The Collapse Of Tinder: Are People Rejecting One Night Stands?

posted by Chris Valentine

We are living in a world of instant gratification. And with the likes of apps such as Tinder on the market, this is bleeding into our relationship habits too.

While the renowned dating app was subject to a huge initial growth, it quickly became known as nothing more than a ‘hook up app’, and its appeal soon began to dwindle.

The Tinder issue

Having thousands of matches at your fingertips may not be all that it originally seemed. The Tinder generation have so many options, that nothing less than the world is expected from the very first date. When your match doesn’t deliver? No problems, back to the app. Swipe right, and meet with another option.

Yet, we all know that relationships aren’t so plain sailing. They take time and hard work. Of course, there should be sparks, especially initially. But, for there to be any chemistry at all, there must be effort from the get go, something that Tinder fails to inspire.

The question, really, is whether Tinder commoditises people? Could it be actively turning dating into a game, no different from any other entertainment app on your handset?

The current climate has presented some tough feats for us to face. Times are trying. Beyond the shallow core of contemporary hook up apps, people are wanting something more. Something comforting and consoling, and something that can be treasured. If Tinder can’t offer this, then what can? Sure if you’re looking for one night stand websites, try of other adult dating sites; but beyond being fun, will it really satisfy your soul?

The difference with online dating

On the other side of the singles spectrum, despite online dating having similar features to Tinder, the approach is much more personable. Forget simply swiping your way through potential matches based on aesthetics. Online dating involves in depth direct messages with members. You are continually getting to know each other, before you make the move to meet.

Unlike dating apps that are all too easy to turn to in times of boredom, online dating is a process to be embraced. The more effort you put into your profile and your online presence, the more you get in return. It allows you to reach out to all available singles. No more eternally excluded from potential matches, based purely on how you look. You always have the opportunity to impress.

Thanks to the way online dating nurtures newfound relationships. When it comes to meeting your online match in person, the ice is truly broken. Nerves aside, singles do get more from those first dates; they have put the time in before the big day.

If you’re truly looking for love, abandon the apps. Dabble with online dating and see for yourself what a difference a little bit of investment can make.

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