The Four Things We Miss About Flight Delays – Yes, Really!

posted by Chris Valentine

The new normal has left many of us craving a vacation. We’d take anything as it stands, but it seems that vacations and flights around the world may well be safe and possible over the next few months. Such is our craving, we’re even missing those long, and inevitable flight delays. Yes, what we would give for an extra three hours in a departure lounge, knowing that take off will be happening in the very near future. But what do we miss most about the flight delays?

The Airport Bar

Got a flight delay? There’s only one place we’re heading and that’s the airport bar for some overpriced lager or an extortionate gin and tonic. It’s the focal point of any departure lounge, with travellers buzzing with excitement, or drowning their sorrows after another hour has been added to the delay. Still, what we’d give for that…

There are actually some really good airport bars around the world these days. CRU Food and Wine Bar in Denver is respected worldwide, while Nashville International and JFK are also well regarded in the USA. 

The Long Gaming Sessions

Entertainment is a big part of any airport wait. Whether it’s half an hour ahead of an on-time flight, or hours upon end waiting for a delayed one, it’s important to keep yourself occupied. Gaming sessions are great for this, whether you’re a lover of crosswords, soccer games, or the likes of poker or bingo. Bingo apps are handy for when on the go and are excellent for a few games sat in a departure lounge. You never know, you could pick up a little extra spending money for your trip too. 

It’s an opportunity to really kick back and relax after the stress of security. Other popular games for waiting to go on holiday include the likes of Around the World in 80 Days and Geoguessr, which may even get you in the mood for your travelling.

The Meal Vouchers

Airports have really upped their game in recent years when it comes to dining options. Of course, you’ll still find your Burger Kings and Wendy’s, but there are more and more fine dining and independents popping up, and a delay gives us the chance to explore what is on offer. 

You’ll often be compensated for lengthy delays specially with meal vouchers. It does depend on who you fly with as to how much you may receive, so it’s a great chance to gorge, and it certainly beats airline food.

The New Friends

You’re not the only one suffering from a delay. In fact, your entire flight is. Therefore, it’s a great opportunity to make some friends ahead of your trip. The bar or gate is the best option if you want to get to know some fellow travellers, and it could even lead to meeting up when you get there for an evening meal or a few drinks.

For solo travellers in particular, this is a great perk of a flight delay among the downsides and you may also be able to pick up a few tips from people who are heading home to the place your visiting, or from people who have visited before.

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