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David and Goliath – No Means No, But Just Add Booze

posted by Chris Valentine

David and Goliath, maker of obnoxious tees mostly for teens, recently had to pull this gem from their website:

No Means No - David and Goliath

It reads: “No means no – Well, maybe if I’m drunk.

And, upon looking at it, you wonder why any woman would wear it. You kind of start to think a man might wear it with a sense of rife irony that is only kind of funny, and even if you do think it’s funny you start to wonder how the hell it ever cleared Legal or PR unless maybe someone in PR thought any publicity is good publicity and so kind of sneaked it past Legal… and then you wonder if they’ll print something this bad, what the hell are they leaving on their cutting room floor, and is that how the stupid shirt with Blame The Dog and a drawing of a dog ripping a fart got made, then you realize you’re wasting precious verbiage on something that is at best braindead and at worst a lame we-wish-we-were-controversial because-controversial-is-edgy stunt and it’s Friday night and why the hell are you on the internet.

Anyway. Weaksauce, David and Goliath. Weak. Sauce.


After numerous complaints, they replaced the T-shirt with this one:

Miss Bitch

Ah, well played.

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