Controversial Vintage Ads

Ad for Men's Tie

Take a look at these controversial vintage ads from magazines that advertised cigarettes, alcohol, vitamins, guns, and men’s ties. It’s funny to see what was perfectly acceptable back then – sticking babies and guns in the same ad, multiple counts of male chauvinism, a few racist ads, and even one that’s amusing because it has Ronald Reagan (who was a B actor back then) peddling cigarettes.

Ronald Reagan Sells Chesterfields

For each of these Vintage Ads, click the thumbnail to see a larger version. Most of these are politically incorrect, so be prepared for that.

Ad for Men's Tie

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  1. Death Cult For GOP // May 3, 2013 at 3:49 am // Reply

    Reagan had a long history of peddling death.

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    situation not to recommend electronic cigarettes.

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