George Ammar on Combining Business and Health

posted by Chris Valentine

George Ammar is the founder and owner of Ohio CFO LLC. He is a CPA certified accountant and a very busy man, being the Chief Financial Officer of his business in Cleveland, OH. Yet, at the same time, he has placed a priority on living an active and healthy lifestyle. Many people look towards George S. Ammar and wonder how he does it. Those who run their own business often simply don’t have time to focus on their health and fitness as well. However, for Ammar, it is all about resilience and having a good directory in place for each element of life: work, personal, and health. And he also believes Cleveland, Ohio is the perfect place to achieve that.

George Ammar on Staying Healthy in Cleveland, Ohio

There are some particular problems in Cleveland, Oh that George S. Ammar is particularly concerned about. One of those is the fact that the state as a whole ranks third in the country for highest prevalence of opioid use. The opioid overdose rate is also much higher than in most other parts of the country. George Ammar believes that this is due to a number of reasons, but he is particularly concerned about opioids making their way into suburbia, and he feels that is caused by people simply no longer properly looking after themselves.

When a busy business person starts to prioritize their work over their health, they inevitably start to develop problems. Leading a sedentary lifestyle, sitting behind the desk all day, will cause various aches and pains, for which doctors are all too happy to prescribe opioids. On average, every primary physician in Cleveland, Oh has 113 patients, which is way too much and means they no longer prescribe the best remedies or monitor them properly. However, Ammar believes this is something people can change on their own by retaking control of their own life.

There are numerous health outreach programs in Cleveland, Oh, many of which focus on particular areas of heath. This includes mental health, sexual and reproductive health, and drug abuse and addiction. However, Ammar is particularly interested in the programs and outreach facilities that focus on keeping people active and healthy, particularly if they are in work. As a CPA, he is incredibly busy, and there are periods during the year, such as near tax deadlines, that he struggles to find time to have something to eat, let alone lead a healthy lifestyle. Yet he still tries to remain as active as possible. While he understands that there are times when things simply have to take precedence, he has prioritized his health and happiness over everything else.

One of the things he has found the most difficult himself is to learn how to say “no”. He quickly found, however, that the only way he would ever be able to have some time for himself is if he did say no, and turned people down every once in a while as well. That is the time he now uses to focus on his lifestyle and he is very successful in that.

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