How to Keep Your Employees Productive Even in Graveyard Shift

posted by Chris Valentine

If you have a business that runs 24/7 you may have found that your employees seem to be less productive on the night shift. The night shift workers can often be seen dragging their feet and slouching at their computers and sometimes it can seem like they are moving slower than sloths. That is bad for business and it is important that you find a way to give them some more motivation.

Leave the lights on

If you find that your graveyard employees are less productive than your day workers it may have to do with lighting. During the day your workers will stay awake because they are in a well-lit environment and the sun will help stimulate their senses. During the night, there is no sun to help provide natural light into the workplace. One way to help solve this problem is by making sure the work environment for your graveyard workers is properly lit. If you really want to go the extra mile you can install lights that mimic natural sunlight. Although these lights can be more expensive, they may be worth it if it helps improve the productivity of the graveyard shift.

Give night shift workers more breaks

Another tip to help improve the productivity of your graveyard workers is by allowing them to take an extra break. Working at night can be difficult, especially if you are working a job that does not involve a lot of human interaction. If that is the case, your workers may get lost in their head and start to feel tired because there is no one else to talk to. Make sure you provide these workers with extra breaks to help them take their minds off the mundane and repetitive work tasks. This will allow them to feel appreciated for their hard work, and it will also help them regain their bearings.

Install a coffee bar

One good way to improve the productivity of your night shift workers is by giving them some coffee. Coffee contains caffeine, which is a mild stimulate compound that helps keep people awake. Installing a coffee bar for your office is one of the best ways you can improve the productivity of your employees. The benefits of a coffee bar go beyond just increasing the productivity of your employees too. Coffee bars can also improve your employee’s mood and can also help create a welcoming space for your customers if you are willing to offer them a cup.

Motivate your employees properly

Another great way to help improve your productivity on the night shift is by offering your graveyard workers the proper incentives. If you want them to increase their productivity you should try offering something back in return. Maybe you should consider offering more days off for your employees if they can hit certain sales performance metrics. This will help motivate your employees in a healthy and positive way and it can lead to increased productivity for your business. Some employees may prefer financial incentives and you may have to offer an additional cash bonus to reward the workers who have done a good job.

Let them play music

If your grave shift workers do not speak to customers then you should consider letting them listen to music while working. The music can help stimulate their mind and can help them stay awake during the long quiet nights. Doing this is perfect if your night workers do not interact with customers. If your employees do interact with customers, then you may want to consider some other ways of motivating your employees. If your workers are only stocking shelves and they play the music at a responsible level there should be no issues.

Encourage them to eat healthily

Studies have shown that eating healthy foods can give us more energy. Junk foods will often give us a lot of energy for a little bit, but eventually, you will crash and have very little energy. If you run a business that has night shift workers you will want to make sure you encourage them to eat healthier foods, If you really want to be a rockstar boss and go the extra mile, then you should bring in some healthy treats for your shift workers ever once and awhile. Your employees will love the gesture and there is a good chance that your night shift employees will work a little better.

The graveyard shift can be a very tiring time for employees so it is important that you follow some basic tips to help increase their productivity. Remember that employees on the graveyard shift may need some extra incentives to help stay focused and motivated while on the job. Improving things like the lighting or installing a coffee bar is a great way to show your employees you care about their well being and it can also help improve their productivity. Taking the time to make simple adjustments like those can go a long way and help improve your business overall.

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