The Best Ways to Smoke Marijuana ⁠— Ranked!

posted by Chris Valentine

It’s 4:20 PM, are you ready? With a spliff and a lighter, you’re ready to toke up. It’s time to join the 35 million Americans who love marijuana and light one up!

But, did you know that smoking ganja in a joint isn’t the best way to smoke it? It’s true! There are better ways to toke that get the most out of your green, which saves more of the green that goes in your wallet.

We did some serious pot-smoking research to find out which method is the best way to smoke marijuana. Keep reading to see which method gets you higher than the rest!


7. Pipes and Bongs From the Produce Department

It sounds bizarre, but you can make a smoking apparatus out of many different kinds of produce! Some common edible smoking devices are apples, pumpkins, potatoes, and even melons. The limit is your imagination when it comes to making smoking devices out of food, so get creative and try something new if you’re feeling adventurous!

There are some drawbacks to smoking out of produce. One major problem is that they rot, even if you don’t break the flesh! Since they will always go bad, when you’re done smoking with your produce pipe, you should toss your fresh-picked pipe into the trash or composting pile.

6. Joints- the Old School Method

Rolling up and smoking a joint is one of the oldest and most common methods of consuming cannabis known to mankind. They’re easy to carry in your pocket, cigarette pack or you can even tuck one behind your ear for safekeeping and the rolling papers come in a wide range of tasty flavors too! It’s no wonder why many people still smoke joints today!

But, when you smoke a joint by yourself, you lose some of the glorious THC as the joint still burns to ash when you aren’t inhaling.

Also, it takes practice to roll a joint well enough to smoke without the joint running or falling apart while you try to smoke it. Some people go through a pack or two of rolling papers before they get the hang of rolling a joint, or they give up and go get a joint rolling device that rolls the joint for you!

5. Blunts- Perfect for Parties

If you have more than a couple of people trying to join the smoking circle, you need a bigger joint. That’s where blunts come in! To roll a blunt, you need to cut open and remove the “guts” of a cigar, then replace the tobacco with marijuana and reseal the outer tobacco leaf.

Because they’re able to hold more ganja, a blunt will last long enough to get back to you when the smoking circle gains a few people! If you’re having a party, roll a few blunts to pass around so everyone can get a puff.

But, if you don’t enjoy the flavor of tobacco, blunts aren’t for you! Yes, you remove the tobacco from the inside, but the outer leaf is also a tobacco leaf and when you smoke a blunt, you are also smoking a little bit of tobacco (and the nicotine it contains).

4. Pipes and Bowls (But Not for Cereal!)

Pipes and bowls come in a few different styles. Glass pipes are most common, but you can also find wood, silicone, stone, clay, ceramic and other materials. Most pipes and bowls have a smaller marijuana capacity and are best used for one only person to smoke on instead of passing the pipe from person to person.

These smoking devices are super easy to use too! All you do is break up some bud and stick in into the bowl, then light it up and inhale! If you notice your bud (or the ashes) pulling through, put a screen into the bowl first, then pack it with the ganja.

3. Bongs and Bubblers- the H2O Flow

Long-time smokers tend to grab for a bong when they burn one down. The water and/or ice cools down the smoke before you inhale it into your lungs. Doing this is better for your lungs, and also the smoke will condense so you can get more sweetleaf smoke out of each toke!

A smaller and more hand-held option is a bubbler. A bubbler also uses water to cool the smoke, but most bubblers can fit into your hand or pocket.

Bongs and bubblers come in silicone for those who break glass ones often or you can use a homemade bong. But, the real works of art are the glass bongs! Some people take so much pride in their glass bongs, they double as home décor!

2. Vaporizer- Not Quite Smoke, but so Tasty

Vaporizing is unlike smoking because you never touch the cannabis product with flame. You heat the marijuana until the THC releases into a vapor that you then inhale. There’s no risk of burning your lungs, a better ganja flavor, and much less waste!

You can vaporize marijuana flowers or buy vape cartridges filled with ganja distillate. Either way, vaporizing your ganja is a great way to get yourself lifted!

1. Dabbing- the Best Way to Smoke Marijuana

No, we don’t mean that silly thing kids do with their arms! To do a dab, you use a dab rig (heated by a small blow torch or butane lighter) and put solidified cannabis hash oil into the bowl, then inhale the pure cannabis extract. Smoking this way gets you super stoned before you even exhale!

Now Smoke Some Cannabis and Come Get Odd With Us

Keep in mind, no matter what our list says, the best way to smoke marijuana is the one that you prefer. If you hate taking bong tokes, don’t take bong tokes!

Inclusivity is one of the best things about cannabis culture in the United States. We’re all a little bit odd from time to time. But, the secret is, all the best people are a little bit odd!

We hope you enjoyed reading this article and that you learned a few things about the various ways to smoke marijuana. If you need more information about topics like health & wellness, entertainment, travel, technology, and much more, check out the rest of our blogs today!

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