The Arc of Adulthood – Simplifying the Necessities of Being a Grown Up

posted by Chris Valentine

When you’re a kid, there are a few things in life that you think you just can’t wait to do. I’m sure we all had that thought as a child, that being a grown up would be amazing, until the day came for us to actually be a grown up. Then, we realised it’s all responsibility and independence; how quickly we crave our childhood again. If you are struggling with the necessities of being a grown up, then use these tips to help simplify things.

Moving out

Arguably, the most grown up thing you can do is to move out and make it on your own. Sure, some people have glossed over this part and stayed at home until they’re 35, but if you are finally ready to move out, the first tip is to research removalists in Sydney. Instead of trying to lug all of the lifelong possessions you’ve been gathering yourself, hire a removalist to do it for you. Not only will it save you time, but you won’t have to start grown up life with a back injury from moving a bed frame. If you really want to simplify this task of becoming a grown up, you can even get a package where the removalist will pack and unpack your things for you.

Filling a home

One of the biggest and scariest realisations when you start to become a grown up is the realisation that you don’t actually own any belongings. The fridge you have been going to for years belongs to your parents. The TV you have spent countless hours watching belongs to your parents. Even that car you’re driving might belong to your parents.

If this is the case, then learn to simplify the process of filling a home by putting appliances and necessary items on layby early. Most major retailers will allow you to layby items, including pots, pans, toasters etc. If you know you will soon be toughing it out in the real world on your own, be prepared and start your layby now to pay off those items by the time you leave. Laybys are a simple way to ensure you don’t have large expenditures when you first leave home.

Crunch the numbers

When you are becoming a grown up, bills are probably one of the hardest things to learn about. All of a sudden, electricity and water don’t magically appear. The easiest way to simplify bills is to create a budget. Managing a budget is a simple way to make sure you know exactly what is coming in and out of your bank account. Budgets mean you aren’t surprised when you open your internet banking app.

Another step beyond this is to maintain a payment schedule within your budget so you know when big bills will soon be due. Managing finances doesn’t have to be complicated, a budget can be as simple as monitoring incoming and outgoing money, but it will certainly ease the transition into being a grown up.

Iron It Out

Another stark realisation when you become a grown up is that your shirts and clothes suddenly don’t appear ironed in your closet. Learning to iron your own clothes is quite simple, but when it comes to those trickier clothing items, it can pay to simplify things and get someone to do it for you. Hiring a casual ironing service is cost effective and can save you a lot of time as well. It is a great way to make becoming a grown up a little easier.

When we grow up, it can be hard to fathom all of the things your parents do for you, until they stop doing them for you. Then you realise being a grown up isn’t all that simple after all. However, it doesn’t have to be overly complicated either. Using these simple tips can really help simplify the transition into becoming a grown up.

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