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Florida School Board To Ban Extreme Hairstyles and Droopy Drawers

posted by Chris Valentine

The Lake County, Florida school board is going to put a new dress code to a vote. The board held a meeting to vote on a new policy which, if put into effect, will ban extreme hairstyles, droopy drawers, “unnatural” hair colors, and “extreme” makeup, among other things.

At the beginning of June, 2011, Florida governor Rick Scott signed into law Senate Bill 228, also called the “Droopy Drawers” bill, which bans baggy pants that sags below the briefs/boxers. The law stipulates that the school district must add such language to the dress code policy.

The new policy, as seen here, bans the following:

  • exposed underwear, oversized/baggy pants
  • Caps, hats, headgear, visors, sunglasses, or bandanas
  • Extreme hairstyles, unnatural hair colors, or make-up that is disruptive
  • sleepwear, revealing clothing, or clothing that exposes the torso
  • Hemlines shorter than 2 inches above the knee
  • Chains, other than necklaces considered to be jewelry, (like animal choke collars or “hip-hop” chains)
  • Symbols/ads of alcoholic beverages, drugs, swastikas, rebel flags, gang signs, cursewords

Students who want to fight these changes can show up for the board’s final vote on August 22nd, 2011, the very same day the policy is scheduled to take effect. Good luck.


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