Everything about video blogging, or vlogging

posted by Chris Valentine

You have surely heard about video blogging or vlogging from different sources. It is becoming the norm now. In this digital era, almost everybody is taking the most from the internet in different ways. Content blogging and video blogging are the two most common, famous and monetary among other digital businesses. They are easy to start and can take you to any heights. All you need is an internet connection and an electronic device. I.e computer or a mobile phone to get started with video blogging or written content blogging.

What Video Blogging Really Is?

As the name suggests, video blogging is making a video, posting it on the internet solely to get reviews from viewers. Video blogging is also known as vlogging. They can be about any niche. Video blogs can be about your personal life, unboxing the products, pets, gardening or anything you can ever think of. Well, this is the advantage of the digital era, everything you think of is possible. Vlogs are uploaded on a regular bases. Be it daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

Things You Need to Get Started

In order to get started with video blogging all you need is a stable internet connection and a mobile phone with a camera or a separate camera. If you want to edit your videos then you need a personal computer too. All the other things are made easier. Almost all of the social media platforms offer video sharing and most of all youtube provides free of cost channels to everyone. You just have to register yourself and create your channel on youtube in order to get started. Most famous video editing software is iMovie and Final Cut Pro. My edit video skills were not perfect at the start. But now I am pretty perfect at video editing.

What should be your niche?

This is one of the most important things you ask yourself. It is good if you take suggestions from people around you or the experts but let me get it clear. You are going to make videos so you better know what you can do best. There are no definite rules when it comes to vlogging. Choose a theme with which you can stick with. Do not bother much about what people want. There are billions of people in this world and whatever niche you will choose people will watch it and will love it. But your work must be clean, clear and good enough to watch.

Where to post videos?

As I have told earlier, youtube is one of the best and widely used platforms for video sharing. Thousands of bloggers are earning from youtube. But you can also make your own website and post your vlogs on it. Besides, you can share your vlogs on social media websites. Social media platforms will bring traffic to your vlogs. While with the help of your own website you will be able to earn a little more using google adwords etc.

How to make videos go viral?

There is a simple rule. Good videos easily go viral. Videos are more likely to go viral rather a written blog text. People are more likely to watch a video than reading the text. They enjoy watching videos. To get your work get viral all you have to do is make better work. Make something different, something outrageous, extreme and something that hits people emotionally. People are more likely to share stuff which is based on emotions. This is why most of the companies do emotional marketing to sell their product and get famous.

How many videos should be posted?

One thing is pretty obvious, no matter what you choose to do you have to be persistent in order to gain success. Success never happens overnight. Some of the vloggers upload content daily, some upload weekly, which others take time like a month or so but hit their users with something marvelous. Video blogging is never about “how much should you post “. But it solely depends upon the quality of the video. If people like your one video they will subscribe to your channel and will wait for the next video. In the start, as you need to gain traffic try to make something different rather than putting up a hundred useless videos.

Can video blogging be used for earning?

Of course. I personally know hundreds of people who are earning a very handsome amount solely from youtube content. Some of them are entertainers, some create tutorials while some show their own skills such as painting, etc. They are earning a very good amount of money every month just by being a video blogger. It may sound strange but today in this digital world, skills matter more than degrees. And your digital followers matter more than your real life friends.

Nobody ever knows that their idea is perfect to make them rich unless they start. So at least take a start. Everything else will settle down at its own place. Good Luck.

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