Why Having Clean Data Matters – 4 Tips to Optimise your Data for Telemarketing

posted by Chris Valentine

In the digital age, most companies now have websites or even computer software they use to store their data. This data can consist of financial records, prospect contact details, web hosting content and more. To keep your records organised you need to maintain your databases regularly.

Data quality is important no matter what type of information you’re storing. Incorrect data can have a major impact on your results. So why not use data cleaning to keep your information up to date and controlled?

What is Data Cleaning?

Data cleaning or washing is the process of identifying and correcting any errors found in your database. It’s also the process of deleting duplicate information. You can clean up databases manually or use premium software to detect and correct these flaws in your records fast & hassle-free.

Using the data cleansing method for telemarketing helps appointment setters and sales representatives utilise their skills more sufficiently. After all sourcing prospects is only as effective as the information you have on your database.

You can use data cleaning for the following:

– Correcting client details on your records

– Edit the names of companies that are incorrect

– Detect spelling errors in your web content

– Delete duplicated information on lists

There are many benefits to using data cleansing for your business especially in telemarketing. Having a clean streamlined list of prospects allows telemarketers to make more calls a day. This can help the growth of your company quite significantly because there will be more new business coming in. This will all be thanks to any method you use to clean up databases.

What are the Benefits of Data Cleaning?

When multiple sources of data get placed onto one set there are more possibilities of inaccuracies in the information. Using the data cleaning method will aid you in removing these inconsistencies when there’s a large amount of data on the system.

Some companies prefer to use software so it can minimise the time spent on data cleaning. You can also use a reputable company that specialises in maintaining your data. This will allow you to concentrate on all other important aspects of your business while the company cleans up your database.

To clean up databases not only helps with prospect lists, but it also optimises your company’s information on services and products. This will minimise frustration from customers as your content will always be up to date.

4 Tips to Optimise your Company’s Data

1. Keep an Eye on Common Errors

Sometimes keeping a record on how the errors occur will help you with quality control. Perhaps the information was captured incorrectly or the program you’re using is affecting the accuracy of your data.

Once you’ve fixed the error take note of it so it will be easy to detect and fix it in the future. Having a properly controlled list will provide you with the correct leads before you call. If you don’t know how to streamline your lists contact Lead Express. This company specialises in clean up databases and help you increase the efficiency of your calls.

2. Get rid of Duplicates

In prevent phoning the same prospect twice you need to delete any duplicated information on your database. This will ensure there is no frustration on the customer’s end because they don’t want to be called too often.

Time is also money so wasting calls on customers you’ve already contacted will slow down your progress.

This also goes for the records on orders and payments. Duplicated information could risk double charges to the client which can cause major problems. Clean your data regularly to avoid phoning customers twice and potential double charges to their accounts.

3. Schedule Data Cleaning

To maintain your data perhaps you should schedule regular cleanups. Upholding your data will allow your processes to work faster. This is true for telemarketers as their proficiency relies solely on the information that’s in front of them such as the following:

– Billing information

– The correct person to communicate with

– Company name and contact details

– What products and services the company needs

Schedule a meeting with your departments to inform them when you’ll be doing data cleanups so everyone can utilise their time effectively.

4. Data Capturing Skills

To ensure your data is always optimised why not use someone that specialises in data capturing? The skills of data capturing include speed typing and quality control. You could avoid errors and inconsistencies if you source your lists from someone who can capture the information correctly.

Final Thoughts

After giving your data a dynamic cleaning session your information will be accurate and reliable. If you don’t have time to manually do cleanups use a reputable company such as Lead Express. You’ll have confidence knowing your data is always taken care of

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