5 Things You Didn’t Know About Fruit Concentrate

posted by Chris Valentine

There are numerous ways to have your fruit, including concentrate, powder, dried slices, and juiced.

If you have been paying attention, you have probably seen rows and rows of fruit concentrate on store shelves. If you have used them in different recipes, then you know they are delicious. But this is not all.

Here are five things you didn’t know about fruit concentrate.

1. What It Is

Fruit juice is mostly made up of water. This is why fruit juices and smoothies are great for hydration. Juice concentrate is fruit juice from which most water content has been resolved.

Depending on the type, fruit concentrate will offer different nutrients. These include vitamins and minerals. Good fruit concentrate brands offer healthier options.

Concentrated cranberry extract, for example, is prepared with non-GMO berries and has no added flavors, sugars, or colors.

2. Fruit Concentrate Has Low bacteria Growth

Bacteria thrive in moist areas. Fruit concentrate has lower bacterial growth because most of its water content is drained to make the concentrate.

Often, the water in fruit juice can be as much as 90%. Because fruit concentrate has very little water, bacterial growth is slowed down. This gives concentrate a longer shelf life.

3. They Might Be Good For The Skin

Most juice concentrates are rich in antioxidants and vitamin C. These compounds are known to slow down the effects of aging skin and promote skin health.

Other fruit concentrates like tomatoes contain beta carotene, which is known to reduce skin inflammation.

4. They Pack Beneficial Plant Compounds

Juice concentrate contains beneficial plant compounds like flavonoids, anthocyanins, and carotenoids.

These compounds are linked to multiple health benefits, including decreased inflammation and improved heart health.

Flavonoids in orange juice concentrate can fight obesity-related chronic inflammation.

5. There Are Different Types of Fruit Concentrate

You can get fruit concentrate in different variations, some healthier and more wholesome than others.

Some of the options in the market include:

100% fruit concentrate

These are the healthiest options as they are made purely from fruit. As such, these contain the highest amount of nutrients. Not just that, but they are sweetened with natural fruit sugars, not processed sugar.

This is, however, not to say they do not contain any additives. Be sure to check the list of ingredients to find out exactly what is in your fruit concentrate.

Powdered juice concentrate

Powdered juice concentrates are dehydrated by freeze-drying and spraying.

Studies have associated powdered juice concentrates with increased antioxidant levels and decreased inflammation markers.

There You Have It

Fruit concentrate is packed with nutrients and can support your health in multiple ways. Not just that, but they are handy, affordable, and will add a delicious twist to your recipes.

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