5 Biggest Breast Augmentation Myths Debunked

posted by Chris Valentine

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Considering that breast augmentation is a relatively common procedure nowadays, it’s surprising to think that there are still so many myths as well as so much misinformation about the operation. But fear not, we have spent hours looking into and researching the facts behind 5 of the biggest breast enlargement myths to uncover if there is any truth behind them.

Myth #1 – All Breast Implants Look Fake and Unnatural
Many women often fear that having breast augmentation will result in obviously fake breasts that may look unnatural. This however, is no longer the case. If you are considering breast augmentation and desire a more natural look, this can often be achieved quite easily depending on your current body type and breast size. If you choose a reputable plastic surgeon and clearly describe the look you would like to achieve through the procedure, they often do everything within their power in order to achieve this end goal. To get a more natural look, you can also choose a smaller implant, more natural shape (such as a tear-drop) and opt for the implant to be placed underneath the muscle.

Myth #2 – Recovery is long and painful
The truth is that each and every woman will recover at different rates and pain can vary depending on the individual. Some may be lucky enough to feel hardly any pain throughout the recovery period whilst others may need their pain to be managed with some kind of prescribed medication. In saying that, nobody can guarantee how you will react to the procedure and the pain you may experience during recovering should be considered prior to going under the knife.

Myth #3 – Breast Implants are only suitable for women who want “A Big Rack”
Implants are now available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and more and more women are actually now opting for a smaller size implant that gives a more subtle end result. Not all women who choose to have breast augmentation are doing so in order to gain a drastic difference in breast size. Many women who choose to have the procedure are doing so to feel more confident in themselves or to feel happier in the clothes they wear. By choosing an experienced plastic surgeon and the right size implant, many women are able to achieve a natural look may even go unnoticed by close friends and family members.

Myth #4 – Breast Augmentation is a one-time procedure
Many women tend to think that breast augmentation is a one-off surgery, but this is unfortunately not the case. There are many different opinions as to how long breast implants last, however, every type of implant which is currently available on the market is not designed to last a lifetime. What’s more is that old implants could rupture in some rare cases and therefore, most manufacturers recommend replacing your implants once every ten years. Although replacing your implants is not essential in some cases, this is something that you should carefully consider before undergoing surgery. Breast augmentation can be an expensive procedure that could require some maintenance and additional surgeries over the years, so it’s definitely something to think about.

Myth #5 – You’ll look great straight after surgery
Do not expect to look fantastic immediately after breast augmentation surgery – you may be disappointed! During the procedure, the surrounding muscles naturally tighten which can lead to swelling and implants sitting higher than you initially expected. This is totally normal and nothing that you should worry too much about. As the area begins to heal this swelling does decrease and your implants should settle into a more natural position. The time in which it takes for you to see the end results can vary from patient to patient, so it’s wise to let your body properly recover before judging your surgeon’s handy work.

So there you have it, 5 of the biggest breast augmentation myths debunked! Hopefully, the above information has shed some light on the procedure and has given you some food for thought if you’re considering breast augmentation. It’s important to remember that as with any cosmetic or surgical procedure, it’s essential that you do your research thoroughly before committing to go under the knife. Being well-informed about every aspect of any procedure is key to making the right decision for you.

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