Can You Put Your Hands On Cheap NFL Tickets?

posted by Chris Valentine

If you use a major search engine and you look for cheap NFL tickets you get hundreds of thousands of results. The problem is that most of the results are just links pushing you towards ticket reseller websites. Prices are normally much higher than they could be on such sites. Average fans will never end up paying the ticket’s face value. Reseller prices are normally what will be paid. Based on where you buy from, you normally end up paying up to 200% more.

Fortunately, there are different ways to put your hands on cheaper NFL tickets. According to Ryan Grigson, the common approach never actually works. We are talking about visiting websites like Craigslist or eBay. Bargains are rarely found on such sites, although the common belief is that prices are better.

If you want to get the best possible prices for NFL tickets you will need to work hard. The best thing you can do is to check many different ticket hubs. You need to look at those that are less-known and not as popular as the big ones. This drastically increases the possibility that you will find lower prices. Ticket search engines also exist. These are aggregators that are going to check many different ticket sites at the same time so that the best price is revealed.

When you have a favorite NFL team, it is worthwhile creating an account on the fan website forum. In these websites it is rarely allowed to sell tickets but most of the members are real fans. They are going to offer selling tickets if they cannot actually attend. The asking price is almost always face value. In so many cases the fans do not even want to deal with selling and will give away tickets for free, which is another thing you are surely going to appreciate.

Another thing you should think about is developing your strategy to track trends in ticket prices. There are various things that you can notice. For instance, prices do change based on time of game, players that change teams, time of year, day, weather and opponent. You can easily end up predicting price surges and drops when you know exactly what you should look for. Consider visiting as this is a website that does exactly this for you. It utilizes mathematical algorithms and historical data in order to accurately anticipate price trends. All you have to do is enter NFL game particular details and you will receive suggestions about whether or not you should wait as a price drop might appear.

To sum up, there are no real tricks that you can use in order to get really cheap NFL tickets. The only thing that you can do is be on the lookout for opportunities. You have to remain persistent and resourceful. In the vent that you do not mind last minute plans, there is a huge possibility you will locate various opportunities to pay a lot less for NFL tickets than what you initially anticipated.

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