What to Know Before Visiting a Dispensary

posted by Chris Valentine

Over 40 states have medically legalized weed, and more and more people now realize what the cannabis research community has always known: addiction rates have decreased than other commonly accepted substances like nicotine and alcohol. Additionally, the therapeutic benefits of cannabis are high. Unlike alcohol, which affects most people the same way, marijuana isn’t consistent. However, the DEA has recorded zero overdose deaths from cannabis.

So, how do you navigate this new weed world? In legalized states, the regulated cannabis products are sold in licensed stores that are normally referred to as dispensaries. Only 11 states can allow anyone over 21 years of age to walk into a dispensary. In 33 other states, cannabis is used medically, and you will have to apply for a medical card.

What You Should Know Before Visiting A Dispensary

Whether you live in a state where cannabis is legal, or you’re just visiting, you need to know what is the best cannabis for newcomers. However, before you visit a cannabis dispensary, there are vital things that you should know, including:

Always Carry Your ID

For you to visit a cannabis dispensary and make a purchase, you have to be 21 years or older and show a valid ID. Dispensaries that skip this step and sell weed to individuals below 21 years are subject to fines that range between $10,000 and $100,000. They also risk suspension of their license and the budtenders responsible risk losing their occupational badges.

Bring Cash

Cannabis dispensaries aren’t allowed to process credit or debit cards. Therefore, all payments have to be made in cash. While dispensaries may be a bit expensive than the street price, you will be getting legal distribution and better product quality. Marijuana is heavily regulated, and one of the requirements for legalization is that every seed is tracked from production until it is sold. If a seller isn’t accurate with the weight or price, there may be serious consequences. Therefore, you shouldn’t ask for any discounts.

Don’t Smoke At The Dispensary

You should never smoke marijuana products at the dispensary. If you’re found rolling, parking, or smoking, you will be asked to leave the premises. If you attempt to consume the products outside, you may be under the surveillance of the cameras or the police. Because marijuana consumption laws vary, the best thing to do is to have permission from a property owner.

Traveling With Marijuana

“Can I travel with my purchase?” This is one of the questions you may be asking yourself if it’s your first visit to a cannabis dispensary. However, because marijuana is still federally illegal, you cannot travel across state lines with it.

Conduct Your Personal Research Before Selecting A Strain

Everyone is different, and people react differently to various strains. While some people prefer growing their own Indica plants from the cannabis seeds for pain, appetite stimulation, and sleep, others prefer Sativa for boosting creativity, treating depression, and focusing on day time activities. However, for hybrids, some are dominantly made up of Indica while others are dominantly made up of Sativa. Most marijuana strains in dispensaries are mixed with others.

See What You’re Purchasing

While you cannot legally smoke in your local cannabis dispensary, you can examine the product visually. Some of the ways to determine the qualities of good cannabis flowers include:

  • Smelling

While every state has different regulations, you will be able to smell what you’re purchasing. Cannabis that meets the highest standards exhibits a pleasant and pungent aroma. Flowers that are emitted have a strong fragrance that is referred to as a loud or dank odor that indicates the overall quality of the flower. On the other hand, if the flower smells like mold, wet grass, or must, these are signs of a low-quality product.

  • Look

High-end flowers are visually appealing and display vibrant colors. Good quality flowers have a deep or lime green color with red or flaming orange hairs. Others have bright blue or deep purple colors. However, if you see discolored or brown flowers or an abundance of seeds and stems, don’t buy. These are signs of low-quality flowers.

What Do You Want to Do After?

Now that you have purchased your high-quality weed be prepared to get high. But first, you need to roll a joint. Rolling a joint isn’t easy, and it takes a lot of practice. Smoking a poorly rolled joint can be a real downer. It often results in an unsmokable product or wasted weed. Therefore, if you’re wondering what to do next after purchasing your grass, you may want to consider learning how to roll the perfect weed joint. If you can’t roll a joint, a friend may offer to help. Always remember whoever rolls the joint is the first to spark it.

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