Virtual sports that you can bet on – and your options for each

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Sports such as football or soccer, horse racing, tennis, and more have always had their share of aficionados. There’s such a thrill coming from these games – they’re exciting, fast-paced, and everyone can relate to a big win. But what about their online versions? We’re talking here about virtual football, virtual horse racing, virtual tennis, and so on – how popular are they, and how do they work?

If you like betting on sports games, then you must have already heard of virtual sports betting. Although it’s relatively new, it has already gained plenty of ground, especially with those who want immediate action at any time. If you are to get into virtual sports betting, however, it pays to find out all you can about it to fully maximise it to your advantage.

What are virtual sports?

Virtual sports can involve any sport ... especially football/soccer

Virtual sports games are games set up by various bookmakers or sites that are quite similar to real sports events and games. When you bet on virtual sports games, it’s almost the same as betting on real events, with the only difference that virtual sports are created or generated by computer software. Another major difference between virtual sports and real sports is that virtual sports can be played at all hours of the day – in fact, there’s a virtual sports game about once every three minutes. With real games, as we all know, you sometimes have to wait a week or a few days to place your bets again. When you bet on virtual sports, you can also consider several factors, such as the odds, the histories of the teams or players, and the profiles of the teams or players.

The best features of virtual sports events

One thing that makes games such as virtual soccer popular is the fact that they are modeled after real teams and players. Furthermore, the images and graphics are pretty advanced (read: realistic), and it’s easy to imagine it being a real game. The pitches and stadiums where the games and races are held are also modeled after pitches and stadiums in real life, and the setting is so realistic in the sense that you would hear commentary, see reel highlights on goal attempts (in the case of virtual football or soccer), and even hear crowds singing anthems and cheering.

Types of events

There are some popular events: virtual football, virtual horse racing, and virtual greyhound racing. Virtual football can offer you a great selection when it comes to odds, and the games can be between different countries or different clubs. Virtual horse racing involves astonishing graphics, and it usually allows you to choose the horse you want as well. In virtual greyhound racing, you also have many options on what bets to place, and the thrill is always there.

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