How to Take the Headaches Out of Moving Office

posted by Chris Valentine


Relocating is no small feat when you’re a business owner in Hong Kong. With some of the highest rental costs in the world, even bigger companies can struggle to find a home which offers both quality and affordability. Fortunately, the availability of flexible office solutions has increased substantially over the last five years.

It is good news for smaller companies, as it means that relocating is a much easier task. You don’t have to put up with a cramped or unsuitable office arrangement, simply because you’re stuck waiting to afford an upgrade. The fully furnished serviced offices by Servcorp are beautifully decorated and accessible to enterprises of all shapes and sizes.

Keep reading to learn more about serviced offices and why they can guarantee your business a stress-free upgrade.

No Physical Work

The amount of physical labour involved in setting up a whole office is not to be underestimated. Sure, you can hire outside teams to handle everything, but it’ll cost you a great deal. The alternative is to opt for a fully furnished serviced suite, with all resources ready to go.

These offices really are ‘complete.’ The décor, furniture, heating, lighting, and a host of other features are established and ready to be used. It means a weight off your mind and more time to spend on growing profits, developing the team, and building your brand.

Fully Juiced from Day One

As mentioned, all the major utilities are established when you choose a serviced provider. To do this independently means accepting a delay between signing the lease and launching. As every day represents twenty-four hours of lost opportunities, being ready is an asset in itself.

It’s worth remembering that these logistical expenses get rolled into your monthly rental fee. They are not included separately. The result is a lower than average rate, particularly if you take advantage of many of the tools and resources also offered as part of the rental package.

Staying Connected

Of course, if there’s no enforced downtime, you don’t have to be away from your customers or work around any social media absences. It’s as easy as switching between mobile and server browsing once you get set up in your new office.

The same applies to customer calls, emails, and letters. From day one, all lines of contact will be established and active. It may sound like a minor detail, but contemporary consumers are fickle creatures. They’re used to instant communication, and many consider it to be essential.

Plenty of Onsite Support

Even though all of the basic logistics and lines of communication are ready to go from the outset, it doesn’t mean that you won’t run into problems. After all, relocating an entire team is a complex process. You’ve got to care for your staff, equipment, customers, and reputation.

There may be teething problems during the first few weeks or months after a move. The important thing is that serviced facilities come with a reliable team of experts. They can help you connect to servers, install IT equipment, liaise with administrative staff, and more.

Why Going Serviced Is the Key to a Successful Move

Whatever your primary motivation for relocating, it’s an opportunity to make positive changes. You can take a close look at your existing routines and pinpoint any areas of waste or inefficacy. It’s a chance to eliminate bad habits, reconnect with your team, and perform better.

Yet, all of this requires time and focus, both of which are increased when logistical and administrative responsibilities are reduced. Going serviced is a safe way to delegate these tasks, without compromising on quality, so that you can concentrate on growing the business.

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