybody else!

    – He was not a genius – somewhat intelligent maybe – but there are many illogicalities in his thinkings like: He thought the best way save mankind was shooting us all?? A bit paradoxal? Yes!

    – His ideas are not his ideas – he mostly if not completely have copied his “great” thoughts from another university-dropout, Mr Pentti Linkola

    – according to latest information from police investigators, he _was_ indeed bullied in the school, at least to some extent – he had a rather radical (new) ideas every 6 month or so – like deciding that the political system and society in North-Korea was the best possible thinkable one (yes, this is true, I’m not kidding!)

    – he had some odd net frieds including this Tana Scheel with her boyfriend who uses a nick AryanKrieg about himself – “Tana” is a spoiled brat from a very fine noble family living in Europe, has gone elite schools et cetera. AryanKrieg is her toy soldier (like Pekka was) who attacks (both verbally and probably physically if he can) anyone she doesn’t like. Look Youtube profile comments for AryanKrieg. Just 2 days before this happened, he bullies Pekka in a rude way. Absolutely not without Tana had telling him to do so.

    – Pekka was obviously teased by Tana, too. Unfortunately YouTube has cleaned almost all traces and evidence about that – and we cannot see their internal discussions. But there some traces which indicate, that she might have pushed him to the final edge and make him commit what he did. On his very last morning, Pekka wrote an email to Tana saying “You have blood in your hands”. For some reason he did so. Maybe he was yealous, maybe he was teased by Tana. Maybe he tried to show Tana who is fascinated by killing and killers, that he was worth her love. As late as in August 2007 Tana confessed to Pekka: “I love you so much, you mean so much to me”. A month later was she sleeping with another man and moved to the States. Quick change, eh?

    – Pekka was on SSRI medication for over a year. He had been depressed for over a year. He quitted that to please Tana. Quitting SSRI abrupt may make someone more agressive – no problably a reason enough explain all this, but helps to understand why he felt the way he did

    – October-November are tough months in the Southern Finland. Daylight hours shorten in rapidly and there is usually no snow to help things like in December. Ever heard about Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)? Yeah, that’s what can strike some individuals especially in Oct-Nov and make things even worse.

    – Finally, Pekka had planned his (extended?) suicide for a long time. Still, he hesitated doing it. He loved his pitiful life, too. As he writes in his video he made just a month before this. He said, it is hard to do it he plans to do.

    – His original plan was to buy a gun last summer. He didn’t do that. He met Tana instead and fell in love. Tana has said she understood his intentions. If she did it, why did she handle it so clumsy? Was it a mistake or intentiously from her side? She knew that Pekka admired Columbine killers. Actually, Tana is a Nietzce reading odd personality herself. Check her Youtube account and you find odd people gathered there. I don’t mean Tana should have continued her relationship with Pekka if she didn’t love him. But she could have put a silencer on her new boyfriend Aryankrieg when she knew how fragile PEA was. She could have contacted PEAs parents or school and warn them. She knew about Pekkas gun before anybody else. She laughed at him, that he had bought so puny caliper. Is this what we expect well-educated girls with noble roots do in this kind of situations?

  209. Well stated facts. I too found those same things to be true before YouTube got rid of all of it.

  210. Pekka eric was a retard inbreed hes sick guy killed inosent people

  211. Anonymousss // November 28, 2007 at 7:42 pm //

    I agree In a way, By killing people though, He Did the wrong thing oh and he forgot to mention that the majority of intelligent manipulative people are part of the government and regard anything else except the government itself as “lesser or retarded” i agree with most of his things. I am not insane though 😛

  212. Smart young man. I understand him some way, I don’t understand people, who say he is grazy! I think he was right in someway, I’d like to talk to him, but it not possible. Very interesting…

    ‘Cause someway I think, people are born to kill; not in bad way, but I think that everyone have inside some kind of killer. And he was smart and he got motives. Maybe he was unhappy? I think so, but I can’t be sure and that’s is making me frustrated! I have lot’s of other’s thought’s too, but I keep them on my own mind. I can forgive him, if you really think that there is a good reason for that. Because if there someone were victim, it was him!

