The Importance of Fire Safety Training for Every Business

posted by Chris Valentine

If a fire were to break out in the workplace, less than 25% of people could locate the nearest extinguisher. This number is shockingly low. 

When it comes to fire safety in the workplace, it is the intelligent choice to be prepared for the worst. Fire brings panic, but being prepared can minimalise that panic. 

Every business needs their employees to complete fire safety training. Keep reading to learn why this is such an essential part of a company’s training plan. 

Why Is Fire Safety Training Important?

Fire training for businesses should be a crucial part of learning and development. It helps your employees understand the risks that come to life with fire. 

You should regularly revise how to stop a fire in your workplace. By doing this, you will ensure this knowledge remains in the minds of your staff. Then, without thinking, they will know what to do to stop the situation from growing worse.

You want your staff to know where the nearest extinguisher is without having to think about it. You don’t want a widespread panic where your team doesn’t know what to do during a fire.

Workplace Fires

Ask your employees about types of fire. How many of them know the difference between a standard fire and an electrical fire? 

Do you have a brave employee who will see a fire and instantly decide to put it out? What if this employee uses the wrong method to extinguish the fire? They could potentially make the fire worse, rather than better. 

Your workplace will be full of varying sources of fire risks. Unfortunately, knowing the correct method of extinguishing is only half the battle.

Prevention of Hazards and Accidents

All businesses should go through an effective fire system certification. Fire systems are there to prevent and give warning to fires breaking out. This warning could be the difference between appropriately tackling a fire early on, and it gets out of control.

Look into obtaining a fire safety certificate. This will ensure your company is following the strictly regulated guidelines. These guidelines are in place to make sure correct fire safety, prevention and practices are used. 

Ensure your business maintains a high level of hazard and accident prevention. Doing this will promote the safety of your team during a fire. Fire safety can be implemented before a fire ever has a chance to start.

When Should You Conduct Training

A refresher course should take place at least once every quarter. This will allow your staff to remember the knowledge they are being supplied with. Regular training will also ensure any new staff receives the same training as the seasoned employees. 

Businesses should run a fire training session if any new fire systems or procedures are put in place that your team will need to understand, or if you foresee risks occurring in the workplace.

The entire team should attend the training session. This will give you a full team of fire-safe employees. It will also ensure your team follows the high standards of fire safety you are expecting.

Benefits of Fire Training

As mentioned, there are many benefits for your staff to learn fire safety. But, there are benefits for your business as well.

By having an entire team working to prevent a fire, you reduce the risk of any damage that may occur. Assign a fire warden within your company. This will assist in the event of a fire in getting everyone out of the building and directed to the correct evacuation point.

If you don’t train your team to follow the fire safety standards, you could end up with a fine. These fines can be for both you as an individual and your company.

Don’t Let the Fires Win

Everyone should follow fire safety. Always keep your fire exits clear and functional. Protect your employees and train all your staff on fire equipment locations and look into gaining your fire system certification

Conducting practical training can help prepare your business for the worst. Don’t leave it too late to act. Raise awareness to lower the risk.

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