Jay Eitner – Why it is important for New Jersey Students to Excel at Science

posted by Chris Valentine

School systems around the globe are modifying the curriculums so that the students can be best prepared for this new and exciting world. The world is going through over the last 150 years several different revolutions. I do not mean wars, although the world has certainly had its share those. I’m talking about business revolutions that completely change the way the world operates.

We are in a New Business Revolution

The Industrial Revolution brought people from the Farms into the cities, giving them work at factories that sprung up all over the world period this migration of the general population create a different world that became the foundation for the world we know today. Following the Industrial Revolution, came the Technical Revolution which saw machines move to the center of Industry. Machines began to replace humans in factories and humans found themselves working more and more in offices. The third Revolution and the one we are currently in is called the Digital Revolution. This revolution is now pushing humans out of offices, because of software technology that is more efficient at doing the jobs that humans would typically do in the office.

Where this will leave humans is uncertain at the moment but what is certain is that the skills that have been previously taught in high schools and universities are no longer sufficient. There needs to be a new and more effective approach tore preparing students and getting them to do well in the current and future economy.

The Sciences are Fueling Industry Today

With each of these revolutions have in common is that they were backed by scientific innovation. Science sits at the heart of our economies, our health, and our well-being. As an industry it has grown exponentially creating dozens of new opportunities for those entering the workforce or looking to become entrepreneurs.

For these reasons, top educators like Jay Eitner know that it is vitally important for students to be immersed in the sciences. The federal government recognizes this need and as a result there is a concerted effort across the country to include more science and math in student curriculum. In New Jersey, additional classes that bolster the student’s knowledge and proficiency in mathematics, computer technology, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and other science based fields has become a primary goal for school administrators starting with the New Jersey superintendent of schools.

What is at stake is the preparedness of students for this new and exciting world. The digital age has brought in competition from around the world and the U.S. can no longer depend on its first world status to provide it an advantage against many other parts of the world. Digital allows any economy to tap into the best and the brightest, often making things a race where the participants are evenly matched in terms of resources. Wins are created by those who are the best prepared and best positioned to execute.

Science is the most important subjects for school kids today because it is the gateway to good jobs for now and the future. New Jersey must continue to put science subjects at the forefront of its education efforts.

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