  213. nothig is abousolutly wrong

  214. Well what he didn’t get was that natural selection is in works and works perfectly. It took Pekka-Eric Auvinen out of the game and quite fast too. Yes he wasn’t crazy but hi did not belong to that 3% he’s talking about.

  215. He was a very smart man/boy. I think his IQ is very high. He is only 18 and his IQ is better than most adults. I agree with some of the things he says, but shooting people is not the answer. To himit as, but what has he changed? Nothing, we are still ruled by idiots and the goverment spies on us (Propably looking at what i am typing now). He should have turned to God. I hope he found peace (RIP EVERYONE)

  216. ooh Come on, he just killed some people, whats the big deal? are we gods? is this so sick? all over the world is war, the animals where treated like scum! in our world right NOW, every sek dies 10 animals by torturing (medical tests) but who cares? right? the are just animals and dont have any fucking feelings and dont fucking feel pain so who the fuck cares that? but humans oooh jesus thats sick OOOH thats sooo sick, he kill lot of people lot? just 8…. JUST 8! but killing animal billions of animal every year is fucking normal, animals have nooo feelings! do you now.. you all are a bunch of bitches! YOU ALL… ok to kill is not right… yeah but he is fucking right the system is CRAZY nobody cares for nothing… life in your own little world farther! (and sory for my bad englisch)

  217. If you guys would think a bit, you’d realize that this event is nothing but sad. It is a tragedy for everyone, the killer, his parents, the victims, their parents, and everyone else. What good does it make to blame anyone? The easiest and most constructive way to look at this is to grieve, for everyone. Think about it.

  218. Pekka-Eric .. a true hero. I will always admire his courage and wisdom.
    He was the real victim in this story.. May that he will inspire others to take action against corruption! Die democracy! Die consumerism!

  219. man as just another animal, sometimes better, more often worse than
    those that walk on all-fours, who, because of his “divine spiritual and intellectual
    development”, has become the most vicious animal of all!
    Anton LaVay

    As one before me stated, intelligence is useless without wisdom and reason in every man. That is what Eric lacked – reason. I admire his thinking, I agree with most, except the killing. I do NOT see any reason in killing innocent people that dont even bother you, just becouse theyre so called “weak minded”? I agree with Anton LaVay more as with Pekka, even though they have simillar thinking.

  220. He makes some excellent points in his ‘Manifesto’. Those of you who immediately criticize him and brand him ‘insane’ are the week minded, emotive masses he’s referring to, and wants to kill. Democracy is a joke – he realized this and his actions are the result of his frustration at peoples acceptance of what he saw as an unjust system deceiving people into believing they are free.

    It’s a shame he killed himself. I think he is a bit of a hypocrite by killing lodes of people and effectively giving in to his own emotions like the people he hates. He could have hung around and had a real impact on politics.

  221. Well he did just show what psychopathic society model does in hands of people who can sense the psycopathy of society and suffer from it greatly, why these guys shoot them selves ? becouse they are not real psychopaths they feel empathy propably much more than average joe and they cant handle it they murdered so many people.
    and yes killing few persons is effective shock but society refuses to see it’s being controlled partly by psycopathic behaviour we want to live in our status quo and call him crazy (and forget that society defines whos crazy and whos not)

    i would actually say that he was person who couldnt handle the societys psycopathic behaviour but couldnt see way to chance anything fell in despair(yes imagine situation where you see society as enemy whats the chances to win is there really any hope(i would say not atleast any realistic hope and thus it is rather dangerous situation if you logically make conclusion here)) and accepted psychopathic model partially into his behaviour and ended up shooting these people.

    and if you think that finland doesnt have psycopathic traits in society’s behaviour(even it is ranked really high in human conditions for living) it has i suggest you study Lobaczewski ‘s writings about psycopaths and society, then look at later events of people cashing out from partially goverment owned corporations millions of euros cash that were originally build after ww2 with tax money’s and hardwork (invested all remaining cash into basic infrastructure in order to build well-being society) and now goverment doesnt basicly care what happens in those corporations (thus failing it’s citizen’s) i think it did need rather angry public response in case of Fortum to goverment to react these option million’s. (as it was goverment that orginally has made those investments those moneys from succesfully running such company should be re-invested back into society or perhaps lower taxes or do something smart for society instead of giving it to few selected persons who havent actually done anything.)

