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Body Modification: The Japanese BagelHeads

posted by Chris Valentine

We are working on a post about different styles of body modification. As a warmup, we’d like to direct your attention to this odd story out of Japan. There’s a style of extreme body mod out there where people inject saline into their foreheads. We call them the Japanese BagelHeads.

Bagel Heads - Saline Injections

Vice Magazine did an interview about the saline injection procedure. Ryoichi “Keroppy” Maeda, a photographer, journalist, and extreme body-mod expert, was interviewed. He said that the concept of saline infusions has been around since ’99, when Maeda brought it back to Japan after attending Modcon.

To become a bagelhead, take some saline solution and pump it into your forehead for about 2 hours. While you’re doing that, press your thumb into the middle of the forehead, which creates the “bagel/donut” effect. You’ll get the bagelhead “look” for a night; in about a day, your body has absorbed the saline, and everything is back to normal. So you can be a freak for the weekend and go back to work Monday like nothing ever happened. There seems to be no side-effects. Maeda mentions that sometimes people do “scrotal infusions” as well. (Good luck with that).

Congrats to the constantly-creative body mod experts, who have figured out how to make yourself look like a Star Trek alien for cheap!

Bagelheads of Japan - Extreme Body Mods

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