How Reputations of Top Rated Plastic Surgeons in Chicago Have Changed

posted by Chris Valentine

Once upon a time top rated plastic surgeons in Chicago were not thought of in a great light. This of course was aimed towards those offering cosmetic surgery rather than those working in a medical capacity, but even so it always felt somewhat unjust. The truth was that despite what people thought, there was a very clear demand for those positions and the standard here in the city was so high that people would come from other areas to have procedures done here.

These days all of this has changed and if you perform this job here, nobody thinks any different of you for it, so what is that has changed over the years which has caused this shift in opinion?

General Opinions

One of the biggest reasons for this grand change is that general opinions towards cosmetic surgery have changed a great deal and it is no longer the taboo that it once was. This is largely down to the number of success stories which we have seen that have given people a chance to understand the positive impact which this type of surgery can have on a person. There is also the wider acceptance of these surgeries and so many more people are now aware that this industry is not about giving women oversized boobs and bubble butts, but rather it is about helping men and women to feel more confident and more comfortable in their bodies.

Widely Respected

I mentioned in the intro about others coming to Chicago because of the high standard of plastic surgeons here and I have to say that I believe this to also be a big help in the changing of opinions here in the city. When a city is recognized for its excellence, there is definitely a sense of pride from those who live there especially here in the US. Again I think that this is something which has swayed the minds of a lot of people.

More Visible

Twenty years ago the only things that people would have seen or heard about plastic surgery would have been in magazines. Naturally these magazines were not going to focus on the positives, preferring instead to sell copy with their features on botched operations. This only service to provide entertainment and to sully the name of plastic surgery. The reality is that those botched stories were 1 in every 50,000 patients and more often than not they would have gone to a backstreet charlatan to have the work done rather than a high quality plastic surgeon. In the modern age however we see a number of TV shows which are dedicated to looking at plastic surgery, some have even featured surgeons from Chicago and Illinois. Ultimately this too has positively contributed towards the changing opinion of plastic surgery here in the city.

Why else do you think that so many have recognized the fact that this is a positive industry? Penny for those thoughts.

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