6 Great Things to Do while on a Solo Trip to London

posted by Chris Valentine

A solo trip to London can be as fun as traveling with your family or friends. This city has much to explore and coming here alone is a great opportunity to make new friends from all over the world as London is visited by 5.5 million tourists in a single quarter.

Solo Trip to London: 6 Things to Do to Have Fun

  1. Catch a movie at the Electric Cinema

Watching a movie at a cinema is a classic as far as entertainment goes, but the Electric Cinema in London will redefine it for you. Here you’ll be enjoying yourself at a lap of luxury and surrounded not by a rowdy crowd of loud teens.

These cinemas are classy and designed to ensure comfortable seating for those who come solo. The trick is the ticket cost, so be sure to go on a Monday, which is the cheapest day.

  1. Take a guided tour

London has a great number of attractions and it might seem that many of them are located right next to each other. However, the city’s streets are so convoluted, you’ll spend more time getting lost than enjoying the sights if you set out exploring alone.

The best alternative is to take a free walking tour in London. This will allow you to see all the best places in specific areas or joined by specific themes, like Harry Potter heroes’ adventures or following the grim steps of Jack the Ripper. You also won’t run the risk of getting lost and will be able to learn a lot about the most fascinating places in London.

  1. Get some peace at a Buddhist temple

Shri Swaminarayan Mandir isn’t traditionally British in the least, but this Buddhist temple is one of the most beautiful buildings in London. This is a perfect place if you want to simply relax, catch your breath, and forget about the hustle and bustle of the huge city.

If your solo trip to London is work-related, visiting this temple must be on your itinerary. Few minutes of meditation and soaking up the peaceful atmosphere of the place will recharge your batteries and boost your productivity for facing future challenges.

  1. Visit cool museums

All London museums are amazing. However, many of them are group or family oriented in their included activities and exhibits. Luckily, some places are perfect for exploring on a solo trip to London.

These include:

  • The British Library.
    Here you can marvel at literal millions of books (over 150 million), listen to some lectures, or enjoy some seasonal literary exhibits.
  • Churchill War Rooms.
    This is a museum where you’ll learn more about the morbid tale of the WWII. The place is best visited alone so you can spend some time processing the horrors and heroism that filled that period.
  • The Old Operating Theater.
    Here you’ll be able to see how surgery was done long ago. It’s not a place for those with a weak stomach but a fascinating bit of history for anyone interested in medicine.
  1. Crawl the pubs

London has a multitude of amazing pubs and bars and drinking at them is a fun activity no matter if you are alone or with a company. Of course, it’s much safer and more fun to do when you have a group of trusted people with you.

When on a solo trip to London, you won’t have such a group, so to enjoy this experience you should find one. That’s why organized pub crawl tours are the best for tourists. But be sure to choose the neighborhood wisely as not all pub areas in London are equal. One of the best options is a pub crawl in Shoreditch. This part of the city is full of fascinating establishments that range from modern to classic dingy pubs. One thing they have in common is that drinks are good in every one.

  1. Take a part in a supper club

Look up ‘London supper clubs’ in Google and you’ll get an extensive list of restaurants that host regular supper clubs. This is a great alternative to regular dining because the atmosphere is open and friendly. It’s a social event as much as dining and a chance to meet new people.

These meals are also more affordable than fine dining and will be a great choice for a budget traveler.

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