Sales Kickoff Meeting Tips for Success

posted by Chris Valentine

The success of a sales kickoff meeting can make a big difference in how well salespeople perform during the campaign. It’s a chance to motivate, inspire, and educate all at the same time. To do that, it’s important for organizers of the meeting to align company goals with the content introduced in the sales kickoff meeting. Having an executive of the company open with an explanation of company strategy and how the new sales initiative fits into it helps to set a positive and productive tone. Establishing a theme for the sales kickoff meeting can also help it be more cohesive and successful.

Stick to the Agenda

Some people have more dominant personalities than others, especially in a business setting. That means they may see the meeting as a chance for their voice to get heard, whether it’s the appropriate venue for it or not. Meeting organizers must take charge of the time from the start if they hope to get through the entire program in the allotted time slot.

If people feel have concerns about the material discussed, make it clear that they can discuss them with their manager after the meeting. However, meeting organizers should take the time to gather ideas and topics for the sales kickoff meeting from the people most affected by the new initiative.

Help Salespeople See the Vision Beyond Their Individual Contributions

Salespeople naturally want to understand what management expects from them and the types of benefits they can expect to receive with the new sales initiative. While it’s important to address those concerns, the sales kickoff agenda should build enthusiasm for how the new product will improve people’s lives. Demonstrating how each person fits into the big picture will provide even greater motivation to serve customers and exceed sales targets.

Invite Clients to Speak at the Sales Kickoff Meeting

Sometimes it can be challenging for sales representatives to picture the lives of the people they impact by selling the company’s products. Extending invitations to current or previous clients to speak at the meeting is an excellent way to assist salespeople in gaining a greater understanding of their own impact. Allow each guest several minutes to explain the journey they took to purchasing the product and how it has impacted them on a day-to-day basis. Seeing things from the client’s point of view will help shape each interaction in the new sales campaign.

Don’t Forget to Have Fun

Many people who choose a career in sales do so because they have a competitive nature. Meeting organizers should remember this and build both fun and competition into each sales kickoff meeting. This is also a good time to announce whether the top performers in the new campaign will win any special prizes.

The Most Important Thing

Sales kickoff meetings will be most successful when organizers remember to link everything back to the company’s goals and objectives and focus on the customer. After all, customers are what it’s all about and the company wouldn’t exist without them.

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