Botox and the Dental Industry

posted by Chris Valentine


Nobody likes to get older, and it is something that worries many of us. Take one look at the diary of a specialist who offers Botox treatments in San Jose, CA, and you will immediately see that this is true. We live a life that is undisciplined in terms of what we eat and how little we move, and one that is also filled with stresses. As a result, it is not uncommon for people to actually look older than what they really are. This is particularly true when people start to develop wrinkles on the face. Luckily, for these people, Botox treatments are available.

What Is Botox?

Botox is basically a product that helps to eliminate wrinkles from a person’s face. It works really well on treating wrinkles that have appeared around the eyes and on the forehead. During a treatment, you will be injected with Botox in predetermined areas, which will be highlighted on your face by your physician. Botox is a relatively painless position with near instant results. Additionally, the procedure is very quick, requiring just half an hour to complete. It is no surprise, therefore, that the procedure is becoming increasingly popular the world over.

Botox and the Dental Industry

What very few people know is that they can now often get Botox treatments from their dentist. The fact that this has now been made available has led to a huge debate about the pros and cons of enabling dentists to perform Botox. Those who feel it is a good idea say that dentists, and particularly cosmetic dentists, have a lot of experience on making people look good. Plus, dentists also inject substances in people’s gums, which means they are experienced in that.

On the other hand, there are those who do not feel dentistry and Botox should go together. They believe that Botox is cosmetic only, and does not have any links to dentistry. Hence, they feel that dentists shouldn’t offer it at all.

However, with Botox becoming increasingly popular, more and more dentists are now offering it This is also because the demand is there. Furthermore, dentists feel that it has encouraged more people to come for their regular dental checkups. Of course, dentists do have to be qualified in administering Botox if they are to offer the treatment. It seems that more and more dentists are completing this qualification as well. If nothing else, this is a positive development from the back alley clinics that offer Botox that have been popping up regularly, where people often end up with frozen faces and other complications.

So long as Botox is delivered by a qualified individual, it shouldn’t matter whether they are cosmetic surgeons, dentists, or even shelf stackers in a grocery store for that matter. Certification is only possible for people who meet certain educational requirements, which dentists do, includes the passing of a comprehensive examination, and must be maintained through regular continuing education credits. If your dentist has committed to that, then why not have them perform the procedure?

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