Often Forgotten Equipment Used By The Military

posted by Chris Valentine

Surprisingly, most gear that we use today were first used by the military, it takes a while till the normal populace can get their hands on it but it happens eventually. Over the years, some of these equipment gets outdated or updated or even replaced entirely. Take a look below at some of these things that are still used to this day.

Why use the old outdated equipment and tools?

The reasons behind this vary, but they’re mainly used because it’s still useful and somewhat effective. The military sees it as a possible way to do things. It could be because of its history and worth or could also be used because those are the rules governed by that certain platoon in the army. What matters is that it wouldn’t hurt to keep these things around, you never know what could happen. Because maybe when the updated alternatives aren’t working for some reason, then you have the “old school” way of making something work as a backup.

They still love their watches

The great men and women of the army do one of the hardest tasks possible, not to mention being able to withstand certain situations that normal people can’t. That’s pretty much why a lot of people look up to them and are curious about the gears and gadgets they use, even if they’re old. So if there are classic watches the SEALs wear because they still like it and wear it even when they are no longer in production, then there must be something special about them. Maybe it’s nostalgia, or maybe they’re just still useful and have different protection proofs against water or heat. Whatever the reason might be, it’s still cool that they’re wearing it, surely a huge percentage of people would want to get their hands on one too.

Communication through morse code

One of the oldest and most recognized methods of communication, Morse code and the equipment used to it has been replaced many years ago with other communication methods, but the military still uses it till this day. The idea of sending encoded texts into a series of dashes and dots is so cool if you think about it, one of the older ways to prevent spies from knowing any sensitive information. So it’s a nice backup method if nothing else is working or it can be an inside language for communication between the different military sectors.

A sextant still has its use

Another old method and tool that the military still uses for the most part is the sextant; it’s good for navigation and calculating angular distances between two spots or objects. Even though there are alternatives like GPS equipment now, some military bases and ships still think a sextant is a useful tool and continue to carry on their work with it.

A kettle that still serves a purpose

Did you know that most military ships, shore galleys, and chow halls still have one of these steam-jacketed kettles? It’s been there for over 100 years, still serving in the army nonstop. Even though kettles have changed over the years, the use of something that circulates steam within an exterior jacket is still impressive by itself. It’s really good for preparing large amounts and portions of soups, sauces, pasta, stews, and many more. They are great for ships too, because they are steam-powered and ships produce plenty of steam.

Who are we to judge if something is past its prime or not? If it’s still useful and effective, even though there are better alternatives, then why not keep it for backup and nostalgic reasons. The military sectors have their reasons, we might not understand them, but it’s their choice at the end of the day.

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