Is Coffee Good for You?

posted by Chris Valentine

Is Coffee Good for You? ... photo by CC user Julius Schorzman on Assemble Me

Photo by CC user Julius Schorzman on Assemble Me

While some people speak of bouncing off the walls after a cup of coffee, others are on the edge about it. There are innumerable kinds and brands that you can purchase, or even have it delivered straight to your door e.g. from Amazon, which offers profitable discounts with Discountrue coupons. Nothing could have thrown more confusion into the coffee debate than the research articles in the medical journals, though. A number of reports outline the supposed health benefits of coffee, while other researchers have been up and running trying to show the world the dangers of it. Clearly, answering the question highly depends on who you are talking too. Simply put, coffee has been found to have some side effects besides its health benefits. So, in this article, we will try to sum them up and let you make an informed decision yourself!

1. Why It Is Good

There are scientifically proven benefits that are generally agreed upon. Most of them border on reduction of risk of contracting diseases as shown below.

Reduced Risk of Heart Disease

A research done in Korea revealed that moderate consumption of coffee was highly correlated to less calcium build-up in the arteries. However, it is not correct to directly infer that coffee prevents heart attack. In fact, the British Heart Foundation observed that people in Korea are subject to different dietary and lifestyle conditions; the findings should not, therefore, be carelessly generalized. A Harvard University study has also thrown its weight into the debate by suggesting that coffee reduces the risk of dying prematurely from heart disease. It would be beneficial if you add a coffee creamer. There are coffee creamers that help lessen heart disease such as lowering the risk of heart attack.

Reduced Death Rate

We all want to live long, right? They say that longevity has its place. Studies have shown that coffee consumption can actually add you more years. Precisely, a study by the Harvard School of Public Health found that imbibing up to six cups of coffee daily halted chances of dying from any particular cause – cancer or even heart disease. Before you celebrate, there is a caution; the respondents in the study took 250ml cups of coffee with little milk or sugar. So, for the research to apply in your case, ditch that sugary flavored coffee in the cafeteria.

Reduced Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Wondering how this life long illness can be controlled? Researchers from American Diabetes Association and Harvard say that drinking 6 cups of coffee daily reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes by 33%. However, the bone of contention is whether caffeine or another ingredient is responsible.

2. Why It Is Bad

Significant negative aspects fly in the face of all coffee benefits. Even though some studies say that they are unique to particular individuals, they need to be mentioned nevertheless.

Disrupting Sleep

Certainly, we abhor anything that denies us quality sleep when we want it. Well, coffee doesn’t escape; however much you love it, ensure you don’t take it at least six hours prior to bedtime.


Many people who drink coffee are addicted to it. Of course, addiction is not a small issue especially when you suffer various withdrawal symptoms simply by not taking it. These symptoms – headache, tiredness, irritability and so on can last for better part of the day, thereby hampering your ability to go about normal duties.

3. The ‘Balancing Act’

The many benefits of coffee cannot be wished away. However, since the negative aspects are equally important, it is good to know when it works well for you. Although sleep disruption can be a negative effect, some people keen on working throughout the night can find it very advantageous. In case of any complication, ensure you see your doctor for specialized advice.

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