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Super Bowl Ads Bonus: Overrated and Hated

posted by Chris Valentine

We continue our list of past Super Bowl commercials that we consider overrated, hated, or just plain tragic.


Visa – Yo! (2003)

I hope they paid Yao Ming a lot of money. What this commercial is telling us is that everybody in New York is retarded and only speaks in “Yo!”s. Well, I guess we’re all retarded now after watching it. YO.

McDonalds – Dryer Sheet (2004)

Yeah, that’s what we like – our clothes smelling like Big Macs. Have these people even stepped foot inside a McDonalds? The smell is slightly more appealing than that inside a busy men’s room. What’s next, Happy Meal cologne?

Sierra Mist – TSA (2006)

This ad is the very polar opposite of hilarious. Kathy Griffin is not funny. Neither is the joke, unless you’re 5 years old. And the threat of cavity search from the TSA guy brings to mind disturbing thoughts other than the idea of having only Sierra Mist to drink – namely, the authority given to the TSA and their tendency to abuse it. It could be an icebreaker for conversations about the abuse of power, but mostly it’s just dumb.

Anheuser-Busch – Welcome Home (2005)

We love the troops too. But we’re not gonna exploit people’s patriotism just to sell some beer. No shame.

Pizza Hut – Jessica Simpson Pizza Bites (2006)

God, we hate Jessica Simpson. She’s not attractive, she’s not talented, and now she and Pizza Hut have insulted the good memory of Nancy Sinatra.

Speaking of annoying celebs…

Pepsi – Britney Spears (2000)

Britney Spears Pepsi

Ba,ba,ba,ba,ba-bye, Britney. Your fifteen minutes are up. This commercial is a perfect example of the kind of rah-rah-boom-boom-buy-our-product freak show that television has become. It has forever linked Britney Spears and Pepsi in our minds, and that freaks us out. Speaking of freaking people out, there’s another version out there featuring Bob Dole:

Creepy, for many reasons. Ape Culture gives a great analysis of it.

And now, here it is, the all time Odd Culture’s most hated Super Bowl Commercial:

Budweiser – Frogs (1995)

We just had our straightjackets removed last Saturday. But seriously, those frogs are good … with bearnaise sauce!

We’re sure there’s a lot more crappiness to cover, but frankly we’re mentally drained from watching all these commercials. And we need to get prepared for the new ones coming up shortly.

Enjoy the Bowl.

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