Skills You Need To Be a Production Machinist

posted by Chris Valentine

If you want to work as a production machinist then there are a certain set of skills which you need in order to forge a career out of this. Of course you will need training and you will also need experience in order to become the best that you can be, but at the heart of a position like this is a core set of skills.

This is a job which will see you working with companies in the manufacturing sector, providing parts and equipment for them to produce goods, the work will be varied and it is widely considered to be a very rewarding career.


Although you are going to be working to a particular set of designs there is very much an onus on you to be creative and to show some level of creative flair when you are working in the job. There is no way that you could carry out a position like this if you are someone who does not show a creative bend.

Attention to Detail

Another important point here is that you must have an attention to detail, and in reality be something of a perfectionist. This is because every single detail is important and no matter what job you are working on, every millimeter counts. Whether you are fixing something or you are designing a new piece of equipment you have to make sure that you are paying attention to every detail.

Customer Service

There is also a great deal of customer service skills which you need in this line of work because more often than not you are going to be working on custom pieces for companies and they will often need your expert input in order to design what they need.


Whilst you can be creative in this role, there is also a great amount of discipline required, especially when it comes to churning out work. This is an industry which is fast moving and that is why you will have to ensure that you are disciplined with your time, and your focus on the job in hand.

Hard Working

Make no mistake about it, when you are in the midst of a project it is essential that you are prepared to put in the effort. Har work can be deemed to be a characteristic of just about any job under the sun but this is one in particular where you really do need to give your sweat to.


Th ambition which you require in this job is not so much about moving up the career ladder but rather the ambition to take on jobs which seem too big, or too tricky. It is within these challenges that you find out more about yourself and your capabilities. There is no room for playing it safe in this industry, and that is why you will have to have an open and ambitious mind when it comes to new projects.

These are some of the skills which you will require in order to launch a career in this industry.

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