    what comes to individuals leading instead of psycopaths will the psycopaths suffer becouse they cant have everything.
    all tought becouse they dont feel empathy for normal people i would say its smarter choice to let them suffer instead of normal people+individuals.

    individual has to have understanding for how society works too hasty conclusions make you stupid like rest of us.

    and i think i have some “authority” in this eric-pekka matter due i have had similiar plans in my mind but eventually my empathy didnt let me kill even my self due sorrow and grief it would caused to my family&friends, so i have strong feeling he did adopt psycopathic behaviour model and push his empathy for aside for moment (all tought he understood clearly how much this would shock the society due his empathy wich i would be one of reasons to cause this in first place.) this isnt any “Truth” how it happened just possible view point of explaining this matter through my personal experience.
    also would like to add how fragile young mind is in a certain way becouse there isn’t enough information for conclusions.

    problem of being highly emphatic that society sees it as weakness if you feel empathy towards others when in reality its actually strenght (imagine people just caring for their own asses how would traffic work, there we follow rules in order it to make it work at all why? becouse we just cant think our selves we have to accept that there are other roadusers and thus we need rules that should be followed to some extent in order to make it work.)

    also one of key issues in psycopahtic society is that mental problems are classified as weakness and normal people despise such people who get help to their problems…. lets see do you think that its stupid to go visit dentist if you have bad tooth? (yep can you see where this is going?) if society causes problem to some people its in best intrests of elite to have such people in problems not cured, becouse they are more likely to challenge elite than ordinary people.
    shouldnt it be goal for society to try understand or cure people who are suffering in it instead of letting situation to get out of hands and death of innocent people, ultimately its society that failed here our system isnt perfect and if we oohpress smart people results might vary some might get motives to make lots of cash some might decide kill few people and in worst case some might assume leadership and get thousands of killed for revenge, (yes psychopathic behaviour can be learned thus its dangerous)
    (THINK twice when your picking on your nerdy class-mate he might be next school shooter, everybody has limit and those who seem to have high treshold build it up inside of them and when they explode it isnt nice to watch becouse it isnt single punch they give back they give all the misery they have faced and build up with, of course when older even these people usually learn to release their build up anger safely.)

    also im so amused for common people to shiver when somebody does make question or identifies question that is good to be asked but cannot answer… omg fucking retards learn to think.
    often asking right question is MUCH harder than subject itself im intrested in philosophy and often my friends cant follow my ideas and ask tens of questions but smartest ones can actually one question that clarify usually my idea to them so that they can understand it. it requires skill to ask correct questions what is required for understanding.

    “Judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers” — Voltaire

  222. Very sad :( Poor guys.. finnish people are so white, skinny, peaceful, tall, slim, respectful, physically weak and unoffensive! They look like those little stylized little men that can be drawed with a pen

  223. Snuffi/Dog_wolf // January 29, 2008 at 7:16 am //

    My frend’s sister dead in that scool,y frend cry and cry…I don to way i cray…My scool is good,but jokelas not :'( </3

  224. fuck u man!

  225. Anonymous // January 30, 2008 at 2:59 pm //

    Exactly people who do things like this are not psychopaths. They are people that have had enough of the weak and stupid. This guy just got real sick of it, real early. He is an hero, and will never be forgotten. So the next time that stupid bitch Paris Hilton is on TV, change the channel. The next time they play Christmas music at the mall, don’t listen. (It makes you want to buy stuff) And finally make your OWN FUCKING OPINIONS, and BE AWARE of the ones BEING MADE FOR YOU. Or go on being a fucking idiot, and raise idiot children. Who will be shot by my intelligent ones, your choice.

  226. Heil Pekka! You are right, time to kill the bastards.

  227. There was just one thing he missed, he was an elitest, not that theres anything wrong with that.

  228. putting an end, killing innocent people and himself doesn’t create progress. Of course, I agree about democracy and he is not the first one to say that. I just refer to greek poet Calvos, that had said in other words that regimes like tyranny, dictatorship are not dangerous because they are “obvious”. Other are dangerous that make you believe that you are free and do not protest. It is true. The world powers give you rights in order to be able to violate them. They give freedoms, create civilization to protect them, they even form the very good United Nations so that we think there are rules, justness.

