Happy Holidays, Brah: 7 Stoner Gifts for the Cannabis Enthusiast in Your Life

posted by Chris Valentine

As of 2019, recreational marijuana use is legal in 11 states and medical use is legal in 33 states.

That means more of the cannabis aficionados in your life can get high legally. And you can give them the perfect stoner gifts to support that passion for weed.

Don’t just grab the first thing you see that’s printed with marijuana leaves. Get creative and give them something useful.

The best gifts may vary depending on how your friends prefer to use weed. Some prefer bongs while others prefer rolling their weed. Some let their recreational activities be known to everyone while others keep it discrete.

Whatever your favorite stoner’s preferences, you can find gift ideas that work.

Check out these seven options to get you started.

1. Cannabis Edibles

Smoking isn’t the only way to enjoy cannabis. Satisfy their cravings for cannabis and their food cravings with edibles.

Cannabis-infused edibles come in all types, including food and drinks. You can find almost any type of food available with a cannabis infusion. This makes it easier to find something that fits your friend’s taste preferences.

Cannabis-infused gummies, chocolates, and baked goods satisfy sweet cravings. You don’t have to stick with the stereotypical brownies, although they’re always a solid option. You can also find cake, cereal bars, cookies and other sweet baked treats as edibles.

For salty cravings, choose infused pretzels, crackers, and cheese puffs. Infused condiments, such as hot sauce, peanut butter, and jam add a kick to other favorite foods.

If you prefer to give drinks, consider cannabis teas along with cannabis-infused honey to sweeten the drink. You can also find fruit-flavored juice drinks and alcoholic beverages with added cannabis.

For the stoner who enjoys cooking, consider a marijuana cookbook. You can find a variety of them at your favorite book retailer. The cookbooks allow your friends to whip up their own edibles at home.

2. Stash Box

Having a safe place to store weed is essential to any stoner. Airtight jars help keep the weed fresh and protected until use.

Wooden boxes offer an attractive way to store cannabis. Look for one with an engraved design that matches your friend’s personality to make a big impression. Some even control the humidity similar to a humidor for cigars.

If your friend doesn’t advertise the marijuana use, consider a container that looks like something else. You can find a variety of stash containers that look like food cans or other everyday items. This makes it less likely for them to get caught with the stash.

For stoners with roommates, consider a lockable stash case. Some cases also lock in the smell to prevent the stash from being detected. These options also come in handy while traveling with weed.

3. Rolling Materials

If the recipient prefers to roll their weed instead of using a bong, consider gifting rolling materials.

A basic gift in this category might include the rolling papers they need. You can find a wide range of papers, including 24-karat gold rolling papers. Gifting your stoner friend unique papers makes a fun and memorable present.

If you want a bigger gift, choose a rolling set that includes a tray, case, and other materials. Rolling trays help keep the marijuana contained to prevent losing any of it. You can find options ranging from wood to decorative metal.

You can also gift a case for the rolled joints. This allows your friend to take them along easily and discretely.

4. Grinder

A grinder is a key tool for smoking pot. Your friend may already have one unless they’re new to cannabis. But you can upgrade them to a nicer model.

A three-chamber grinder lets you get a fine consistency, which burns better. Choose a hefty, durable grinder for the best results.

Many grinders are also attractive on the outside. Choose something that fits the recipient’s style, such as a rose gold metallic grinder or a grinder with a design engraved on the top.

5. Infused Body Care Products

Help your cannabis-loving friends pamper themselves with infused body care products. Hemp is an ingredient in many personal care items, and other items are infused with cannabis. You can find face masks, lotions, bath bombs, shampoos, lip balms, and other beauty products for your favorite stone.

Some products infused with CBD are designed to help with pain relief. CBD-infused lotion is often marketed for that purpose.

Consider the type of personal care products your friend uses already. Then, look for a cannabis or hemp version of it.

6. Odor Remover Products

Even in states where cannabis is legal, you don’t always want to smell like weed. It’s a distinct smell, and it can be difficult to hide.

Gift your stoner friends products that are designed to remove or mask the odor.

One option is a personal air filter that can handle smoke. The small device is easy to carry wherever your friend smokes. You can blow the smoke into the device to keep the odor to a minimum.

You can also find sprays that help cover the odor. Look for a spray designed specifically for weed smoke for the best results.

Some candles are also targeted to pot users with the promise of covering up the odor.

If you have a friend who loves the cannabis smell, you can go the other way with it. You can find candles and perfumes that incorporate the cannabis scent into them.

7. Gift Cards

If you’re not sure which cannabis gifts your stoner friends will love, let them decide. Gift cards to stores and online shops that sell cannabis-related merchandise do just that. The recipient can spend the money toward the gear or goodies they want.

This is a good option if you’re not sure what the recipient would want or what the recipient already has. It’s also ideal if you’re not familiar with cannabis yourself and don’t feel comfortable choosing items.

Find the Best Stoner Gifts

Your cannabis-loving friends will love that you chose stoner gifts for them. With so many options, you can find something for every stoner on your list.

Explore the rest of our blog to find more gift ideas for the other people on your shopping list.

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