Why You Should Choose a Non Serrated Steak Knife

posted by Chris Valentine

Cooking that delectable steak is just one part of a fantastic culinary experience. The best part of the process is when you sit down on the table and start to enjoy the excellent piece of meat.

You will need to use the perfect tool when it’s time to eat your steak. A good steak is greatly enjoyed with the use of a steak knife.

When shopping for the right knife, go for a non serrated steak knife set. Here are some of the reasons why the non-serrated or straight-edged steak knife is the most superior choice.

The Cut is Clean, and the Blade Easy to Use

The non-serrated edge knife ensures that the blade cuts smoothly into the meat. Each slice gives you finely proportioned parcels of steak. It is easier for you to bite and chew the meat if they are of the right size, after all.

Because of the straight edge, it is also easy and quick for you to slice your steak. It would take you a couple of seconds to cut off the meat. You won’t need to poke and saw the meat as you would with a serrated steak knife.

The Balance is Perfect

What people do not appreciate in steak knives is that the balance needs to be perfect for the experience to be truly extraordinary.

When the balance is correct, you can attain that perfect slice with the help of a straight edge. You don’t need to exert too much effort with each slice when the knife is ideally balanced.

Make sure that, when you are shopping for a non serrated steak knife set, there are tester knives available. Hoist these on your hands for a few moments to determine their balance and ease of use.

They Are Easy to Sharpen

Every blade dulls with use, and with every exposure to moisture that seeps from the meat. After a time, you will need to subject your steak knife to the sharpening process.

You might think that it is a chore to sharpen the edges of your steak knife. That is not true. Because the edge is straight and smooth, it is easy to keep the blade sharp. It would take you fewer minutes to sharpen a non-serrated knife than a serrated steak knife.

There is also a kind of non-serrated steak knife called the “hollow edge” knife. The blade is slightly curved, and it has hollow areas along the steel. According to The Top Rated Kitchen, these areas help to keep meat fragments and moisture from sticking to the blade.

With these indentations, the hollow edge knives maximize the time spent in between sharpening. They also make cleaning the blade quick.

A good steak is best enjoyed with a good steak knife in your hands. You can ensure an unforgettable gastronomic experience when you decide to add a non-serrated knife to your kitchen set.

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