Tips to get your garden ready for the summer

posted by Chris Valentine

your garden

When the sun comes out and the warmer days arrive, our leisure time is mostly spent in the garden. Whether it’s for sunbathing or simply to enjoy all the colourful surroundings in a refreshing breeze, there’s a lot to be enjoyed in this space. For all the arduous work that comes with maintaining them, gardens can be a truly magical place at the right time of year. 

That said, wonderful outdoor areas don’t just pop up out of nowhere. To enjoy the perfect summer garden, a good amount of busy work needs to be done first! 

Consequently, here’s 3 tips to get your garden ready for the summer! 

Organise and update the shed

A gardener is only as good as its tools! Obviously, you can’t prep any of your outdoorsy areas for summer without all the correct equipment. Even if you’re convinced you have all the proper tools already, carefully inspecting, maintaining and replacing them will still be necessary – especially after long periods of storage in autumn and winter. 

Companies like RS Components offer practically anything you’ll ever need for DIY projects. Don’t shy away from occasionally buying brand new tools from time to time, because not only is it a matter of efficiency, but it can also be a question of safety too. No wants faulty gear at the outset of a DIY project, so organise and update your shed space first! 

Recycle wood

Wood has a lot of use in a garden; benches, tables, chairs, walkways, borders, even shelters in sitting areas can be comprised of the material. Because of its wide range of uses, it’s also a reliable resource that you can break down and repurpose on a whim. Instead of buying outdoor furniture fresh, it might be that you’re able to construct your own with recycling in mind. 

If you’re not using palettes or raised garden beds, don’t just leave them around. After all, if they’re just an annoying eye sore in this scenario! Instead, break out your saws, chisels, protective gear and anything else you need, and if you’re handy with woodwork start reworking it all. When your garden is free of clutter and everything has a purpose, it’ll be a more pristine and relaxing area!   

Move plants around

When summer arrives, it can be tempting to head on down to the garden centre as soon as possible. Perhaps there’s a range of colourful plants you want to pick up, and a plethora of bargains you want to take full advantage of? But what if there was an easier way to outfit your garden where flowers and growth are concerned?

There’re many house plants that can be moved outside for a prosperous summer, saving you money while not detracting from the gardens aesthetic. They may even grow better with the bright sunshine and fresh air sweeping over them, so perhaps consider a rejig here. After all, if you’re someone who likes instantaneous results with a DIY project, simply moving indoor plants outside can provide that quick hit! 


No matter how much you want to get involved with your garden this summer, there should be a tip or two here that’ll help you. Whether you want a long DIY project or just a simple switch around, these suggestions should certainly help! Be strategic and sensible, and before long you will have created a wonderful summer garden.

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