5 Reasons Your Pharmacy Needs a Mobile Point-of-Sale System

posted by Chris Valentine

Think that a mobile point-of-sale system (a.k.a. pos system) is only suitable for restaurants, bars, and other hospitality-focused retail environments? Think again! Today’s progressive and, indeed, profitable pharmacies are using a mobile pos system to do everything from boost customer satisfaction to drive sales. Below, we highlight the five most valuable benefits:

  • You Can Offer Curbside Delivery

Just because you don’t have a drive-through option at your pharmacy doesn’t mean you can’t offer this enhanced level of convenience to your customers. With a mobile pos system, you can implement curbside delivery, and take care of payments in a matter of seconds.

  • You’ll Increase Counter Space

Counter space at checkout is among the most valuable real estate in a retail environment. A mobile pos system allows you to turn any tablet into a mobile digital cash drawer, which can be placed (and re-positioned) anywhere you wish.

  • You’ll Reduce Checkout Lines

Adding a register to cut down on long checkout lines may not be cost effective or financially justifiable; especially since it’s likely that longer lines are a problem during certain times and days. A mobile pos system is the ideal solution. Simply launch it when lines are long, or better yet, have things ready to go when you expect a surge in foot traffic.

  • You’ll Enhance Customer Service

Rather than obliging customers to head to the register to ask a — – which can be frustrating and tedious if there’s a line — a mobile pos system liberates your staff to engage customers throughout the environment. This is particularly effective for when customers want to chat one-on-one with your staff, but may be reluctant or embarrassed to do so at the register.

  • You’ll Make a Dynamic & Positive Impression

Last but certainly not least, today’s customers are choosing businesses that are demonstrating they’re ahead of the game rather than behind the curve. A mobile pos system is on the leading edge, and sends the message that regardless of how successful your pharmacy has been in the past, your best days are most certainly ahead!

The Bottom Line

As the general population ages, and more people across all demographic categories use the web and other tools to get more control over their health and wellness, the importance of pharmacies is greater than ever. The above highlights why a mobile pos system should definitely be part of your plans, and indeed, a key part of your continued success.

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