    But which is the question that this boy was too stupid not to answer? The question that shows how wrong his thinking is. Using his terms, why always in history only the 3% – the manipulative human- has been governing and not the other 3 % – the individualistic, the good ones- (which is always with the herd… ) ? Because these categories are more or less the same, because human is too weak to be fair. In other words we do not want to be fair. Unfortunately, everyone wants justness (maybe because it is not me who has power but someone else and we wonder how great it would be if they were fair and not have privileges over me) but when the same people obtain power, they give in personal, individualistic reasons, enjoy and try to extend their powers. Maybe because life is too short not to take advantage of it when you can. This is what history teaches us.

    So this criminal killed and died for no reason.

    What we could fight about would be to decide what we want! If we want real democracy we can have it. But it needs honest and rhadamanthine people.

    PS: natural selection by definition means that the more powerful ones prevail

  229. I kind of agreed with him up to the point of which I found he killed himself after killing innocents who of which already admitted defeat. Foolish. He immitated intellegence but all the same lacked it. His war.. pffff, please. I could have really chilled with this guy. Helped his warped thoughts. Now its too late. His war… well he lost it. Very badly, very quickly. Tisk tisk.

  230. I appreciate this guy. Childish ideas, afterall, but lots of courage and some originality. Everybody should try and exercise empathy towards this boy. I sometimes feel very much like him. I think he was really frustrated to reach that point. I live in Sicily, and there are so many problems in here, that I see Finland a bit like a fairy land compared to this sleeze. If you think that he’s guilty as an individual, you should also consider the collective responsibilities that concentrated in his being, that caused him to bring his thought into action. He is human and he behaved in a human fashion. But as a mass, as the whole humanity, we took the wrong steps years ago. I hope we still can mend it, but I sometimes feel like we passed the edge. This boy gave us a sign. It is an example. Good or bad, I’m not fond of ethics, but very meaningful, and you should ponder every single word or utterance about him, because he is the same as you. And me. Everybody, given the same stances, could have behaved the same way.

  231. He was nothing else but a right wing extremist with Nazi connections. Sturmgeist actually means fighting spirit and Nazis did use that word frequently during the WWII! Killing people is not a heroic act! It is an of cowardice.

  232. JamesSteal // April 18, 2008 at 3:26 pm //

    How the fuck are these comments from 1999

  233. JamesSteal: Shortly after this post there was a huge site crash. I had to rebuild many of the comments from database backup, but there were some problems. One of these problems involves the messed up dates.

  234. finngirl // April 19, 2008 at 4:11 am //

    He was weak. A humanbeing killing other persons is WEAK.

    To meet people strictly, to talk to them, to make a difference is complex. This weak little boy chose a much easier way to “wage war”. If he would have really wanted to make a difference, have impact on people’s attitudes and beliefs about humanity and moral, he would have fought WITH WORDS and peaceful acts.

    I cannot describe my abhorence towards him. I’m only little older than he was, I graduate from high school in a few weeks just like he was about to do. He was naive and immature and simple minded when it comes to comparison with my friends and me.

    God I wish he was alive. He got off way too lightly. I’d love to see him as in his middle age, rolling in his guilty consciense. Such a weak bastard.

  235. What does a rat chased to a corner does? Attacks, even it means certain death. Pekka was in corner build by himself, chained and trapped by materialism. He had allready discovered Matrix (so to speak), but never tried to look beyond it. He had no spirituality at all. He should at least tried ie. meditation or even prayer.

  236. from hell // April 25, 2008 at 6:57 pm //

    sorry to say,but pekka was right on so many things….

  237. from hell // April 25, 2008 at 7:09 pm //

    you stupid fucks,you just try make him look crazy that your miserable lives feels worth living….fuck that,fuck all,something must happen if we want to live happily everafter….there is not much we can do right now,but sooner or later we must fight back…if we leave all to politicians,just look at them!we end up in sodoma&gomorra….

