Fun things to do on Maui

posted by Chris Valentine

Driving the road to Hana is one of the many Fun things to do on Maui ... photo by CC user Frank Kovalchek on Flickr

About to escape the cold by making your way to the Hawaiian islands? If Maui is your destination, you’ll be spoiled for choice, as this isle in the archipelago offers something for every interest. Below, we’ll outline just a few of the fun things to do on Maui…

1) Drive the road to Hana

If you are looking to do a scenic drive that you won’t soon forget, then driving along the coast of Maui on the way to Hana will produce so many amazing moments for you and your travel party. Along the way, there are countless waterfalls, sheer cliffs and lush jungle, not to mention timeless views of the Pacific Ocean.

If you are not confident in your driving ability, there are numerous tour agencies that will take the wheel for you, allowing you to focus entirely on the captivating sights that will be rolling by as you slowly make your way to Hana on one of the most beautiful coastal drives in the world.

2) Snorkel in the waters off its many fabulous beaches

Want to explore the world beneath the waves? Maui is one of the best places on the planet to do this, as many high quality coral reefs lie just offshore.

Close by to many of the beaches that Maui is famous for are luxurious Maui vacation rentals with every amenity you could possibly think about, so this activity is easy to cross off your list.

Places you should look into if you are looking for a combination of an amazing underwater experience and convenience include Baby Beach (whose protection from strong surf also makes a solid option for families) and Kapalua Bay.

3) See Maui from above on a helicopter

As gorgeous as Maui appears from ground level, it doesn’t come close to matching the vistas you can take in from the air.

Inaccessible ocean cliffs, gushing waterfalls that tumble down the side of the steep mountains straight into the sea in Western Maui, and the rim of the Haleakala Volcano will all become viewable if you choose this option on your Hawaiian holiday.

Don’t be put off by the relatively high price tag, as this is a prime example of an expensive activity that is worth every dollar that you put into it.

4) Attend a traditional Luau

Finally, a cultural activity that will prove to be fun for most folks in your group is a traditional Luau. From small affairs, to full-blown extravaganzas put on by bigger resorts, there are many options that will fit well with the needs of your travel party. Expect fire dancing, grass skirts, and amazing food and drink – be sure to try a mai tai!

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