Plant-Based Protein Bars for Vegans & Vegetarians

posted by Chris Valentine

Getting enough protein from a diet is a key concern for vegans. But there’s only so many protein-rich plant-based foods you can eat in a day. And vegan protein shakes just don’t feel as pleasant as chewing actual tasty food.

Vegan protein bars can fill this void nicely. Let’s find out more about how to choose the best ones.

How Do Vegan Protein Bars Work?

In essence, vegan protein bars work just like vegan meal replacement bars, but with a twist. They come with a moderate amount of carbs and fats. And they aim to deliver as much protein as possible. As other types of vegan supplement, vegan protein bars also imply cruelty-free manufacturing practices.

As a result, vegan protein bars make for a delicious protein-rich snack that can enrich any plant-based diet. It’s easier and quicker to consume than most other plant-based foods that are rich in protein. And it’s more pleasant to snack on than vegan protein shakes that don’t always taste good.

Let’s take a closer look at everything that LVN vegan protein bars have to offer.

Why Vegan Protein Bars Are Easy to Love

Vegan protein bars have a number of unique advantages that every vegan can appreciate.

As such, they are:

  • Easy to consume Let’s face it. Some plant-based foods are hard to eat without a ton of cooking and preparation. And some vegan protein shakes aren’t easy to drink due to bad taste. Vegan protein bars, on the other hand, are easy to eat and get a load of protein from without hassle.

  • Handy Convenience isn’t a luxury. It’s an important factor that determines how likely you are to stick to your diet plan. Vegan protein bars are healthful yet handy and can be eaten wherever you want with ease. With vegan protein bars, you’ll be hard-pressed to skip meals.

  • Flavorful Many plant-based foods and vegan protein shakes taste amazingly well. But many of them may also be tasteless or taste odd for some people. If you want your diet to stay as tasty as possible, you’re in for a treat with vegan protein bars. Most vegan protein bars are delicious.

  • Simple to include Unlike many protein-rich plant-based foods, vegan protein bars are easy to fit into your vegan diet. They make for a superb snack between meals. They work well as a meal before and after workouts. And they’re a healthy way of dealing with sudden cravings.

No wonder why so many vegans quickly fall in love with vegan protein bars. Not all vegan protein bars can be equally beneficial, though.

What Decent Vegan Protein Bars Share in Common

In this day and age, vegan protein bars come in all shapes and forms.

But decent vegan protein bars are alike in many ways:

  • Just enough calories to be nutritious Best vegan protein bars supply just enough calories to be nutritious but not enough to make you fat. They won’t deliver less than 150 total calories. And they also won’t exceed 300 total calories.

  • Plenty of high-quality protein Solid vegan protein bars must contain at least 10 grams of protein from high-grade sources like peas and brown rice. And some vegan protein bars contain as much as 20 grams of protein from high-quality sources.

  • Mostly natural ingredients Top vegan protein bars include no GMOs and use mostly natural ingredients. Some vegan protein bars are even all-natural and organically sourced. Vegan protein bars like these are not only protein-rich but also healthful.

  • No harmful components Vegan protein bars of superior quality steer clear of harmful components, like artificial flavors, sweeteners, and other additives. They also don’t include processed sugars and other ingredients with high-glycemic index that hinder protein absorption.

Luckily, such vegan protein bars aren’t few and far between.

And our guide has a few nice suggestions for you.

Best Brands to Get Vegan Protein Bars From

Vegan protein bars from these brands make for some of the best options on the market:

  • Garden of Life.

  • Amrita.

  • Orgain.

  • GoMacro.

  • NuGo.

  • Vega.

  • Square Organics.

  • No Cow.


How Often Can You Eat Vegan Protein Bars?

As long as you’re sticking with high-quality vegan protein bars, there’s no limit on how often you can eat them. Simply put, you can eat them as often as you see fit. Just make sure vegan protein bars don’t replace your regular protein-rich meals that should form the bulk of your diet.

Can Vegan Protein Bars Replace Vegan Protein Shakes?

Both vegan protein shakes and vegan protein bars can serve as supplemental sources of high-quality plant-based protein. And sometimes you’re better off using both of them. Vegan protein shakes are ideal for peri-workout nutrition. And vegan protein bars make for handy snacks.

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