  238. Hi! Some people is verry bad poored and fooled by all other people in school and not only some times. They’re sucked wery bad things multible times in hour in school, army, collage, and university and even job life. These poored people haves problems with mind and needs psychic medicines and someone will need to go mad house rest some while. Does you thinks these peepole never things revenace? But people who is not too sig understand that killing someone else is wrong for any reason. And they not do it but they can thougth it. I am heard this from some psychological doctor.

  239. So? I dont see his opinion anywhere he just copy pasted other people’s beliefs. You see, people are like flies you can kill as many as you want but there will be more so nothing changes.
    He was just a copycat eric harris wannabe, but guess what? He shouldnt have bothered because barely no one took his shooting as something very deep, most saw it was a crazy desperate act.

  240. He was such an inspiration… i think all he needed was something real. I cant avoid feeling fine after reading his manifesto, but i also feel really sorry for those innocents blood. but also i know hate is my only friend

  241. like someone said: he was a prophet, there was a time when i believed in justice and love and all that… and what society gave me back was mental illness, so i realized i ve wasted my whole youth for being a noble human being

  242. Anonymous // May 29, 2008 at 10:53 pm //

    You’re obliged to pretend respect for people and institutions you think absurd. You live attached in a cowardly fashion to moral and social conventions you despise, condemn, and know lack all foundation. It is that permanent contradiction between your ideas and desires and all the dead formalities and vain pretenses of your civilization which makes you sad, troubled and unbalanced. In that intolerable conflict you lose all joy of life and all feeling of personality, because at every moment they supress and restrain and check the free play of your powers. That’s the poisoned and mortal wound of the civilized world1

  243. AN EYE FOR AN EYE…stop bullying the shy, quiet kid in the corner and this shit won’t happen so often. Lesson learned.

  244. i feel deeply for this misguided human being

    maybe that sounds sanctimonious, probably….

    but all i could think of when reafing that was ‘these are things IVE thought of’ so many times throughout a trying few years, an endless circle of hopeless negativity that had me reaching for a knife numerous times
    he wasnt as alone as he presumed, if he’d just branched out and researched some different sources to overcome the crippling negativity that was afflicting him….but he turned in on himself!

    it takes a leap of faith i think to beleive in anything more than the individual right now
    but thats the rub because its the only then can we even entertain the idea of starting to clean this mess up

    Reality is NOT what were being sold

    there will always be those who advocate a netizchean ubermensch philosophy, life for the strong & so forth; why not
    its tremendously appealing for the disenfranchised who are growing by astonishing rates
    its adolescent & supremely self absorbed & a perfect escalation from our self obsessed navel gazing way of life
    But When nihilism is so rampant, embraced by the mainstream to the degree it is i seriously begin to question its validity….then i get angry
    This what becomes of trying to be god
    such profound isolation that it drives most crazy

    i have deep suspicions that this is how things are ‘supposed’ to be
    I’m more of that lunatic fringe, its more likely that those sitting atop the heap on this dilapidated rock have pushed circumstances to the point that their predator mindset is being adopted world-over withuot a second thought, wether we realize it or no, were manifesting their reality for them
    & for what?
    Does it HAVE to be like this no matter what your screens are telling you?
    This age of democracy is an illusion
    Were still living under a boot only now were being manuevered into believing that we cant even take care of ourselves!
    When Aristocarcy returns (think its debateable that it truly ever left) We’ll be in such a miserable state that we’ll BEG for someone to take us by the collar

    Call it paranoid, i don’t really care

    Sad thing is more and more ‘lone’ psychos are going to materialize in these coming years, count on it
    we need to start waking up to the fact that yes, we are ALL connected

    As it is above
    So it is Below

  245. argh

    pls forgive the typos

  246. Anonymous // August 18, 2008 at 3:37 pm //

    What a waste of intellegence. He should have stuck around to fight the NWO

  247. Pekka was a genius. I myself agree with many of his thougths, not all. But the people he kild are just victums of the system. He should have started from the top. But actually the human race and humanity have allredy gone to far. There is no turning back. so just liv it!

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