10 best puzzle games for Android

posted by Chris Valentine

There are times when, although we have hundreds or thousands of spectacular games on Google Play, we are looking for the most classic and simple to stay out. Piece puzzles are still one of the best solo fun, with friends or family we can have and with these games, you will spend hours with all the pieces of thousands of puzzles available.

The advantage of applications to assemble puzzles that we have on Android is that we can choose the one that best suits our tastes. This means that we can choose the difficulty of the puzzles as well as the puzzle theme. You will not have the same experience with touching the pieces of cardboard, but we assure you that you will spend hours in order to place the last piece into the right spot.

Jigsaw Puzzle Puzzle

Let’s start with the most customizable game on this list. Although its name is not entirely clear, we can customize our own puzzles. This means that we can use photos from our gallery to make a puzzle with them from as many pieces as we want. They can be from 9 to 1000 pieces, adapting it to all kinds of difficulties.

Free city puzzle

With over 900 high quality images, it is one of the best puzzle applications we have on Android. Contrary to what the name tells us, not only will we have photos of cities to travel to, but there are 30 different categories. We can choose the level of difficulty depending on the number of pieces and whether they can be rotated or not.

Jigsaw Puzzle Crown

With Jigsaw Puzzle Crown you can choose from a total of 1000 free images and customize some of its options. The maximum difficulty of this application is the 450 puzzle pieces with the ability to rotate the pieces, which makes it ideal if you start assembling puzzles on your Android phone.

Puzzle of the day

Thanks to the name of this puzzle game we can already get an idea of ​​where the photos are going. Every day we will have new images to use the assembly of puzzles, free of charge and this also does not require an internet connection, which has won to be one of the best games of this style.

Jigsaw Puzzle

It is one of the few puzzle games that are designed to be played vertically, something that is especially comfortable for our Android mobile. The maximum difficulty level is 400 pieces, but the good thing is that we will never be left with nothing to do, because every day we add new images to be assembled.

Collection of puzzles in HD

Thousands of high-resolution images await you in this game that supports up to a maximum of 440 pieces. The advantage is that you can use your own photos without making the whole final puzzle too complicated.

The world of the puzzle

Without a doubt, one of the best puzzle games we have for Android. The reason is that it has a real-time multiplayer mode so that between several people you can assemble the same puzzle. In addition, it is not a very demanding game, because we can configure the puzzles from 9 to 225 pieces.

Capital puzzles of the world

If you like to travel, this puzzle game will not disappoint you, because all its images correspond to the photos of emblematic places in different capitals of the world. It also allows us to choose the difficulty of the puzzle, as well as to follow the time needed to assemble it to motivate us to do it faster and faster.

Jigsaw Puzzle XXL

If you consider yourself an expert in assembling puzzles, we leave you with a game that will be quite a challenge. It is the best puzzle game on Google Play for adults started in this world, since it accepts 5000-piece puzzles. If you want to kill the time, this is definitely your app.


Puzzle games come in different “shapes” – some of them have storylines, some just require you to assemble an image. You could always choose to play whichever games you desire even if today we’ve decided to talk about puzzle games. You have a wide range of apps to choose from the Play Store regardless of your taste; you can choose action games, arcade games, there are even casino games apps, just choose the game that catches your eye first. Some of these games have interesting graphics and cool sound effects, some on the other hand have a catchy storyline as some puzzle games do.

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